Today’s highly interesting read (08/13/21): The End of the Father-Daughter Dance

Caitlyn Carlson attended a “purity ball” with her father, Dave York.

A long time ago, a couple of years before my daughter Kyla was born, I devoted a segment while filling in for WISN’s Mark Belling about so-called “purity balls,” father-daughter dances that focused on virginity pledges.

These events were spreading in popularity across the country and the response I got on my program was tremendous, mostly positive.

Detractors called the concept bizarre, strange.

That was 2007.

Today the idea is being criticized 2021-style. You can easily imagine why. The dances exclude some people.

Today’s read is from talk show host Larry O’Connor.

And the thought process here, we are told, is that if just one student feels excluded because they/he/she can’t fully participate in the father-daughter dance for reasons related to their LGBTQ+ identity, the only possible solution that is acceptable within the guidelines of these new policies is to completely eliminate the event.

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (08/13/21): The End of the Father-Daughter Dance

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