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Mike Nowacki

Ivan Mazurkiewicz


Elizabeth Warren

ABC News

Oakland County, Michigan

The NY Times

Clifton Blackwell


“If I was a total cynic I’d say, ‘Keep your damn mouth shut,’ but I’m not. I want them to be forthcoming. I want them to be professional. That’s why we hired them. To think that they’re going to have to keep their mouth shut for the next, who knows — four years — in order to get approved by this Senate, this is just absolute bullshit.”
Gov. Tony Evers referring to other cabinet members who have not yet been approved by the state Senate. Evers spoke after Republicans in the state Senate refused to confirm his agriculture secretary Tuesday.

“Governor Evers is right about one thing: farmers are struggling. Unfortunately, his pick for DATCP secretary was part of the problem, not the solution. He tried to place burdensome rules on Wisconsin farmers at a time they can least afford it and repeatedly engaged in partisan political games targeting the Legislature.”
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald


“Republicans essentially just told 80 percent of Wisconsinites and a majority of gun owners, ‘go jump in a lake,’ because they didn’t have the courage to take a vote — much less have a dialogue.”
WI Gov Tony Evers after GOP leaders of the Assembly and the Senate each took less than one minute to ignore a special legislative session called by Evers to take up two bills that expand background checks on firearm sales and implement a new so-called red flag law

“There’s just not any momentum in the caucus to take up either one of the bills that the governor has offered.”
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald

“If you commit a crime, certainly you should not have a weapon. If you make a threat, same thing. But if someone’s worried you might do something? That’s not what America is about.”
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on the proposed red flag law that would allow guns to be temporarily taken away from people deemed by a judge to be dangerous

“We have all done things that we regret. I mean if we’re talking about bringing the discourse down, Joy. You have worn blackface. Whoopi — You said that Roman Polanski, it wasn’t rape rape when he raped a child.”
Donald Trump Jr. shocking “The View” hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg by calling out their own controversies



Pelosi defended the House decision to drag out their investigation of the president with formal public hearings, saying “if we don’t have a system of checks and balances, we might as well all just elect a president and go home.” With all due respect, Madam Speaker, impeachment was never intended to be a part of the routine checks and balances between Congress and the executive. That’s what the president’s veto power and Congress’ override are for. Impeachment was reserved for those rare moments when a president actually may have committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.” It’s tragic to see Democrats turning impeachment into a tool to discredit a president merely because he belongs to a different party or they find him objectionable.
Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D, is a former Lt. Governor of New York State

“Trump is surrounded by too many people who do not support him. They leak information and say one thing to his face and do another behind his back. The establishment people in Washington from both parties do whatever they can to protect the status quo. It is one of the areas of agreement across party lines. Nobody gets in unless they are connected to someone else inside. This leads to an incestuous environment. People who leave are replaced by the next-in-line career insider. This ensures that no new people from the outside can infiltrate the club, thereby, in part, making it very difficult for President Trump to drain the swamp.”
Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

“Today marriage is profoundly in crisis: Married priests and their wives would be exposed to the effects of this crisis, and their human and spiritual condition wouldn’t be able to avoid it.”
Cardinal Camillo Ruini — a conservative who was St. John Paul II’s vicar for Rome and head of the Italian bishops conference — criticized a proposal to allow Catholic priests to marry and said he “hopes and prays that the pope … doesn’t confirm it

“I would never charge people to walk into the store. No. It’s just not classy. Bookstores are havens. They’re one of the few public spaces left. It’s my responsibility as a bookstore owner to figure out how to stay competitive. Charging admission? What about children? What about teen-agers? Absolutely not. I’d rather close.”
Miles Bellamy, the majority owner of Spoonbill & Sugartown, in Williamsburg, NY, on a proposed pay-to-browse admission fee for bookstores


Parents outraged as public schools sneak sexually explicit books into kids’ libraries


The Project Veritas video on ABC spiking the Epstein story


Washington Nationals player Kurt Suzuki wears MAGA hat at White House ceremony


Murderer ‘Dies,’ Is Resuscitated, Then Says He Completed His Life Sentence

Week-ends (11/02/19)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Matthew O. Williams

Sen. Joni Ernst

Jimmy Ward


Fake firefighters

Paul Petersen


“What is at stake in all of this is nothing less than our democracy. Let us honor our oath of office. Let us defend our democracy.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., as the House of Representatives adopted rules Thursday for how Democrats  will conduct the public phase of the impeachment investigation of President Trump

“Democrats are continuing their permanent campaign to undermine his legitimacy. The president has done nothing wrong, and the Democrats know it. The Democrats want to render a verdict without giving the administration a chance to mount a defense. That is unfair, unconstitutional, and fundamentally un-American.”
White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham

“I have been hearing from my constituents on both sides of this matter for months, and the escalation of calls this past week just shows me how divided our country really is right now. I have some serious concerns with the way the closed-door depositions were run, and am skeptical that we will have a process that is open, transparent and fair. Without support from Senate Republicans, going down this path is a mistake.”
Democratic Representative Collin Peterson of Minnesota voted against the impeachment resolution

“Without bipartisan support I believe this inquiry will further divide the country tearing it apart at the seams and will ultimately fail in the Senate.”
NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew, like Peterson, voted against the impeachment resolution

“No U.S. personnel were lost in the operation, while a large number of Baghdadi’s fighters and companions were killed with him. He died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming. The compound had been cleared by this time, with people either surrendering or being shot and killed. Eleven young children were moved out of the house un-injured. The only ones remaining were Baghdadi in the tunnel, who had dragged three children with him to certain death. He reached the end of the tunnel, as our dogs chased him down. He ignited his vest, killing himself and the three children. His body was mutilated by the blast, but test results gave certain and positive identification.

“The thug who tried so hard to intimidate others spent his last moments in utter fear, panic and dread – terrified of the American Forces bearing down.

“Last night was a great night for the United States and for the World. A brutal killer, one who has caused so much hardship and death, was violently eliminated – he will never again harm another innocent man, woman or child. He died like a dog. He died like a coward. The world is now a much safer place.”
From the statement by President Trump on the Death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

“He may have died a coward @realDonaldTrump but ALL living things suffer when they are blown up. Anyone who has experienced warfare, unlike yourself, would know that. War is brutal. Dogs are brave, bold, loyal, loving and healing.”
A tweet by actress Jamie Lee Curtis

“Thanks for your contribution to the Trump 2020 campaign. This is the leftist Hollywood take folks, remember that next November. Imagine hating @realDonaldTrump, or frankly anything, so much that you become an ISIS sympathizer?!?”
Donald Trump Jr. responding to Curtis on Twitter

“It[‘s] really amazing how many Libs can’t even permit Trump to have *one good day* (nobody will remember this stuff by Tuesday) after US forces kill perhaps the world’s most wanted terrorist.”
FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief Nate Silver

“Were President Trump to brief the Gang of Eight prior to the raid, he would have, necessarily, given essential details to not only Speaker Pelosi but also Adam Schiff. This is the same Adam Schiff who is in charge of the impeachment inquiry into the president himself. The impeachment inquiry that selectively leaks any information, absent context or clarity, that might be harmful to the president. This is the same Adam Schiff that read from the House chamber a completely fabricated account of Trump’s now famous Ukrainian phone call. Yet we are expected to believe that the president should give him top-secret briefings in good faith. At the end of the day, ISIS leader al-Baghdadi is dead. If certain Congressional leaders’ feelings are hurt by some perceived snub, so be it.”
Paul M. Curry served in the United States Army as an enlisted Cavalry Soldier assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division and as a Captain in the JAG Corps with both the 25th Infantry Division and the 1st Cavalry Division. Captain Curry deployed to Kuwait and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He lives in Arlington, VA where he practices government contract law and FOIA law.

“I would use the leverage of $3.8 billion. It is a lot of money, and we cannot give it carte blanche to the Israeli government, or for that matter to any government at all. We have a right to demand respect for human rights and democracy.”
Bernie Sanders suggested on Monday at the J Street Conference that if he was the commander in chief, he’d make sure Israel meets some demands before the U.S. continues to honor an MOU. In 2016 President Obama signed the Memorandum of Understanding to give $38 billion in military aid to Israel for the next ten years, allowing Israel to boost and maintain its missile defense system. Sanders said he would be proud to be the first Jewish president and acknowledged Israel’s right to exist, but qualified it by noting Israel has to treat Palestinians better.

“Just when you thought Bernie Sanders couldn’t get any more radical, he outdid himself. He wants to take money we give to Israel to defend itself from terrorists, and give it to Gaza, which is run by terrorists?? Unreal. Why isn’t every other Dem pres candidate saying he’s wrong?
Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Nikki Haley responding on Twitter to Sanders

“Sadly, this past Sunday, I had to refuse Holy Communion to former Vice President Joe Biden. Holy Communion signifies we are one with God, each other and the Church. Our actions should reflect that. Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching.
Rev. Robert E. Morey of Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Florence, S.C.

“…if Wisconsin policymakers were to legalize medical marijuana, revenue from potential taxation of the drug is unlikely to make a large impact on state finances, the report finds. Among those examined in our report, we find most states are collecting $10 million or less in annual revenue from taxing medical marijuana. This would not make a significant impact on a state budget with annual spending of more than $18 billion from the state’s general fund alone.”
The Wisconsin Policy Forum in its report, “Clearing the Air: Learning from Other States’ Medical Marijuana Laws”

“How I am represented as an Indigenous person is a serious matter to me. This is one of the downfalls of Indian mascots. They do not incorporate any aspect of our indigenous ways, of how we want to be represented as indigenous people. I’m guessing the mascot for Menomonee Falls does not have that input or endorsement of any tribal nation.”
Mark Powless, a member of Oneida Nation as the Menomonee Falls School Board listened to the community on whether the name “Indians” as a mascot for the high school should stay or go

“Since 2000, my family has close to $2,000 in clothes in our family that says Indians, Falls Indians, Falls football, Indians football. What am I going to do with all these clothes if I can’t wear them anymore?”
Steve, a Menomonee Falls resident

“They fought through a lot of adversity in 2019 and stand to lose third baseman Mike Moustakas and catcher Yasmani Grandal in free agency, but any team with outfielder Christian Yelich has a chance.”
USA TODAY on the prospects of the Milwaukee Brewers for 2020


7-year old girl shot in Chicago while trick-or-treating

6-foot, 5-inch male wins girls’ running event, named ‘Woman of the Week’


The Hop is in trouble


The Trump awarding dog meme

Can you imagine the uproar?


Sourtoe cocktail


Week-ends (10/26/19)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Lois Stroebel

Aiden Jaquez


Mother Nature

Vape pioneer

Mitt Romney

Haunted House customers

Bed Bath & Beyond


“So some day, if a Democrat becomes President and the Republicans win the House, even by a tiny margin, they can impeach the President, without due process or fairness or any legal rights. All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here — a lynching. But we will WIN!”
Tweet by President Trump

“This is the political version of a death row trial. The president is up in arms in anger about it. He’s putting his political life on trial. His comments reflect it.”
Tim Scott of South Carolina, the lone African American GOP senator, said he “wouldn’t use” the term ‘lynching’ but largely supported the president’s broader frustrations

“You are comparing a constitutional process to the PREVALENT and SYSTEMATIC brutal torture of people in THIS COUNTRY that looked like me?”
Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus

“The Never Trumper Republicans, though on respirators with not many left, are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our Country than the Do Nothing Democrats. Watch out for them, they are human scum!”
Tweet by President Trump

“A near-record-high 34% of Americans cite the government, poor leadership or politicians as the most important problem currently facing the U.S. This latest reading marks an 11-percentage-point increase since September and is just one point shy of the all-time high Gallup has recorded for mentions of government, from February, after the government shutdown ended.”

“Wisconsin Trump voters are jazzed up. I don’t think there’s any two ways of looking at it. They are fired up and they are upset with what’s going on.”
WI Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he believes Democrats are pursuing impeachment because it is the only way they can deny Trump a second term and that they are trying to convince voters to go against Trump to end the “chaos”

“Since taking office in January, I have called on the Legislature to take action and pass commonsense gun safety reform time and time again, giving Republican leadership the opportunity to hear the people of our state and to do the right thing. Today I am delivering on my promise to call a special session to address gun violence across our state and I’m calling on Republicans to work with Democrats to get this done.”
Gov. Tony Evers signed Executive Order #54 calling the Legislature to meet in a special session on Nov. 7, 2019, to address gun violence in the state of Wisconsin

“Liberals across the country are upping their rhetoric in support of taking guns from law-abiding citizens. After the governor opened the door to a long-term plan of gun confiscation at his press conference last month, it’s easy to see how today’s action could just be the first attack on the Second Amendment. The Senate will not be part of a drawn-out strategy to infringe on constitutional rights.”
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) reacting to Evers’ call

“A special session call will not change where my Assembly Republican colleagues and I stand on protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of Wisconsin citizens. As I have repeatedly said, we will not entertain proposals that infringe on our constitutional rights. Today’s call is another indication that Governor Evers stands ready to confiscate guns in our state. “Governor Evers would rather score political points than effectively govern Wisconsin, where a vast majority want their 2nd Amendment rights protected.”
Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) on the special session call by Governor Evers

“It would be an opportunity to show the world America’s Fresh Coast — a Great Lakes city that is growing in this strong economy, reinventing itself through innovation and investment, and building on its established high quality of life. Wisconsin presents depth and diversity exemplified by a strong urban center in Milwaukee, thriving suburban communities, and rural areas that face economic challenges that are, at times, exacerbated by international trade issues. Whether it’s manufacturing, agriculture, or technology, Wisconsin has important lessons to share globally.”
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett sent a letter to President Donald Trump last Sunday inviting the president to hold the 2020 G-7 economic summit in Milwaukee. Barrett wrote the letter after the White House canceled the summit planned at Trump’s Doral golf resort in Miami.

“You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain.”
Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard fought back after Hillary Clinton appeared to call her “the favorite of the Russians” in a recent interview and said she believes the Russians have “got their eye on somebody who’s currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate”

“And she (Hillary) seriously needs to see a psychiatrist. She needs to talk through this with someone. She’s not dealing with her loss well. She’s acting out and blaming anyone but herself for that loss.”
Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)

“Here we have a story about an allegation of clear abuse of power. You are not supposed to be playing any type of intimate relations game with people that WORK FOR YOU (on the taxpayers’ dime) when you are an elected official. This is about as unethical as it gets.

“I’m sure if it were a Republican this would be getting the same treatment of nonchalant yawns from the mainstream media. I’m sorry, I couldn’t even type that without laughing aloud.
T. LaDuke of RedState.com after the website published a redacted topless photo of Representative Katie Hill, a California Democrat, and alleged she was in a relationship with her legislative director and a campaign aide.
Hill confirmed she had an inappropriate relationship with a female campaign staffer, but denied having a relationship with legislative director Graham Kelly, a member of her congressional office staff.


Abortionist admits to taking life

Be careful whom you offend this Halloween


Joe Biden in 1998 questioned whether the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton was a, quote, “partisan lynching.”

This study

Dem sex scandal


President Trump’s lynching quote


Utah firefighters get purple manicures. Read why.

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NASA women

Gray Forrester



CNN again

So-called Republican John Kasich

North Carolina nursing home


“What has changed is now I’ve got three young daughters and for anybody who has kids, you know that kids take a lot of time and they deserve a lot of time, and I’ve been conscious of the fact that I want to be able to spend more with them.”
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announcing he is not seeking re-election

“It’s not that I didn’t love the history. I do. It’s not that I didn’t love my wonderful staff. I do! My family just can’t handle how much I’m gone to DC. Like just about every mother in Wisconsin, I sometimes struggle balancing work and family. I try hard not to let it get lopsided, but I now have more clarity on how my time out of state was not awesome for my kids and husband.”
Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch says she is stepping away from directing the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission to spend more time with her husband and two daughters

“We know that he sailed the ocean blue in 1492. But what they fail to tell us is he didn’t land on an empty island, he landed in a community in a sense that was already populated and unfortunately decided to take over that space and commit genocide.”
Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis, the lead sponsor of a resolution to rebrand Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day

“Christopher Columbus was labeled as a perpetrator of genocide, and while we can certainly disagree on our facts, I challenge that. I feel compelled as a Catholic to stand up for this man’s faith which was an exceedingly important aspect of his life. I am not aware of him ever being personally linked to genocide, linked to slavery either. I have absolutely no problem recognizing the struggles of our indigenous peoples. I am not prepared to do it at the expense of other groups or people like Christopher Columbus.”
Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan

“Goodbye, we’ll see you at the polls.”
President Trump speaking to Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the House Majority Leader, as they got up and walked out of a White House meeting

“I don’t just want to push Donald Trump off Twitter. I want to push him out of the White House. That’s our job. So join me — Join me in saying his Twitter account should be shut down.”
At the Democratic debate Sen. Kamala Harris asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren to join her in calling for the president of the United States to be banned from Twitter. Warren responded to the invitation the same way she did earlier this month, with a simple, “no.”

“Vice President Joe Biden bragged that he was ‘the only one on this stage who has taken on the NRA and beat them, and beat them twice. We were able to get assault weapons off the streets …’

“Yes, and in direct response to that assault weapons ban opposed by the NRA, Republicans swept Congress in the very next election, winning control of the House for the first time in nearly half a century.

“Please, Joe, promise to ‘beat’ the NRA again!”
Ann Coulter

“Good Lord, folks, listening to those people talking about life, listening to them talk about the country, all is lost, everything’s hopeless. And it appeared that everybody on that stage looks out across America and sees a bunch of people barely making it, barely hanging on, desperately clinging to every word uttered by anybody from government as the only way they have any chance of having an enjoyable life or any kind of a future. I mean, it was misery on parade.

“There wasn’t one thing optimistic. There wasn’t one thing uplifting. There wasn’t one candidate who looked out into the camera, looking out across America, and encouraged anybody! There wasn’t a single syllable of encouragement in this debate last night. It was simply a bunch of people covering up for Biden.”
Rush Limbaugh on the Democratic debate

“If enough Americans — remember, Trump has 30%, 31% of hardcore. They’ll follow him to hell or wherever he is going. They don’t care about the facts. They don’t know about the facts. Okay. They’re fine people, except they’re ignorant about these things that we’re talking about and they will not budge on that.

“They’re 70% of the rest of us. If enough of those people decide there’s something important here and they think the president ought to be removed he will be. But of course if they think it shouldn’t happen and the poll you cited is not near enough support to sustain conviction in the Senate, it won’t happen.”
Veteran reporter Sam Donaldson

“How about right out of school he [Hunter Biden] gets a high-paying job from MNBA, the biggest bank and the largest employer in Delaware, where daddy is conveniently a senator. He then gets on the board of Amtrak. I believe that was 1996, so he was, what? About 27? I guess dad took the train once in awhile so that made him qualified to do that.

“You know, it never ends. Then you had the China. You have Ukraine. Then you have a problem: he’s never been in energy, doesn’t speak Ukrainian. Minor details, but it’s okay. But more importantly than that, they want to question my family. Imagine being in hiding for months like he’s been while we’ve been talking about this and then you come out and that’s the interview you give? That’s just guilt in of itself because it was a pathetic attempt.”
Donald Trump Jr.

“Facebook is the new cigarettes. We have talked about this before. It’s addictive, not good for you. They’re after your kids. They’re running political ads that aren’t true, they’re giving your data to tens of thousands of organization without your knowledge… I think at that point because they are now doing that they should be broken up.”
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff  telling CNN Big Tech needs to be broken up

“We’re not fighting for paychecks and health care. It’s the kids. It’s ridiculous to say that you can put these kids who are dealing with profound poverty and profound homelessness in classes of 30-40 kids. That’s not manageable and it is not an environment for learning.”
Art teacher John Houlihan as Chicago teachers went out on strike in a dispute that canceled classes for more than 300,000 students

“I would encourage pastors to start preaching on this issue of climate change and God’s view of climate change. The very covenant was established by God and Noah. And that covenant was that sin was so gross in the world that God had to bring about judgment, and then he had to bring about salvation, and from there came Abraham. God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his covenant and he said very clearly to the entire world, ‘Never again will there be judgment, never again will the world be flooded.’

“You can take it to the bank, that’s God’s word. And what is it these frauds tells us with climate change? That the world’s going to be flooded. Isn’t it interesting they’re saying it’s going to be another catastrophe, it’s flooding, we’re going to be flooded? God says we will never be flooded.”
Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann

“I’m not going to lie and sugarcoat it. It was absolutely the worst time of my life. It affected my relationship with my husband, with friends. It really was rock bottom of my entire career. But somehow, you see light at the end of the tunnel, and I can honestly say I’m having more fun now playing than I ever have in my career. I think I just learned a lot throughout it.”
U.S. Women’s National Team star forward Carli Lloyd, fresh off of winning her second-consecutive World Cup, acknowledged that she was frustrated with a diminished role, despite the team’s historic success

“Going 5-0, that doesn’t mean nothing, it doesn’t count. As we move forward we know it gets harder and harder and harder. Hopefully, in these five games, we built good habits and we can carry it over to the regular season.”
MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo after the Milwaukee Bucks finished the pre-season undefeated


Madison school district’s firing of security guard

Hundreds of police officers have been labeled liars. Some still help send people to prison.

Opioid crisis impact on the economy


Joe and Hunter Biden’s stories contradict


Polls show support for impeachment growing



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Tyra Winters from Texas

Tiffany Gomez

Robert Pounds


Your tax dollars at work: NPR

Ronald Lee Haskell

9-year old boy in Illinois

Gregory and Marcia Abbott

Michigan State University


“He was never considered a good senator. He was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ***. The Bidens got rich, and that is substantiated, while America got robbed. That’s what happened. Sleepy Joe and his friends sold out America.”
President Trump at a campaign rally

“He went on and on in deeply personal ways, talking about Biden and his son, Hunter, using the kind of language that most people would not let their children use.”
White House correspondent Jon Karl

“For as often as the liberal media denounce Trump’s rhetoric, they never seem to have a problem with the extreme language or tactics being employed by Democrats and even their own press colleagues.”
Kyle Drennen, the Media Research Center’s Senior News Analyst

“It’s a disgrace what’s going on.  It’s a whole big fat disgrace, and it’s very unfair to Republicans … But you know what? We’re here and they’re not!”
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana

“You have designed and implemented your inquiry in a manner that violates fundamental fairness and constitutionally mandated due process. President Trump cannot permit his Administration to participate in this partisan inquiry under these circumstances.”
White House Counsel Pat Cipollone in a blistering eight-page letter to Nancy Pelosi and the chairmen of three key House committees

“I think the whole thing is boring. He should have been impeached a long time ago. I’m over it. And so that’s how I feel about it because we’ve got work to do.”
Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking at a town hall meeting about impeachment

“Less than four months before voting begins, front-running candidates are facing urgent questions about their ability to challenge Trump, prompted by a health scare for Sen. Bernie Sanders, an uneven response by Joe Biden to the president’s efforts to tie him to the impeachment inquiry and nagging questions about liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s electability. Lower-tier candidates are struggling just to be heard.

“The uncertainty is heightening anxieties among Democrats desperate to defeat Trump in 2020. Although impeachment could imperil Trump’s presidency, the process has also highlighted Trump’s skill at discrediting his opponents, sometimes with baseless conspiracy theories. And Democrats appear no closer to sorting out what tactics, what ideology and what person is best-suited to overcome that.”
The Associated Press

“Donald Trump came into office promising to not start any new wars and to get us out of the old ones our feckless elite had dragged us into, and now that he’s doing it in Syria the usual suspects are outraged. How dare he actually deliver on his promise not to have anymore of our precious warriors shipped home in boxes after getting killed on battlefields we can’t even pronounce, while refereeing conflicts that began long before America was a thing, in campaigns without any kind of coherent objective?

“Conservatives like me still think of ourselves as hawks, but after hard experience we have learned to be hawkish only where America’s interests are directly at stake. We’re not doves. We’re just not going to spill our troops’ blood when we do not absolutely have to.”
Columnist Kurt Schlichter

“I’m so full of emotions, I don’t know which direction to look. I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m scared, I’m overwhelmed. I know I’m blessed. It was drugs, it was wrong, and I was wrong. But I never would have known that a felony would have hindered me such as it has.”
Mwangi Vasser, one of four felons being pardoned by Gov. Evers. Vasser was arrested and convicted of selling cocaine when he was 18. Now, nearly 41, he said his conviction has haunted him for more than two decades. Vasser has since moved down south, recently living in Georgia.

“Through this executive order, we recognize and appreciate our tribal nations and Indigenous people and their resilience, wisdom, and the contributions they make to our state. Native Americans in Wisconsin and throughout our country have suffered unjust treatment—often at the hands of our government—and today is about recognizing that Wisconsin would not be all that it is without Indigenous people.”
Gov. Tony Evers, joined by Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, signed Executive Order #50, declaring the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Wisconsin. The executive order was signed on Tuesday at Indian Community School in Franklin.

“I have no objection to recognizing and honoring North America’s indigenous people both in and of themselves and in light of their historical struggles.I can find no merit, however, in doing this at the expense of other historical figures and other communities. For my own part, I will, on the second Monday in October, remember the Genoese explorer who took three ships into the West and changed the world forever.”
Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan on the state and city of Milwaukee declaring  Indigenous Peoples’ Day


Milwaukee police chief warns of ‘uncovered shifts’ if mayor cuts positions

The state of Illinois


Wisconsin Taxpayers Rejoice: $13.1 Billion in Tax Relief Since 2011


Liberal comedian Ellen DeGeneres and former President George W. Bush sitting next to each other at a Green Bay Packer-Dallas Cowboys game.


Survey: Average American Hasn’t Made A New Friend — In 5 Years!

First Rage Room in pro sports


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A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Laronda Marshall

‘Junior detectives’

Howell Hackler


Jordan Fricke

Rashida Tlaib

The AP


“Likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens, because what happened to China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine.”
President Trump

“This is the reason you love Trump. This president, the point is, will not be intimidated. Whatever it is that upsets them, he doubles down on it, and gives ’em another dose of it while telling the truth. But this is the stuff he does that just coalesces his support with his voters and his base. This is the stuff he does that they love. This is the pushback. This is the real guy who says what he really thinks unfiltered, that makes Trump so approachable and likable to so many people.”
Rush Limbaugh

“His lies were made in perhaps the most blatant and sinister manner ever seen in the great Chamber. He wrote down and read terrible things, then said it was from the mouth of the President of the United States. I want Schiff questioned at the highest level for Fraud & Treason.”
A tweet by President Trump

“I can’t believe we’re talking about impeaching the president based on an accusation based on hearsay. Who is this whistleblower? What bias do they have? Why did they pick this whistleblower to tell a hearsay story? The transcript does not match the complaint. What’s going on here? Why did they change the rules about a whistleblower you can use hearsay when you could not just weeks before the complaint?”
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) during an interview with CBS anchor Margaret Brennan

“Democrats are more upset that Trump discovered what took place with the Bidens and wanted to get to the bottom of it than they are about the swampy behavior Joe and Hunter displayed.”
Beth Baumann is an Associate Editor for Townhall

“On the one hand, it’s bad because this impeachment garbage is bad for the country. The damage it is doing to our institutions – really, that our institutions are doing to themselves in their shameful service of the liberal elite’s power grabs – is incalculable. Remember 10 years ago when we conservatives trusted and respected the FBI and our intelligence community? Good times. Well, that’s over. It will be decades before a woke Republican is stupid enough to trust them again.

“But on the other hand, we now have an opportunity to exploit their strategic blunder in order to rip them apart next November. We have a chance to teach the Democrats, to the extent they are trainable, that their socialist-curious, corporatist nanny state dreams are electoral strychnine.”
Blogger Kurt Schlichter

“Where is Hunter Biden right now, anyway? If we had an actual media that wasn’t a garbage coterie of Democratic transcriptionists, we’d be seeing a dozen TV vans parked outside whatever flophouse he’s squatting in right about now.

“Impeachment is all fun and games for now. Schiff is in the spotlight and loving it. The media is collectively wetting itself. And the House is going to eventually vote 218 to 217 – Nancy will give as many purples a pass as she can – to pull the trigger. And then it will go over to the Murder Turtle’s lair and the first thing that Senate Majority Leader McConnell will do is issue a subpoena to Hunter Biden to come chat at the trial. That will be fun.”
Blogger Kurt Schlichter

“She’s (Nancy Pelosi)  not doing anything for the American people,” Boyce said. “And this impeachment that she’s trying to push, it’s ridiculous. The country doesn’t want impeachment. All it’s doing is make people fight against each other and that’s all she’s accomplishing.”
Joan Boyce, 65, of Greenville, South Carolina, who protested outside Pelosi’s appearance as the featured speaker at a S.C. Democratic Party’s fundraiser

“I think the gutsiest thing I’ve ever done — well, personally — make the decision to stay in my marriage.”
Hillary Clinton in an interview on “Good Morning America”

The Democrats are now Woodstock on steroids. Get free stuff; smoke all the pot you want; watch all the porn you want; kill all the babies you want; change your God-given sex if you want. We’ll even rig the law to force others to pretend with you. Just don’t complain when we run the rest of your lives.”
Robert Knight is a frequent Townhall.com contributor


Anti-Trump hatred infects schools

 Charity event for slain officer canceled


Explicit Christian Message in Astonishing Act of Forgiveness


Trump is guilty. Impeach.


Vegan says she is ‘traumatized for life’ after eating pork roll

 Bear has expensive taste



Week-ends (09/28/19)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Ken O’Brien

Kaden Stark

Jim Freeman


Bill Weld

CNN’s Jim Acosta

Devin Sloane

Planned Parenthood



“I think it’s unfair that we put up the money. Germany, France, other countries, should put up money, and that has been my complaint from the beginning. I did not make a statement that ‘you have to do this or I’m not going to give you aid.’ ”
President Trump acknowledged that he personally decided to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine but insisted it was not done in order to pressure the country to investigate former vice-president Joe Biden’s son

“Now is the time to act. The time to begin impeachment proceedings against this president has come. To delay or to do otherwise would betray the foundation of our democracy.”
Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)

“It is possible to do something that is wrong and not be an impeachable offense. and people around here are throwing that term around so loosely, it’s lost all meaning.”
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla

“They (the news media) probably know that Joe Biden and his son are corrupt. But the fake news doesn’t want to report it, because they’re Democrats.”
President Trump has accused the former VP of abusing his power in Ukraine during his time in the Barack Obama administration, allegedly threatening to withhold over $1 billion in US loan guarantees to Kiev unless the government fired a prosecutor then investigating Burisma Holdings, an energy company Biden’s son worked for at the time

“The actions of the Trump presidency revealed the dishonorable fact of the president’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of integrity of our elections. Therefore, today, I’m announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. I’m directing our six committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“Because of what she said and did, if the House doesn’t go all the way, it will be a political disaster. Either failing to take a vote on articles of impeachment, or failing to get enough votes among her majority to pass any articles, would be seen as a political exoneration for Trump, likely leading to his re-election.”
NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin

“The president has not spoken with the attorney general about having Ukraine investigate anything relating to former Vice President Biden or his son. The president has not asked the attorney general to contact Ukraine — on this or any other matter.”
Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec

“The early news is not good.Cirque du Soleil in its most daring shows cannot rival the contortionists seeking to find something sinister in the quotes from the Trump phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Corruption and outright illegality exist in that memo only in the reddened eyes of Trump’s fiercest critics.”
Radio talk show host Mark Davis

“I have a message for those open border activists who cloak themselves in the rhetoric of social justice: Your policies are not just, your policies are cruel and evil. You are empowering criminal organizations that prey on innocent men, women and children. You put your own false sense of virtue before the lives and well-being of countless innocent people. When you undermine border security, you are undermining human rights and human dignity.

“Mass illegal migration is unfair, unsafe, and unsustainable for everyone involved. The sending countries and the depleted countries, and they’ve become depleted very fast, their youth is not taken care of and human capital goes to waste. The receiving countries are overburdened with more migrants than they can responsibly accept and the migrants themselves are exploited, assaulted and abused by vicious coyotes.  Nearly one third of women who make the journey north to our border are sexually assaulted along the way. “
President Trump speaking before the United Nations

”People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth.”
Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg  during a speech at the United Nations General Assembly

“Greta Thunberg is angry. Lots of people are angry. But anger without doing something other than protesting and making speeches won’t protect the environment or do much else
other than produce more anger.”
Jake Novak is a political and economic analyst

The mainstream media today: “How dare you mock Greta Thunberg! She’s just a child!” The mainstream media earlier this year: “How dare you protect those boys at Covington Catholic! It doesn’t matter that they’re kids!” Same people.

Honest to God, if Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all. Just look at treatment of Covington kids versus treatment of Gretchen Thurnberg.
Comments on Twitter

“I think I’m gonna get a Nobel Prize for a lot of things, if they gave it out fairly, which they don’t.”
President Trump

“In America, there’s a mass shooting or attempted act of violence by a guy like Arthur (The Joker in an upcoming movie) practically every other week. And yet we’re supposed to feel some sympathy for Arthur, the troubled lamb; he just hasn’t had enough love. Before long, he becomes a vigilante folk hero — his first signature act is to kill a trio of annoying Wall Street spuds while riding the subway, which inspires the masses to don clown masks and march enthusiastically around the city with ‘Kill the Rich!’ placards.

“Meanwhile, the movie lionizes and glamorizes Arthur even as it shakes its head, faux-sorrowfully, over his violent behavior. Arthur is a mess, but we’re also supposed to think he’s kind of great — a misunderstood savant. Arthur inspires chaos and anarchy, but the movie makes it look like he’s starting a revolution, where the rich are taken down, the poor get everything they need and deserve, and the sad guys who can’t get a date become killer heroes. There’s a sick joke in there somewhere. Unfortunately, it’s on us.”
Stephanie Zacharek is the film critic for TIME in New York City

“My worry is that one person who may be out there — and who knows if it is just one — who is on the edge, who is wanting to be a mass shooter, may be encouraged by this movie. And that terrifies me.”
Sandy Phillips, whose 24-year-old daughter, Jessica Ghawi, was among those killed in the July 20, 2012, mass shooting at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. Phillips and her husband Lonnie created the nonprofit group Survivors Empowered.

“The movie makes statements about a lack of love, childhood trauma, lack of compassion in the world. I think people can handle that message.”
Todd Phillips is the director of The Joker to be released in a few weeks

“Well, I think that, for most of us, you’re able to tell the difference between right and wrong. And those that aren’t are capable of interpreting anything in the way that they may want to. People misinterpret lyrics from songs. They misinterpret passages from books. So I don’t think it’s the responsibility of a filmmaker to teach the audience morality or the difference between right or wrong. I mean, to me, I think that that’s obvious.”
Actor Joaquin Phoenix who plays The Joker. Several critics claim the new movie is dangerous.

“Once a Jesuit, a great Jesuit, told me to be careful in giving absolution, because the most serious sins are those that are more angelical: pride, arrogance, dominion…And the least serious are those that are less angelical, such as greed and lust. We focus on sex and then we do not give weight to social injustice, slander, gossip and lies. The Church today needs a profound conversion in this area.”
Pope Francis

“For the fifth consecutive year, the budget of the police department exceeds the entire tax levy for the city. This reduction is fiscal; it is not philosophical.”
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett unveiled his proposed 2020 budget Tuesday, increasing the police department’s budget but reducing the number of sworn officers by 60

“The proposed cuts in the city’s budget, including a reduction in sworn strength, will have a direct and significant impact on the Milwaukee Police Department’s ability to perform its core functions as well as build off its gains in police-community relations.”
Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales

“Extremely disturbing.  In my mind, when you cut this much from the police department, there will be an uptick in violent crime. We will have more loss of life, more property crime.”
Milwaukee Police Association President Shawn Lauda reacting to Barrett’s budget proposal

“It’s unfortunate that even a frame-by-frame breakdown of the Frozen sequel’s trailer offered almost no additional insights into Trump possibly using military funds to blackmail Ukraine’s president to investigate Joe Biden,” said Frozen fan Lara Hadden, complaining that despite indications that the Disney film would feature beloved characters such as Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, there were virtually no specific details about Trump pressuring Ukraine to undermine his political rival and aid his reelection bid.
The Onion

“I’ve always known this was a special place. I’ve always loved the fans. I really love playing here. I love this city.”
Christian Yelich of the Milwaukee Brewers


Politics: A public health crisis?


The Bidens and Ukraine


Trump is guilty


In wild encounter, woman bites testicles of Tiger Truck Stop camel to escape




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A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Tom Rice

Sarah Thomas

Carthage College



NY Times

Douglas Macklin and James Dudgeon

Margaret Atwood


“I’d consider (mandatory gun buybacks).”
WI Gov. Tony Evers

“To be clear, ‘mandatory buyback’ = forced gov’t ‘purchase’ of our firearms. Owners would have no choice of whether to turn in their property. There would be no negotiation about price. The gov’t would take our firearms regardless of whether we want to sell. This is CONFISCATION!”

“This is why Wisconsinites will never trust liberals with their Second Amendment Rights. Hiding behind every supposedly ‘reasonable’ gun control measure is the Democrats’ desire to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens.  Today’s statement by Governor Evers entertaining gun confiscation is beyond troubling and is a window into Wisconsin liberals’ intentions to trample on our state and federal Constitutional rights.”
State Senator David Craig (R-Town of Vernon)

“Criminals don’t apply for guns, don’t go under background checks, they steal them. I just don’t know how this would work on an already overworked court system.”
Chippewa County Judge Steven Gibbs reacting to the “red flag” bill introduced by Governor Tony Evers and other Wisconsin Democrats this week.  The bill would allow judges to seize guns from someone determined to be a threat.The court would have to find reasonable grounds to believe that the person is going to injure themselves or that they are going to injure someone else.

Removing criminal penalties for illegal immigration, Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, free college, free child care, mandatory gun buybacks, slave reparations and impeachment impeachment impeachment. Democrats seem determined to hurtle left, right over the cliff.”
Laurie Roberts is a columnist for the Arizona Republic

“Which is clearly more than some of your contributors. As you know, Andy McCabe, who has a criminal referral, who’s a CNN contributor, was not accurate under oath. He has a criminal referral for lying to the FBI, for lying to the Inspector General on three separate occasions. But Alisyn, you and your network continue to use him as a contributor, who has been lying under oath! And so, if you’re going to hold me to a standard, hold your own employees and contributors to that same standard.”
Corey Lewandowski was interviewed by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota about his appearance this week before the House Judiciary Committee. At one point, Camerota’s questioning turned to Lewandowski’s response to the Democrat committee counsel in which he said that he tells the truth when under oath, but feels no obligation to be candid with the media.

“A vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for radical socialism and the destruction of the American Dream.”
President Trump at a rally in New Mexico

“Good night. The media will say mass protests.”
President Trump during the  New Mexico rally. At least two protesters were escorted from the arena to a chorus of boos.

“All the Democrats do is oppose, no legislation. He would have more control of the border if they would work with him. He’s got the economy going great. He’s fighting for the United States instead of every other country.”
Rory Cheney of Rio Rancho who attended the New Mexico rally

“[We] are locked and loaded, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!”
President Trump talking about a potential U.S. response to a recent attack by Houthi rebels on oilfields in Saudi Arabia that threatened global oil supplies and the security of a key American ally

“Mr. President, as you know, I have never engaged in hateful rhetoric against you [sic], or your family, and I never will, but your offering our military assets to the dictator of Saudi Arabia to use as he sees fit, is a betrayal of my brothers and sisters in uniform who are ready to give our lives for our country, not for the Islamist dictator of Saudi Arabia. For you to think that you can pimp out our proud servicemen and women to the Prince of Saudi Arabia is disgraceful, and it once again shows that you are unfit to serve as our commander in chief. There is nothing in our Constitution that gives you the power to go to war without the express consent of Congress [sic], but to speak of giving you the power to offer our military to a foreign power like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to use as they wish — President Trump, your words and actions are a betrayal of my brothers and sisters in uniform, the American people, and our Constitution. My fellow service members and I — we are not your prostitutes. You are not our pimp.”
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)

“I could not honestly say to someone that I like and think is a halfway decent human being, ‘Yeah, you ought to run for office.'”
Ed Gillespie, in his first interview since losing the Virginia governor’s race last month

“Because they’re not talking about it, we call it the silent epidemic.”
Gina Dennik-Champion, director of the Wisconsin Nurses Association, testifying about a bill at the state Capitol this week. Under current law, anyone found guilty of intentionally hurting a nurse is charged with a Class A misdemeanor. Penalties for that crime are a fine of up to $10,000 or up to nine months in jail.  The bill calls for elevating the crime to a Class H felony, which is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and up to six years in prison. A retired also testified that many nurses experience unstable situations, including conflicts between family members and outbursts from patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“That Matt LaFleur has yet to lose despite his offense ranking 29th in yards (274 per game) can be taken one of two ways: as an indictment of the first-year coach’s slowly gestating attack or an indicator of how good Green Bay could be if the unit coalesces later in the year. While growth isn’t a given, Aaron Rodgers and Co. showed glimpses of what could be by engineering three straight touchdown drives to open a 21-16 win over the Vikings before stalling the rest of the game. What is clear: defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s group looks like one of the NFL’s most tenacious, and the Packers have a solid advantage in the NFC North after dispatching two divisional foes.”

“If they came to me in Pittsburgh after two weeks and they said, ‘Terry, we’re going to have to go with so-and-so,’ I’d shake their hands, I’d pack my bags and I’d go home, because that would be a hard pill to swallow after all of that.”
Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw on the New York Giants’ benching of longtime QB Eli Manning


Anti-Semitic Harassment at U.S. College Campuses Hits Historic Levels

Number of Unaccompanied Alien Children Entering US Reaches Highest in History

Starving seniors


Pro-Kavanaugh bombshell


Impeach Kavanaugh


Antonio Brown farted in my face and still owes me $11,000: doctor

Lawmaker who wants to clean up pigeon poop gets pooped on during TV interview


Week-ends (09/14/19)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Nicholas Haros Jr.

Ohio police officers

Maj. Gen. Maria Lodi Barrett and Brig. Gen. Paula Lodi


Aaron Shamo

This rapper



“But you have so many children. Don’t you worry about the environment? He’s (Trump) TERRIBLE on the environment. I would think that alone could turn you against him! That’s your children’s future!”
Joy Behar of The View interviewing retiring Republican congressman Rep. Sean Duffy and his wife Rachel Campos-Duffy

I really think it’s hard — I do believe it’s really hard to see when you are in these coastal bubbles. If you live in middle America — we live in rural Wisconsin. The towns have turned around. The factories are back. People have jobs. There’s more jobs than there are people to fill them, and that was not the case [before].”
Campos-Duffy responding to Behar

“I don’t want to see other families suffer the way I did. That’s the bottom line. Not soldiers or innocent victims of terrorism.”
Jim Riches, a retired New York deputy fire chief who responded to the terror 2001 attacks and lost his son, Jimmy, a fellow firefighter. Riches responded to President Donald Trump’s now-canceled plan for secret talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents on U.S. soil. Several victims’ relatives and first responders called the timing unfortunate (so close to 9/11) but the idea of talks worthwhile, a potential path toward peace for Afghans and Americans weary of Washington’s longest war.

“From June 1 through August 31, MRC (Media Reserach Center) analysts found the networks devoted 838 minutes of airtime — nearly 14 hours — to coverage of President Trump personally, the vast majority of which was negative. (Note: This report only examines coverage of Trump himself, not generic stories about his administration’s activities or those of other top-ranking officials, which accounted for an additional 213 minutes of evening news airtime.)

“The airtime devoted to Trump was eleven times greater than that spent on the leading Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden (just under 74 minutes), and vastly more than the networks gave California Senator Kamala Harris (30 minutes), South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (15 minutes) or Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (just under 14 minutes).”
Rich Noyes, Newsbusters.org

“Since April 20, 2016, the GDELT Project has tracked all of the tweets linked to by online news media worldwide in 65 languages. Over that time, GDELT has tracked 868,539 articles that linked to a Donald Trump tweet. Of the president’s roughly 44,200 tweets to date, 13,539 (31%) have appeared in the news, reinforcing just how much his Twitter account helps to drive global journalism.”
Real Clear Politics

I think the bigger issue is why are we still talking about this? The President is trying to end the war in Afghanistan, border crossings are down by 30 percent. We have a health care system that’s a mess and yet here we go day whatever on sharpie-gate? I mean, this is why 69 percent of Americans say their faith in the media is declining because of their obsessive reporting on things like this.”
Appearing on MSNBC, the Conservative Policy Institute’s Rachel Bovard reacted to the liberal media’s delusional, week-long obsession over Sharpiegate

“I can’t think of a single voter out there who was going to vote one way, but then because of this whole Sharpie story is going to vote another way. What it does do, however, is it reminds the President’s supporters that he is facing a media that is willing to go after every little thing he does in a way that, for past presidents, they may not have been as willing to do but for the President’s opponents, it sort of reminds them of the personality quirks and the approach that the President takes that they don’t like. So, I think it’s the kind of story where it confirms what you already believed about the President and, if you’re somebody who’s in the middle, you probably tuned it out.”
Republican pollster Kristen Soltis-Anderson on Sharpiegate

“If Republicans abandon the Second Amendment and demoralize millions of Americans who care deeply about Second Amendment rights, that could go a long way to electing a President Elizabeth Warren.”
Sen. Ted Cruz

“On every issue in which the left differs from conservatives (and often from liberals), they are fools. They push for a Palestinian state although even Israelis on the left know this would mean a Hamas-Hezbollah state on the Israeli border. But they know they mean well.

“They routinely label the beacon of freedom on Earth racist, misogynistic, homophobic, imperialistic, genocidal; cheapen the label “Nazi”; promote all-black dorms and graduations; promote preteen boys’ performing drag shows; tell young women career is more important to happiness than marriage; believe a country can remain a distinct nation with open borders; condemn parents who try to reassure their 3-year-old son that he is a boy; and ruin the university, the arts, late-night comedy, pro football and religion. But they mean well.”
Nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist Dennis Prager

“The table is full. Stormy Daniels is there, ready to be dragged back to Congress for her next attempted resurrection. So is Christine Blasey Ford, still talking like a 12-year-old with low self-esteem and unable to recall details of her own life. Michael Avenatti is there, at least until his criminal trials, showing anyone who passes by all the pictures he has of him at parties with CNN anchors. Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director who spent less time in the White House than the average school group on an official tour, is in the corner mumbling to himself about how fat and unstable the president is.

“It’s a sad lot of people the media have used to try to destroy Republicans, none of which panned out, stood up to even basic scrutiny, or left the impression they were anything more than unstable props. Journalists wanted to believe them so badly that any standards or common sense were swept away for a bite at that elusive apple. They’ve become the depressed housewife spending a fortune calling psychics in a search for meaning.”
Derek Hunter is a Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist

“Racism in America is endemic. It is foundational. We can mark the creation of this country not at the Fourth of July, 1776, but August 20, 1619, when the first kidnapped African was brought to this country against his will and in bondage, and as a slave built the greatness and the success and the wealth that neither he nor his descendants would ever be able to fully participate in and enjoy.
Democratic presidential hopeful, former Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke

“Play the radio, make sure the television — excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the — make sure that kids hear words. A kid coming from a very poor school — a very poor background – will hear four million words fewer spoken by the time they get there.”
Joe Biden

“AR15 are the symptom of small penises.”
Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera accused AR-15 rifle owners of using the gun to compensate for small penis size

“It’s no secret what is going on here. Yes, the players are trying to launch and drive the ball instead of choking up just to put it in play with two strikes and yes, pitchers throw harder than ever, but it’s the baseball. The balls are slippery and don’t have raised seams, creating less drag on fly balls, meaning more carry.
CBS sportswriter Matt Snyder. On Wednesday, with two and a half weeks left in the season, mind you, the whole of major-league baseball broke the single-season home run record. More home runs have been hit in 2019 than any other year in history. The previous record? 6,105 dingers in 2017.


2,246 fetal remains found on property of abortion doctor who recently died


‘Hell, Yes, We’re Going to Take Your AR-15, Your AK-47,’ O’Rourke Says


Twitter critics of Melania Trump’s coat

National security adviser John Bolton resigned


What is This?! Hillary Clinton Poses at Fake Presidential Desk Looking Through Her Emails

Indian Man Beaten by Two Wives After Seeking Third


Week-ends (09/07/19)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Caroline and Isabel Bercaw


Peter Meijer


Rebecca Makkai

Critics of Drew Brees

Michelle Goldberg


“When I began my public service in 1968, I said I would know when it was time to step back. After careful consideration, I have determined at the completion of this term, my 21st term in Congress, it will be that time.

“It has been my privilege to serve the people of Southeast Wisconsin and I have found true fulfillment in all the challenges and many accomplishments that have peppered my long career. It is rare when life presents the perfect opportunity to make an impact in a way that has been so meaningful. I am forever grateful.”
Wisconsin Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, a Republican who is the second-most senior member of the House, announced on Wednesday that he will not seek reelection in 2020. Sensenbrenner said he will retire in January 2021, at the end of his current term.

“I think what’s unique  is, people are saying, I’m not a lifetime member of Congress. Service is not for a lifetime. I’m going to come in. I’m going to serve. I’m going to give my talents to my country and the people I represent. And then, I’m going to do something else.

“So, I think this is, you know, just a natural transition that happens, you know, in the House, and especially with Republicans. We have better transition than Democrats. Democrats stick around forever. We come in and we go out.”
Retiring Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.)

“We need leadership in an office that is not corrupt because when you blatantly know you are the worst and you specifically do not address it at a pace that suggests urgency, I call that a cancer that needs to be eradicated.”
State Sen. Lena Taylor announced Tuesday she will challenge Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in 2020

“People will be out of jobs for months. They’ll be homeless, no food. Nothing. The Bahamas has become like a Third World country.
67-year-old wood carver Gordon Higgs on the conditions in the Bahamas following the hurricane

In the aftermath of these hearings I believe that Christine’s testimony brought about more good than the harm the misogynist Republicans caused by allowing Kavanuagh on the court. He will always have an asterisk next to his name. When he takes a scalpel to Roe v. Wade we will know who he is, we know his character and we know what motivates him. It’s important that we know and that’s part of what motivated Christine.”
Leftist activist Debra Katz, the attorney for Christine Blasey-Ford. New video has surfaced of Katz during an event in Baltimore admitting her client (falsely) accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in order to protect abortion and Roe v. Wade.

“I think it’s worth just checking off the facts. We had a number of people on the other side of the aisle undermining the credibility of the [Senate Judiciary] Committee by threatening to expose information that was committee confidential. We have to always make sure that when people come and give sworn testimony before any congressional committee, that it’s truthful and accurate. Any time that you see something like this, it’s probably worth looking into.”
Senate Judiciary Committee member Tom Tillis (R-NC) said he believed it was “worth looking into” Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

“I know this sounds naive. I didn’t think the Left was so mean. I didn’t think the Left lied like this. I thought the Right did that. I thought we were better.”
Self-help author and Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. Speaking to the New Yorker’s David Remnick on Tuesday, Williamson turned on her fellow Democrats and the media for characterizing her as a “crystal gazing kook” and an anti-vaxxer, both of which she denied.

“Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., (would) spend over $16 trillion – an unimaginable sum that would come out of your tax dollars – on an eco-plan that requires ignoring reality. How do you build wind turbines (which require hundreds of tons of coal to forge the steel and make the concrete that anchors them to the ground) while banning coal? How do you make solar panels (which require tons of rare earth materials) when you don’t allow mining on federal lands or don’t allow fossil fuels to run excavation equipment?

“The socialist senator has yet to be questioned seriously about the impossibility and unaffordability of his plans. It would just as realistic for him to propose we all grow wings so we can fly wherever we have to go, abandoning our cars and planes.”
Daniel Turner is the executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs

“Can someone cite which passage of the Bible God states it is a god-given right to own a gun?”
Actress Alyssa Milano

“The right to self-defense is recognized repeatedly in the Bible, eg Exodus 22:2: ‘If a thief is caught breaking in at night & is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed.’ (Note, though, verse 3 says it IS murder if during daylight (ie, not self-defense). Playing politics w/ these deranged crimes—and trying to use them as an excuse to violate the constl rights of law-abiding citizens—won’t make anybody safer. Forcible gun confiscation (as some 2020 Dems urge) won’t prevent mass-murders. But it would weaken our self-defense.”
US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) responding to Milano

“This is a bucket list thing. It’s was pretty, pretty impressive, nothing short of incredible. It’s sad, it’s impressive, it makes you proud.”
Bob Drake of Minneapolis. He and his wife patty were among thousands of visitors that flocked to the USS Arizona Memorial last Sunday, which reopened after 15 months of repairs. The Drakes were on the first boat to the monument and said they waited nearly two hours in line to visit the monument dedicated to the people who served and suffered during the attack on Pearl Harbor more than 77 years ago. The memorial had been closed since May 2018 after the dock was partially submerged and cracks were found. More than $2 million dollars were spent on the renovation project.


In Florida…


Record low unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics




Insane global warming proposals

Tourists may pay tolls to drive San Francisco crooked street

Women and body hair