Week-ends (07/17/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Rep. Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport)

Becca Murray



Maricopa County

Justine Ang Fonte

Bill Cosby

The Pope

Notre Dame students and faculty

Helle Thorning Schmidt


“He gets some credit for signing it, but remember, he proposed major tax increases. We threw those out, and now we have major tax cuts. So yes, of course the governor signed it so he is able to say he agreed with us in the end, but we pulled him kind of kicking and screaming to get to that point. It’s kind of like when you’re in college and you have people working on a group project and when one person doesn’t show up until the last meeting and then tries to take credit for all of the good work done by other people. That’s pretty much what happened here.”

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said Wisconsinites shouldn’t attribute the tax cuts in the state budget to Gov. Evers

“What do you call a plane full of Democrats leaving Texas? A good start.”
Kyle Mann

“I wonder if the Texas Democrat reps. who abandoned their constituents to avoid a vote had to show an ID to board their getaway plane?”
Charlie Kirk

“In the end, the left is attempting to make it easier for people to cheat, increasing the likelihood that more and more fraudulent votes will cancel out legitimate ones. … The fact is, the left’s real agenda isn’t about helping minority voters; it’s about helping themselves: They believe voter fraud favors their candidates, plain and simple. … It would be a great irony and a great tragedy if the promise of the civil rights movement and the sacrifice of all those who fought and even died to protect our right to vote were undone because the left successfully cloaked its efforts in the name of civil rights.”
Kay C. James

“The real reason [leftists] can’t stand Trump is because he believes in, appeals to and inspires the average Joe, the everyman and everywoman, including millions of minorities, immigrants, working class folks and aspiring entrepreneurs. Those are the people that the elites have been groomed to believe they are superior to. Those are the people who are supposed to take the largesse and government handouts the educated dispense, and be grateful. Those are the people who are supposed to shut up and do as they are told.”
Laura Hollis

“[Democrats are] trying to label Republicans as people who want to suppress the vote. But a number of the things that the Republicans want to do in the laws they are passing across the country are things that are popular — and voter ID is very high on that list. I think it’s politically really stupid to come out and criticize voter ID.”
Journalist Brit Hume

“The attacks on critical race theory are based on made-up definitions and descriptors.”
Ibram X. Kendi in his column, “There Is No Debate Over Critical Race Theory”

“Let me remind you that Kendi has suggested there should be an unelected government agency called the ‘Department of Antiracism’ that would enforce CRT’s ideology on the local, state, and federal level.”
Joel Abbott

“If the left believes with all their heart that America is racist, systemically racist and terrible in so many ways, why don’t they build the wall on the southern border? Why don’t they stop illegal immigrants from coming into this terrible country? They welcome illegal immigrants coming in. In fact, illegal immigrants want to come into this country. Because they know it’s such a great country.”
Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO)

“If you are looking for systemic racism, don’t look in the American story; it can be found in an educational system that has yet to teach true history in its entirety. Our nation has always sought to form a more perfect union, and though not flawless, it has done better than any other in the history of mankind. Within our DNA is a desire to unify and encourage the acceptance of others.”
Congressman Burgess Owens  

“To this day, semper fidelis is more than a slogan. For us, it is a way of life. We were taught that it meant to always be faithful to God, country, Corps and each other. Fast forward to the present. Our troops are now being asked to be faithful to a leftist belief system that denies God, tears down our country, undermines military preparedness and makes service members distrustful of each other. Biden and his leftist puppet masters are doing what no foreign enemy has been able to do: destroy our military. Sadly, they are being assisted by weak generals and admirals playing politics.”

Oliver North & David Goetsch

“Don’t be bullied by those seeking to intimidate you with false charges of racism from standing up for your children, for accurate history and for promoting the laudatory goal of seeing and treating people of all races as individuals made in God’s image.”
David Limbaugh

“[Vladimir] Lenin said give me your children to teach for four years and the seeds I plant will never be uprooted. What [leftists] are trying to do is actually indoctrinate the kids. … I think we saw the fruits of it last summer in Portland and Seattle. These are people who are coming to age who have been taught to hate the United States of America.”
Ben Carson

“The two parties are switching class constituents. Some 65% of the Americans making more than $500,000 a year are Democrats, and 74% of those who earn less than $100,000 a year are Republicans, according to IRS statistics. Gone are the days of working people automatically voting Democratic, or Republicans being caricatured as a party of stockbrokers on golf courses. … The Democratic Party does not wish to admit it has become the party of wealth. All too often its stale revolutionary speechifying sounds more like penance arising from guilt than genuine advocacy for middle-class citizens of all races.”
Victor Davis Hanson

“The American flag is carried by freedom-loving people around the world who take to their streets in protest of real government oppression. It’s a symbol of hope and liberty in countries that have neither. Remember that the next time the left says our flag is a symbol of hate.”
Congressman Dan Crenshaw

 “Approximately 400 Americans were shot over the July 4th weekend. Of those 400, 150 were killed. That’s approximately the same number of U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan during the entirety of 2008. Of course, we are currently withdrawing from Afghanistan, and as a nation we’re also withdrawing from large swaths of Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.”
Gary Bauer

“Just as confronting the Chinese Communist Party is our most pressing foreign issue, so, too, has securing law and order become our most pressing domestic issue. If the median American is afraid to step outside his or her house, little else in our politics matters.”
Josh Hammer

“Some will say Jan. 6 is uniquely bad. It was really bad and condemnable. But also, Jan. 6 probably never would have happened had the media and Democrats together not spent so many years defending violent protestors disrupting democratic institutions and burning down businesses when the protestors were progressive.”
Erick Erickson

“The cultural provocations that are currently tearing us apart do, certainly and obviously, come from progressives. And the left seems to have no prudent fear of backlash. They don’t seem to believe public opinion counts for much anymore.”
Peggy Noonan


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