UPDATE: What is the one biggest problem with the current Franklin School Board?

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The update:

When I posed the above question last week I admitted there are all kinds of answers that would be acceptable. No single definitive response applies. Let’s look at the replies.

They refuse to listen.

Won’t consider differing views.


Afraid to take votes on contentious issues.


Messed up priority: Indoctrinate rather than educate.

Puppets of the school district administrator.

Behave the way they do to protect their health benefits.

Far too liberal for a conservative district.

Not taxpayer-friendly.

Too chummy with the administration.

Not transparent.

Too secretive.

Not trustworthy.

See what I mean?

I can’t argue with any of those.

Here’s my take on my own inquiry.

As it pertains to this current edition of our school board, I find that there are simply too many activist members. They’re pushing a social agenda as opposed to what’s best for taxpaying parents and their children.

The ring leaders are newcomers Angela Bier and Ann Sepersky, big time Leftists who both signed recall petitions against Scott Walker. To a lesser extent I would include Maqsood Khan. From what I’ve observed I haven’t heard too many coherent thoughts come from Khan who consistently has that ‘deer in the headlights’ look.

For years and years and years school board members have essentially been rubber stamps for whatever superintendent was running the show. But now Franklin, like a lot of other school districts, has activists serving on its board. This situation is not healthy or appropriate for the district. And the members I’ve mentioned need to be replaced ASAP.

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