Today’s highly interesting read (09/21/21): Why we laugh at the bubble of ‘white privilege’

Today’s read is from a favorite, Christine Flowers who practices immigration law. Here’s an excerpt:

I think I finally understand what white privilege looks like.

I caught some photos of the Met Gala last week, complete with Whoopi Goldberg dressed in something that can only be described as a giant crocheted toilet roll holder and AOC flaunting her chassis in a form-fitting dress with the words “Tax the Rich” scrawled in blood red on her butt.

The Met Gala is designed to raise money for the eponymous New York City museum, a place where I’ve spent many joyous hours as both a child and adult. I fully support the arts, and the need to protect and promote them in an era where everything has become polarized, pasteurized or petrified. Without them, we are Neanderthals before the cave drawings.

But there is a cognitive disconnect in charging people $35,000.00 per ticket, at a time when people are literally struggling to put food on their tables. It is obscene that the equivalent of a yearly salary would be spent on a dinner, a gift bag stuffed with trinkets and a photo op.

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (09/21/21): Why we laugh at the bubble of ‘white privilege’

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