Week-ends (06/19/21)

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Mike Wimmer

Debby Neal-Strickland


Aruna Khilanani


Don Lemon


“I have to say to you, I’ve only been president for several months, but I think this will go down, for me, as one of the greatest honors I will have as president.”
Joe Biden at a ceremony signing legislation into law on Thursday establishing June 19 as Juneteenth National Independence Day — a US federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States

“First of all, our Independence Day is July 4th. Period. Independence Day celebrates the anniversary of our declared independence from Great Britain, and it’s been that way for 245 years.

“If you want to call Juneteenth, for example, Freedom Day or Emancipation Day then fine — that’s certainly worth considering. But calling it Independence Day is WHOLLY INAPPROPIATE.

“Second, we can’t just add new federal holidays without considering the ramifications.

“When Obama issued an executive order in 2014 giving federal employees an extra day off, that cost the government roughly $660 MILLION dollars, according to the Congressional Budget Office. So given inflation and the obnoxious growth of the federal government, this means a Juneteenth holiday should easily cost the federal government over a billion dollars Every. Single. Year. in federal payroll & holiday premiums with no offsets!”
Rep. Ralph Norman, a South Carolina Republican, was one of 14 House Republicans to vote against making Juneteenth Day a federal holiday. 

House Democrats “used their majority to balkanize our country and fuel separatism by creating a race-based ‘Independence Day. It is unfortunate that some have chosen to politicize the naming of this important historical event … to turn Americans against one another and foment division based on skin color instead of uniting us.”
WI Congressman Tom Tiffany who also voted against making Juneteenth Day a federal holiday

“Juneteenth is soooo lame. Democrats really need to stop trying to repackage segregation. I’ll be celebrating July 4th and July 4th only. I’m American.”
Candace Owens

“Please understand that when someone talks about ‘ending’ racism, their idea of racism ‘ending’ is always within the context of people who fit within certain ethnic and intersectional categories obtaining more worldly possessions and power. That’s what ‘ending racism’ looks like.”
Darrell B. Harrison

“Critical race theory is bigoted, it is a lie, and it is every bit as racist as the klansmen in white sheets. Critical race theory says every white person is a racist. Critical race theory says America is fundamentally and irredeemably racist. Critical race theory seeks to turn us against each other and, if someone has different colored skin, seeks to make us hate that person.”
US Senator Ted Cruz

“Why does critical race theory peddle bigoted and obviously false assumptions about individuals based on their skin color? Not pure racial hatred. Racialism is a tactic, a tool used by critical race theorists to tear down American institutions. Their aims: abolish the nuclear family, abolish gender, defund the police, abolish the border, abolish prisons, abolish the Senate, abolish the Electoral College, abolish ICE, abolish voter ID, abolish capitalism, abolish private/charter schools, abolish religious freedom, abolish free speech, abolish rights, abolish objective truth, abolish reality. Sound familiar? Democratic political agenda items are textbook critical race theory. We should reject its reduction of people to the color of their skin. It’s a tool with a dangerously clear purpose: to impose simple, unadulterated Marxism in the United States of America. We must overwhelmingly reject it in its entirety on the basis of what it really is.”
Liz Wheeler

“The flood of migrants includes thousands of children with nowhere to go, preyed on by vicious cartels. Human rights groups estimate that a significant percentage of women who make the dangerous journey to our border are raped along the way. With a situation that disastrous, it makes sense that Harris is uncomfortably laughing and trying to change the subject. Approaching this crisis with appropriate solemnity would force Biden and Harris to grapple with the humanitarian devastation their failed policies have created.”
Ronna McDaniel

“It’s almost as if [Kamala] Harris is the kind of politician who might be so bad at this she’d have to drop out of a primary before a vote was cast in Iowa.”
Mary Katherine Ham

“I’ll take your questions and, as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m gonna call on.”
Joe Biden ahead of his post-Vladimir Putin press conference in Geneva

Today, the Assembly passed two Protecting Women’s Sports bills. These bills included necessary protections for girls’ sports.  All sports, at every age, need to be on a level playing field. Performance-enhancing drugs are banned in all sports because they create unfair advantages. Similarly, biological boys should not compete against biological girls due to unfair advantages in athletic ability between the two sexes. Assembly Bill 195 and 196 prevent this from happening and maintain fairness with girls’ sports. The science is simple. The necessity of these bills is real, because if the trend we’re seeing continues, it will lead to the demise of girls’ sports altogether.”
State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport)

“Our institutions must stop treating students like helpless children whose delicate feelings must be protected and start requiring maturation. Colleges and universities are supposed to prepare students to excel in a world that does not revolve around them, not protect them from such a world. Institutions of higher education should be intellectual boot camps developing our future leaders, not daycare centers coddling adults who refuse to grow up.”
Oliver North & David Goetsch

“The FBI still doesn’t exactly know what that [2017 congressional baseball] shooter was up to. They never really uncovered the sort of detailed evidence that laid out a specific plot or an objective.”
Former FBI agent Andy McCabe

“Hmm. You mean the Bernie supporter who asked where the congressional Republicans were while holding a rifle in his hand? Yeah, this one is a puzzler all right.”
James Woods

“Do we know her whereabouts? We should just have her picked up before she goes on. This is outrageous.”
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel in an email to her staff to stop a restaurant owner from appearing on Fox News to discuss that state’s lockdown orders

“If there is not equality of outcomes among people born to the same parents and raised under the same roof, why should equality of outcomes be expected — or assumed — when conditions are not nearly so comparable?”
Thomas Sowell

“YouTube gladly hosts medical videos with more quacks than Daffy Duck’s family reunion. You can get bad advice about everything from diet and exercise to curing STDs with apple cider vinegar.  Which doesn’t work, by the way. And it ruins a nice cobb salad.  

“Those crazy videos? Harmless self-expression. A chat between two medical professionals? That’s dropped faster than Brian Stelter’s jaw outside a corn dog factory.

“Now, this is happening as other tech titans are cracking down on speech. They are the new censors. These ministers of information can turn the spigot on, or off at all. They did this with the lab leak story. Also with Hunter Biden. And with every story.

“A story about rising crime in cities where police were defunded? Spigot off.

“A story about a white lady shouting racial slurs in a parking lot? Spigot on.

“A story about a police officer rescuing a child? Spigot off.

“A story about a police officer breaking the law? Spigot on.

“It’s nothing new. These tech giants learned this from their TV news allies who’ve been practicing it for years.”

Greg Gutfeld

“We all need to look at one another and ask ourselves, ‘What do we need to do better next time?’ And in many respects, being able to sacrifice a little bit for one another to get through this and to save more lives [is] going to be essential. And it’s something that I think we all could have done a little bit better on.”
Ex-Biden COVID adviser Andy Slavitt

“If there are people who are triggered by giant American flags, then it is the duty of Americans to trigger those people as often as possible.”
Frank J. Fleming


A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here’s What They Found


The Number of Small Businesses Destroyed by COVID Lockdowns Will ASTOUND You


The G-7 Biden-Putin showdown. Turned out to be a nothing burger. Of course Biden’s buddies in the MSM declared him the clear winner.


Endangered corpse flower blooms in Warsaw, drawing crowds

Week-ends (06/12/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Nate Carroll

Millie Seefeld

Mike Wimmer

Sawyer Opahle


Steven Brandenburg

Alameda County

These Dems


Our border is wide open, illegal immigration is skyrocketing at a level we’ve never seen before. Drugs are pouring in, gas prices are soaring, our industries are being pillaged by foreign cyber attacks. The survival of our country depends on our ability to elect Republicans at every level” of government.
President Trump in a rousing speech before the North Carolina Republican Party convention

“The Biden administration has also issued regulations to indoctrinate America’s school children with poisonous and divisive left-wing doctrines, such as critical race theory, and exact opposite of the American belief that we all are created equal in the holy image of God. We have a group of people, I don’t know where they come from, but it’s hell, I think.

“Just as the state House of Representatives has done right here in North Carolina, Republicans at every level should move immediately to ban critical race theory in our schools. And we should ban it in workplaces. We should ban it in our states, and we should ban it in the federal government, that it should be done immediately. It should be done very quickly.”
President Trump at the NC GOP Convention

“I — at some point — you know — we are going to the border. We’ve been to the border. So this whole — this whole — this whole thing about the border. We’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border. … I mean, I don’t — I don’t understand the point that you’re making. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.”
Kamala Harris when challenged to answer why she still hasn’t gone to the border

“It’s kind of funny to see some in the media go along with Kamala Harris’ ‘root causes’ BS. The root cause is a wide open border.”
Lisa Boothe

“I was on Long Island this weekend and … I was really disturbed. I saw you know, dozens and dozens of pick-up trucks with expletives against Joe Biden on the back of them, Trump flags, and in some cases just dozens of American flags, which, you know, is also just disturbing because essentially the message was clear. It was: ‘This is my country, this is not your country, I own this.’”
New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay

The most frequent question people pose to me is: What can I/we do to fight back against the nihilistic anti-American destruction of virtually all the country’s major institutions?

There is an answer.

The single best thing Americans can do to counter the left-wing attack on America — against its freedoms, its schools, its families, its children, its governmental institutions, its sports, its news and entertainment media, its medical establishment, the CIA, the FBI, the State Department and the military — is to take their children out of America’s schools.

Other than in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), the vast majority of America’s elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities teach your child or grandchild almost nothing important; prematurely sexualize them, thereby robbing them of their innocence; and harm them intellectually and morally.
Radio talk show host Dennis Prager

“Unless and until China comes forward with convincing evidence that the lab-leak theory is wrong, the position of the United States and the world must be that China is culpable.”
Andrew McCarthy

“Chinese officials mishandled research and misrepresented and misinformed the public. But they did so under pain of punishment, even death, in a system designed to suppress that kind of information. In this country, constitutionally protected, free and independent scientists, bureaucrats, journalists and others did the same. What’s their excuse?”
Gerard Baker

“Communist China owes America answers. Period.”
Mike Pompeo

“How pumped is China that America has a President dumb enough to think climate change is our biggest threat? It’s pretty clear why they wanted the ‘Big Guy’ to win…”
Lisa Boothe

“Most of the media is ignoring Hunter Biden using racial slurs in his texts. Can you imagine the media reaction if one of Trump’s kids had been caught doing this? The treatment should be the exact same for both. The fact it isn’t is clear & transparent media bias.”
Clay Travis

“With so much money already flowing into Wisconsin from the federal government, this additional revenue gives us an opportunity to invest in the state’s priorities and to cut taxes for hard working families.”
WI Assembly Speaker Robin Vos after the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau announced the state will collect $4.4 billion more in tax revenues

“Last year was tough for everyone in our state. Now is not the time to change course and raise taxes on the hard-working families and businesses like the Governor proposes in his biennial budget. This surplus came from the hard-working people of our state and should go back to those same hard-working people. Income, property, and personal property tax cuts should all be on the table.”
State Senator Alberta Daring (R-River Hills)

“When trillions of printed government dollars are pumped into the economy, there will no
doubt be a short-term economic jump. Do not be fooled. First, all of this money will need to be
paid back. Second, I believe we are on the verge of significant inflation, which will decrease the
value of each dollar. This is a temporary jump in tax revenue—sound financial planning would
require this money is not spent on more government programs but returned to the taxpayer.
There is no magic money tree, folks.”

State Senator Chris Kapenga (R – Delafield)

“The Gestapo wants to see your papers, please.”
Republican state Rep. Shae Sortwell shared a Facebook post by the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum in Stevens Point detailing its mask policy. The museum said masks would be optional for those who show their vaccination cards and masks would be mandatory for everyone else over age 5.

“At a time when anti-Semitic incidents continue to rise, hyperbolic rhetoric by Republican elected officials about the Holocaust needs to end now. These types of statements pile onto ever increasing anti-Semitic incidents in our state, and continue to create divisions in an already ultra-divided country.”
Democratic state Rep. Lisa Subeck, who is a board member of the National Association of Jewish Legislators

“This case is not about extraordinary weapons lying at the outer limits of Second Amendment protection. The banned ‘assault weapons’ are not bazookas, howitzers, or machineguns. Those arms are dangerous and solely useful for military purposes. Instead, the firearms deemed ‘assault weapons’ are fairly ordinary, popular, modern rifles. This is an average case about average guns used in average ways for average purposes.”
Judge Roger T. Benitez in striking down California’s “assault weapons” ban as unconstitutional

“Most Americans — and that includes a good number of Democrats — are sick of the transgender assault. They’re tired of being force-fed radicalism that denies reality on everything from Blue’s Clues to Fruit Loops. They’re not sitting at home celebrating the movement that’s robbed us of girls’ sports, children’s privacy, women’s rights, and free speech. They’re not sprinting to Twitter to applaud a cause that’s suspending Christian teachers, rewriting the English language, and advancing its agenda on the backs of mutilated teenagers’ bodies.”
Tony Perkins

“Do you want to know why conservatives are losing the culture? Nickelodeon put out two videos in a week of a drag queen pushing gay pride on children and still most conservative parents will allow their children to watch shows on the network. That’s it. That’s why we lose.”
Matt Walsh

BLM has been co-opted, and when I say co-opted, I mean teachers unions who show up to these woke BLM marches. … So if we’re talking about propaganda, we need to be looking at the teachers unions, and the sick mess that they’re putting out there that’s keeping our children out of schools these past couple of years, keeping the masks on our children. We need to unmask the illiteracy machine … with our education system.”
Rashard Turner

“With Republicans restored to the House next year and Sen. Mitch McConnell on the cusp of regaining power, why on earth would Democrats want to scrap the filibuster? They will need it against McConnell and House Republicans. Unfortunately, Democrats cannot be honest. They must instead, with help from friends in the press, go through the ritualistic and stylized dance of defeat that signals to the base they care and are fighters while privately knowing defeat was always the only outcome. Democrats will inevitably have hell to pay from their base as Republicans did. The difference between them and Republicans is Trump was actually far closer to mainstream America than the far left. That gives the GOP one more advantage moving forward, even if the press and Democrats cannot admit it.”
Erick Erickson

“January 6th was a dark day in the history of the United States Capitol. … President Trump and I have spoken many times since we left office, and I don’t know if we’ll ever see eye to eye on that day. But I will always be proud of what we accomplished for the American people over the last four years.”
Mike Pence

“We continue to fall into the trap of viewing the joblessness epidemic in strictly financial terms, as if a job were only a means to a paycheck. A paycheck is important, but we know that work is about so much more. It’s one of the best pathways in life to achieving a sense of pride, purpose, and meaning because it connects us to something larger than ourselves.”
Randy Hicks

“Just saw a guy riding a bike on a major road [with] lots of cars — without a helmet but … with a mask. People have lost all sense of risk analysis.”
Tom Elliott


Thousands still missing from schools

Nursing shortage


Trump vindicated

Biden is keeping illegals separated from their families


Incentives for vaccines


No shirts, pants or undies needed on bike ride, just a mask

Week-ends (06/05/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Rand Paul

Ron DeSantis

Chris Pratt


Anthony Fauci

Speaker at National Black Power Convention



“Recent revelations show that Fauci hid information from the American people, including a tip that the Wuhan coronavirus could have been ‘engineered,’ in a lab via gain of function research. Fauci chose to ignore this and other information given to him by scientists.”

“Emails sent to the nation’s top infectious disease specialist during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic raised questions about the origins of the virus, which remain unanswered today. ‘We think that there is a possibility that the virus was released from a lab in wuhan, the biotech area of china,’ read a February 2020 email to Dr. Anthony Fauci from Dr. Michael Jacobs, who stated he is a Cornell Medical School graduate and dermatologist.

“Jacobs asked Fauci to discuss the issue further, and records show Fauci passed the message to a colleague, writing, ‘Please handle.’

“The exchange was just one of more than 3,200 pages of Fauci’s emails obtained by Buzzfeed and The Washington Post via the Freedom of Information Act.”
The Boston Herald

On February 5, 2020, Fauci sends an email advising against masks and gives the recommendation that the kind of mask you buy in a drug store ‘is not really effective in keeping out virus which is small enough to pass through the material.’ This conclusion could only have been bolstered as scientists converged on the conclusion that COVID-19 was aerosolized. This was consistent with statements Fauci made in public, even on 60 Minutes, that masks might be actively harmful.

“Later, when he shifted to a pro-mask position, Fauci held that he never advised the public that masks couldn’t help, only that they shouldn’t buy them. This wasn’t true. He said he gave this advice to save PPE for front-line workers. Even though we have seen lots of instances in which public-health officials deliberately lie to the public to manipulate them toward an outcome — a practice I find morally abhorrent and politically inconsistent with self-government — we find no evidence that there was a deliberate and conscious effort to protect supplies of PPE with this lie.”
Michael Brendan Dougherty is a senior writer at National Review Online

“After seeing the emails, our Country is fortunate I didn’t do what Dr. Fauci wanted me to do. For instance, I closed our Borders to China very early despite his not wanting them closed. The Democrats and the Fake News Media even called me a ‘xenophobe.’ In the end, we saw this was a life-saving decision, and likewise with closing our borders to Europe, specifically to certain heavily infected countries. I was later given credit, even by “Tony,” for saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

“Dr. Fauci also didn’t put an emphasis on speed of vaccine production because he thought it would take 3, 4, or maybe even 5 years to create. I got it done in less than 9 months with Operation Warp Speed. In retrospect, the vaccine is saving the world. Then, I placed the greatest bet in history.

“We ordered billions of dollars’ worth of vaccines before we knew it even worked. Had that not been done, our wonderful vaccines would not have been administered until October of this year. No one would’ve had the shot that has now saved the world and millions of lives!

“Also, Dr. Fauci was totally against masks when even I thought they would at least be helpful. He then changed his mind completely and became a radical masker!

“There are a lot of questions that must be answered by Dr. Fauci. The funding of Wuhan by the U.S. was foolishly started by the Obama Administration in 2014 but ended under the Trump Administration. When I heard about it, I said “no way.” What did Dr. Fauci know about “gain of function” research, and when did he know it?”
President Trump

“Okay, there is no racist appeal when it comes to calling it the China virus. It came from China. If that’s the standard, then COVID’s ‘Indian variant’ is racist.

“Every story these clowns do should come with an apology for why they ignored it and why they’re wrong. They cannot gaslight us on the Wuhan lab leak story. This isn’t breaking news or anything that should shock these people. They knew and ignored it to achieve a political aim. Period. Even out of office, Donald Trump continues to beat these people’s faces into the dirt.”

Matt Vespa of Townhall.com

“Based on all the new evidence unearthed in Fauci’s emails — it does make you wonder if the shutdowns were more about trying to kill the Trump presidency than stopping the China Virus.”
Todd Starnes

“Why do Democrats remain so fearful of Trump? Remember these numbers: 4, 6, 8 and 12. In 2008, when Barack Obama got elected, his Republican opponent received 4% of the Black vote. When Obama won reelection, the Republican got 6% of the Black presidential vote. When Trump ran in 2016, he received 8% of the Black vote. When Trump ran for reelection in 2020, Republicans received 12% of the Black vote, a 50% increase over the previous four years. Republicans haven’t reached that percentage of the Black vote since 1980, when President Ronald Reagan got 14%. Quite simply, this 4%, 6%, 8%, 12% trendline gives Democrats nightmares.”
Larry Elder

“Parents of all ethnicities who never dreamed of getting involved in politics need to step up now. Parents are already outraged by the indoctrination their kids are getting in school. … It’s time to shift from complaining to fighting for control of local school boards. These boards hire superintendents, set policies and have the clout to stop critical race theory. Except in large cities, such as New York, school boards are where the power is. … Of course, schools should teach about America’s past failures, along with its triumphs, and probe racial injustice where it still exists. But of paramount importance, young people should learn that their character and deeds matter more than their race.”
Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., is a well-known political commentator, constitutional expert, and regular guest on Fox News, CNBC and many national radio programs

“Biden said the U.S. intelligence community has concluded that white supremacy represents the greatest domestic threat to our homeland. If they really believe that they should be fired. This is one of the most racially diverse countries in the world. We are the only majority white country that has elected a black president. On the very day Biden engaged in his racial demagoguery, thousands of people of color crossed our border. Yet we are supposed to believe they are risking everything to come to a country of white supremacists? In Biden’s America it is still 1619. Or maybe it is 1850? Or is it the era of Jim Crow laws? There is no progress. No Martin Luther King. No civil rights movement. No integration. If Biden was right the whole country should take a knee when our national anthem is played.”
Gary Bauer

“If there is one reason why problems associated with race in America persist, it is because we pretend to address problems caused by one sin by exchanging them with other sins. … As a starter, let us consider that … [Biden] sent an unprecedented $6 trillion federal budget to Congress that, for the first time ever, omits the longstanding Hyde Amendment. … So, while Biden issued one proclamation recalling the tragedy of a massacre of Black Americans [in Tulsa], he now wants new federal policy that would use federal funds to subsidize another massacre. … Abortion undermines the values of the traditional family. And traditional family values provide the offramp from the cycle of poverty. The persistence of problems in Black communities stems from federal policies that pretend to fight the sin of racism with the sins of the destruction of life and family.”
Star Parker

“You can’t be cowed by … woke corporations from doing the right thing. … And so if the price of having a [sports] tournament is that I have to deny equal opportunity to hundreds of thousands of young girl and women athletes throughout Florida, I am much more willing to stand with the girls. And to hell with these events.”
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

 “If we want to reduce the number of people in our jails, the answer is to stop building more of them.”
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“I am going to stop buying scales. It’s the only real way to lose weight.”
David Harsanyi

“Who’s ultimately responsible for securing the Capitol? Well, that would be congressional leadership, including Speaker Pelosi. I don’t trust her to select commissioners to investigate her own involvement in this thing, or her own culpability or any congressional leader’s culpability in this.”
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) explained his opposition to an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 protest at the U.S. Capitol

“We can never apologize enough, and I am so sincerely sorry for what happened to these individuals. The abuse they suffered was not their fault. It was the fault of criminals who used the sanctity of the priesthood to commit crimes, and I am sick to my stomach when I think about it. The Catholic Church in Wisconsin, if not the country, is the largest provider of training to protect children from sexual abuse. The (archdiocese) itself has provided safe environment training to almost 100,000 individuals who work with minors. It seems like the Church could be a model for others to follow and the Attorney General could be investigating ongoing crimes from today, not from decades past.”
Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki saying the archdiocese will not participate in the WI AG’s investigation of clergy sex abuse

Certainly there has to be a full discussion of the civil rights movement, of slavery, of Black history. It’s moving from things that are a historical point of fact to what would be, I guess, a point of indoctrination. Things that have happened can certainly be discussed but to put forth a rationale as to why some things happened … there’s a political agenda that comes into play at a certain point.”
State Senator Sen. André Jacque (R-DePere), one of the sponsors of bills that would ban public schools, universities and technical colleges from teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in WI

“The idea that we want to ensure that people are not ever instructed that one race is superior and another race is not seems to be something I think everybody in Wisconsin should agree with.”
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos

“Imagine a couple of youngsters — one Black, one white — from the same neighborhood; they are best friends, walk to school together, play ball after school and are in and out of each other’s homes frequently. Then, while getting their required weekly dose of CRT instruction, they suddenly look across the classroom at one another as if to say, ‘Wow, I thought he was my friend but he is actually my enemy.’ CRT is potentially the most dangerous initiative ever undertaken in our history with almost unimaginable ramifications.”
U.S. Army retired Lt. Gen. Marvin L. Covault, the author of “Vision to Execution”


Six Bombshell Revelations from Fauci’s Emails

The Media’s Plot to Hide Record Vaccine Deaths and Deceive Americans


America’s violent crime wave


Have you heard it’s Pride Month?


An Unorthodox Strategy to Stop Cars From Hitting Deer

A 3-year-old wanted her birthday cake to depict this sad scene from ‘The Lion King.’ The bakery agreed.

Week-ends (05/22/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Jon Holt

Kids on school bus


The mayor of Chicago

Robert Magnus

Anthony Fauci

Nancy Pelosi



“If you can’t get it settled within the 45 days, then my order goes into effect. Put him back in office, make him the chief and away we go.”
Milwaukee County Judge Christopher Foley ruled Ousted Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales will be reinstated as the city’s top cop in 45 days unless his attorneys and the city can reach a settlement

 “Pretty significant employer in my area” told him, “We’re no longer competing with other employers. We’re no longer competing with Illinois. We’re no longer competing with Iowa. We’re competing with the couch. By this, he means that the Federal enhancer encourages people to stay home because they can make more money staying on unemployment
than returning to work. This needs to end.

State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green). Unemployed people in WI will again be required to search for work in order to receive government assistance, following the repeal of a rule waiving the requirement during the COVID-19 pandemic. The waiver was set to expire on July 10, but will instead end on Sunday. Republicans on the Legislature’s Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules voted 6-4 on Wednesday to reinstate the rule.

“Since Biden was elected he: Canceled an American pipeline. Told you to buy an electric car after Russians hacked a major US pipeline. Cleared the way for a Russian pipeline and Russian energy dominance in Europe. Can’t make this stuff up.”
Congressman Dan Crenshaw

“Biden has been in office for less than five months, but that’s been enough to show that he was elected on false premises: He is not a moderate, he is not a unifier, and he will not rein in his party’s rabid left flank. The country is increasingly on edge, and the worst is likely yet to come.”
Andrew McCarthy

“Attitudes toward masking have followed political fissures: The people who resent masks and flout the rules mostly voted for Donald Trump in 2020, and the people who wear two masks while alone in their Subarus driving to Whole Foods and hiss at strangers on mountain-hiking paths voted for Joe Biden.”
Kevin Williamson

 “A year ago: Harass the people in stores who aren’t wearing masks. Now: Please show grace to those who can’t give up their masks. The Pharisees always want grace for themselves and never want to extend it to others.”
Erick Erickson

“Why is the Associated Press sharing a building with Hamas? Surely, these intrepid reporters knew who their neighbors were. Did they knowingly allow themselves to be used as human shields by a U.S.-designated terrorist organization? Did the AP pull its punches and decline to report for years on Hamas’s misdeeds? I submit that the AP has some uncomfortable questions to answer.”
Senator Tom Cotton

“The socialist Squad is attacking Biden for not being sufficiently critical of Israel, when in fact he is engaged in the one thing that could literally result in the destruction of Israel. While thousands of rockets rain down on the Jewish state, our negotiators are still sitting at a table in Vienna desperately trying to negotiate a deal that will provide Iran’s ayatollah with billions of dollars of sanctions relief. That money will immediately be used not only to replenish the rockets that have been fired into Israel, but to give Hamas and Hezbollah even more powerful rockets and missiles to kill even more Israelis. If Biden can’t stand up to radicals like AOC, Omar, and Tlaib, how can we expect him to stand up to the mullahs of Iran?”
Gary Bauer

“Palestinians in Gaza do live in horrendous conditions, but not because Israelis force them to. They choose to. Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and left it under complete Palestinian sovereignty. The Palestinians could have started building, putting in place infrastructure for political and economic freedom that would allow them to produce the kind of miracle the Israelis have produced. But instead, they put Hamas terrorists in charge, who started shooting missiles into Israel. In a hard and imperfect world, it’s so much easier to hate and blame than to take personal responsibility to create and build.”
Star Parker

“I wonder what the Venn diagram looks like of people who think January 6th was the worst attack on democracy ever and that Israel gets way too worked up about rockets being launched at them constantly.”
Frank J. Fleming

“Aside from putting forward a peace proposal that was dead on arrival, we don’t think [the Trump administration] did anything constructive, really, to bring an end to the longstanding conflict in the Middle East.”
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

“The 99% in America paid 7.2% of their total wealth in taxes last year, while the top 0.1% paid only 3.2%. The wealthy and well-connected need to start paying their fair share.”
Senator Elizabeth Warren

“Very weak argument, Senator. Facts: The top 1% pay about 40% of total federal revenue. The bottom 50% of earners pay about 3% of total federal revenue. ”
Congressman Dan Crenshaw

“I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers.”
Prince Harry

“All that Americans will take away from Harry’s outburst about the First Amendment is a posh, privileged British royal slamming their Constitution and their unalienable rights to freedom of speech and expression. It takes an extraordinary amount of entitled arrogance to mock the most revered building block of your adopted country’s history. And lest we forget, things didn’t end well for the last British royal who tried to tell Americans how to lead their lives, George III.”
Piers Morgan

“The world today needs a Hitler.”
Now-former CNN freelance contributor Adeel Raja last Sunday. In 2014, Raja similarly yammered: “The only reason I am supporting Germany in the [World Cup] finals — Hitler was a German and he did good with those Jews!”

“The Left always seems to be on the side of violence…Hamas, Antifa, BLM, communism…”
Lisa Boothe

“The funniest part about the liberal attempt to rebrand themselves as the ‘progressives’ is who played along without even thinking. Read any conservative publication and you will read tons of references to ‘progressives.’ Nearly all are used purely as synonyms for ‘liberal’ or ‘left-wing.’ The left must love how easy these debates are to win. … When your policies are completely out of whack with what regular Americans favor, being able to label them as ‘progressive’ as opposed to ‘left-wing’ and having that endorsed by the ‘mainstream’ media is a godsend. For some reason, conservatives are only too happy to mindlessly play along.”
Neil Patel

“After ousting Liz Cheney, Republicans prove they’re a bigger threat than 9/11 hijackers.”
Column title by USA Today deputy editorial page editor David Mastio


BLM Crashes Wisconsin Memorial for Fallen Officers, Shouts Obscenities

Biden’s border patrol

Federal government spent nearly $2 million on experiments sewing fetal scalps to rats


The origins of COVID


Establishing a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol


UFOs are about to make their way to the U.S. Senate

Week-ends (05/15/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Franklin, WI families

Chen Lie

Cecil Lockhart

Tanitoluwa Adewumi

Valari and Jess Wedel


Anthony Fauci

Nancy Pelosi

Joe Biden

David Stavely


“Highest gas prices since 2014. Worst conflict in Israel since 2014. Obama’s third term is going exactly as planned.”
Elijah Schaffer

“President Biden had it easy. All he had to do was nothing. He could expect a new era of good feelings emerging from a tumultuous time. He could expect a booming economy, a more peaceful Middle East, a solution to the pandemic. All he had to do was calm the waters. This, after all, was what Americans voted for: not a transformational figure or a figure of radical change but a stodgy, supposedly empathetic grandfather figure who could barely be bothered to leave his basement for the entirety of the presidential campaign. Normalcy could be restored by installing a nearly inanimate object as president. Instead, Biden has served as a facade for the most radical administration in modern American history. And America is already paying the price.”
Ben Shapiro

“Our country going to [crap] is what happens when you elect a guy who hasn’t accomplished anything in his life. Being in government your entire career is not a real job.”
Lisa Boothe

“If Biden’s job report was off by 74%, imagine how bad their other projections are?”
Caleb Hull

“We can’t deny it, there is a real change in the weather. And if we go 1.5 degrees warmer, we’re gonna be in real trouble — the point of no return.”
Joe Biden

“[Taking questions] is not something we recommend. In fact, a lot of times we say [to Biden], ‘Don’t take questions.’ But he’s going to do what he wants to do because he’s the president of the United States.”
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

“You’ve got to think that at least part of Fauci’s authoritarian germ hysterical is a cover for something else. Could it be that Tony Fauci is trying to divert attention from himself and his own role in the COVID-19 pandemic? … At the time the outbreak began last fall, the Wuhan lab was conducting experiments on how to make bat viruses infectious to human beings. Those experiments were funded by American tax dollars, the funding for those experiments was approved and directed by Tony Fauci in Washington. … In a functional country, there would be a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci’s role in the COVID pandemic that has killed millions and halted our country, changing it forever.”
Tucker Carlson

“Those folks on the far-left who insist that America is a bad place are trying to tear down our system. That’s why they talk about systemic racism. And they’ll do anything. Like packing the Supreme Court, intimidating juries, ending the filibuster, defunding the police, etc. etc. Because what they really want to do is transform this country from the greatest and most prosperous democracy in the history of history into some kind of socialist command and control autocratic country that would presumably support their left-wind ideological whims.”
Larry Kudlow

“I just want to live in a country where Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James, and Meghan Markle are no longer oppressed.”
Matt Walsh

“You can’t assume gender but all cops are racist murderers.”
Kevin Sorbo

“I don’t think our young people are avoiding marriage and children because of concerns about financial security. I think they are avoiding marriage and children because they don’t want marriage and children. … The collapse of marriage, family and the national birthrate is the result of the secularization of our culture. Faith and values have been displaced by materialism and egotism. How do we turn it around? As a starter, let’s have more parental choice in education so parents can get their children out of public schools and into religious schools, where they can learn values that sustain life.”
Star Parker


After Year of Demonizing Police, Number of Officers Shot in 2021 Set to Surpass ‘Historic’ 2020 Level


Tim Tebow appeared at the Wisconsin Right To Life Education Fund Dinner


GOP squabbles


Dracula’s castle proves an ideal setting for COVID-19 jabs

Week-ends (05/08/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Valari and Jess Wedel

Vainuupo “AV” Avegalio



Kamala Harris



“People will wear a mask everywhere for a whole year because they’re afraid of a disease but won’t lay off the fast food and lose a few pounds. The latter will do much more to preserve your health. But sure, you’re ‘health conscious’ with that mask and all that extra body fat.”
Matt Walsh

“Who are the groups that we’re targeting on the vaccination? Youthful and the doubtful. … Maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother.”
Governor Andrew Cuomo

“He (Cuomo) would know — both about kissing people and killing grandparents.”
Janice Dean

“Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes.”
Joe Biden, who probably meant to say “will not pay a single penny more in taxes.”

“Are there individuals who are racist? Of course, but that doesn’t make the nation racist any more than having criminals among us makes us a criminal nation.”
Cal Thomas

“If you’re looking for institutional racism, it exists within Critical Race Theory. Ban it. At every level. It is the new Jim Crow.”
Candace Owens

“[Tim] Scott’s most controversial statement, allegedly, was to contend that, ‘America is not a racist country.’ … Yet, the very next morning, when asked by ABC News about Scott’s comments, Vice President Kamala Harris said: ‘I don’t think America is a racist country, but we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today.’ It’s one thing to see flagrant double standards in politics, and another thing to hear two people say the same thing within 24 hours and be treated completely differently.”
David Harsanyi

“The left devotes tremendous resources to smearing and defeating any female and minority Republicans. They do their best to destroy conservative minority candidates, and then attack the GOP for being ‘too white.’ The left claims to stand for diversity. But it can’t stand diversity of thought. The intolerant, totalitarian left increasingly demands that everyone must think, speak, act and vote the same way.”
Gary Bauer

“I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school. It just isn’t fair and we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”
“Caitlyn” (Bruce) Jenner

“Only about a quarter of Americans (23%) think the country has become more united since Biden took office.”
ABC News

“Facebook’s Oversight Board says they were right to suspend Trump because he violated their rule ‘prohibiting praise or support of people engaged in violence.’ Last year, nearly the entire media and Democratic Party praised people engaged in the most costly riots in US history.”
Ben Shapiro

“Imagine what would have happened in this country without brave Republican governors. We’d probably still all be locked down. Thank god for federalism. It allows us to have 50 state laboratories & to see big state govs like DeSantis in Florida & Abbott in Texas were correct.”
Clay Travis

“[Democrats] are in fact defunding the police by demoralizing the police. As we have previously reported, cities across the country are reporting massive police resignations and retirements. Meanwhile, recruitment of new officers is nearly impossible. Why? Because many of our elites, including the president, constantly claim that American law enforcement is racist. Hollywood celebrities compare our police to Nazis. Millionaire athletes call our police pigs. Now the Biden Justice Department is launching investigations of entire police departments. Would you stay in a job where you risked your life every day only to be called a racist, a Nazi and a pig? Make no mistake about it: There is a war against cops in America. Some on the left are open about it. They demand we get rid of the police. Others claim they disagree. But they use rhetoric and push policies that will result in only one logical outcome — more crime and fewer police to protect you.”
Gary Bauer

“If the Right gives up the gender fight, then that’s it. It’s over. Once we’ve surrendered reality itself, what else is there to fight for? Tax cuts? I will die on this hill. If this hill is lost, there are none worth keeping after it and nobody left to fight for them anyway.”
Matt Walsh

“Redefining language is nothing new for the left. When they can’t win public opinion with the truth, they change the meanings of words to trick the public into their way of thinking. Examples abound. Bill Clinton famously called taxes ‘contributions’ and talked about how the government needed more of them from you. But if you actually treated them like contributions and decided that they were voluntary, armed IRS agents would knock on your door and put a lien on your home. And when it comes to abortion, there’s no such thing as a baby growing inside her mother’s womb anymore; it’s now called a ‘product of conception.’ That’s the left’s way of pretending that abortion isn’t the destruction of human life. … And what about when a politician tells you that they’re cutting spending? In typical Washington-speak, spending cuts aren’t actually cuts in spending but cuts to increases in spending. So they’re still spending more money than they did before — just not as much as they wanted. … The American Jobs Plan is being used as a Trojan horse to hide an agenda that would cost American families, chase jobs out of the country, add trillions to the debt, and concentrate more power with the federal government.”
Kay C. James

“It should come as no surprise when young people raised by helicopter parents are hoodwinked by the false promises of socialism — promises such as free college tuition, free health care and student debt forgiveness. Is it any wonder young people who have never been required to work refuse to get jobs, even though most employers have ‘Help Wanted’ signs in their windows, are paying well above minimum wage and are offering hiring bonuses? Their parents conditioned them to expect to receive everything they might want without having to work for it. Pandering politicians in the Democratic Party reinforce this unhealthy perspective by promising to pick up where the parents left off. Young people who don’t learn personal responsibility and accountability in the home are sitting ducks for the false promises of socialist ideologues. Unprepared, thoroughly indoctrinated young people who choose socialism over capitalism are just doing what their parents taught them to do.”
Oliver North and David Goetsch


Cancer Screenings Plummeted in 2020

Biden’s God-less prayer address


Catholic vs public schools


Summerfest’s great lineup


Mom who gave birth on flight to Honolulu didn’t know she was pregnant

Week-ends (05/01/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


John Schlifske

Mike Wimmer

Angry parents in Arizona

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, again

Ted Cruz

Mike Cohen and his organ donor

Tempe police officers

Girl Scouts


Anthony Fauci



“The only people who wear masks outside are zealots and neurotics. Your response when you see children wearing masks as they play should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid in Walmart. Call the police immediately, contact child protective services. Keep calling until someone arrives. What you’re looking at is abuse, it’s child abuse and you are morally obligated to attempt to prevent it.”
Tucker Carlson who also said seeing a vaccinated person wear a mask outdoors was like “watching a grown man expose himself in public”

“Last week the CDC said that of the 78 million Americans who at the time had been vaccinated (the number is now about 96 million) only 5,800 had subsequently caught COVID-19, or about 0.007 percent. Of those, 74 died, or about 0.00009 percent.”
John Daniel Davidson at The Federalist

“Dr. Fauci has been all over the place. Americans are so frustrated. First, he said no masks at the outset of the pandemic. Then, he said one mask. Then, two. Now, he’s saying we don’t need masks outside, except for children who are at very low risk from the virus. What I’m most concerned with is Americans’ First Amendment liberties that have been attacked by the government over the past year. Your rights to free speech, the right to practice one’s faith, go to work, school and other vital liberties.

“Last night, President Biden said ‘we should choose truth over fear.’ Yet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says those who are fully vaccinated can gather indoors without a mask, but if you noticed the President, his Vice President Kamala Harris, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and others in the congressional chamber were all wearing masks despite being vaccinated. That’s succumbing to fear, not the truth.”

Ranking member of the judiciary committee, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, gave his reaction to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s inconsistent mask guidance damaging his credibility

“When we look at this administration, the way they’ve treated this whole thing has amounted to a huge amount of theater, as opposed to actual science. When the president comes out with a mask over, and over, and over again, he sends the message implicitly that if you get vaccinated, nothing will change.” Ben Domenech

“Dr. Anthony Fauci, the moment he came out last year and said that we needed to shut down schools, he should have been fired.”
Ben Domenech

“The Year One Lie of the Biden presidency has already been told. Every time you see a mainstream headline with either the words “goes big” or “Biden’s bold something,” you know that’s the varnish painted on top of the lie. There was no breakthrough, no consensus shift into a next era of American politics, no unity, no lowered temperature: just a president willing to smash even more norms than his predecessors. The FDR comparisons give it away: not just intentions, but the lie. FDR swept into power with 472 electoral college votes and massive majorities in both houses of the legislature. He actually had a mandate, disastrous as many of the outcomes were. Joe Biden does not.”
Jason Killmeyer, a C-level executive at a NY state based non-profit, writing in Townhall.com

“The message we get today from the Biden administration is that the government needs to save people — that people are unable to help themselves. When people believe this message, they begin to lose their own agency, which can ultimately lead them to become helpless as a learned belief, and therefore always dependent on the government. While we should help those who need it, we need to do so in a way that leads to a productive outcome, as well as a strengthened belief in oneself and one’s ability to move forward under one’s own agency. We do need to work together, but not with the government in the lead or in control.”
Jackie Gingrich Cushman

“Biden could be as transformative a president as FDR. But FDR didn’t have to contend with a paranoid, xenophobic, racist opposition drenched in lies and extremist propaganda from right-wing media.”
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich

“More than 110,000 Japanese American prisoners were imprisoned during World War II in FDR’s internment camps, which opened in 1942.”

“For a would-be FDR, Biden doesn’t seem to understand that a fundamental source of the New Dealer’s power was enormous congressional majorities. FDR came into office in 1932 with almost a 200-seat majority in the House, 313-117, after Republicans lost more than 100 seats. … In the Senate, FDR had 58 Democrats, as Republicans lost 12 seats in 1932 in one of the worst senatorial drubbings in history. … With his legislative margin of error so thin, it’s unlikely that Biden will get his way on much besides spending and taxes. Almost all of his sweeping proposals, from federalizing elections to making D.C. a state, will fall by the wayside. More to the point, it’s wrong for Biden to attempt force through such radical measures when his mandate for them exists only in his ridiculously inflated self-image.”
Rich Lowry

 “Instead of [complaining] about the unfairness of losing a congressional seat, I dunno, maybe start thinking about why residents are fleeing your state like it’s on fire.”
David Burge

“Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) estimates that approximately 10% of military personnel — or as many as 250,000 troops — may be white supremacists. While Sen. Blumenthal is slandering our men and women in uniform, it’s worth remembering that he lied about his military service in Vietnam. Last week, Admiral Charles Richard, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, and General James Dickinson, commander of the U.S. Space Command, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee. When pressed about the number of extremists in the military, it must have come as a shock to Sen. Blumenthal that both men said there were ‘zero’ extremists in their commands. Instead of worrying about getting non-existent extremists out of the military, maybe there should be more focus on getting provable liars out of the United States Senate!”
Gary Bauer

“I’m not sure if we need police reform so much as we need media reform because it’s been a decade of the media really telling lies about the state of policing in this country.”
Mollie Hemingway

“If you did not watch the Derek Chauvin trial, but only heard the inflammatory comments spewing out of the White House and the media-Democrat complex, there are things about it you would never know. And you’d be apt to believe the claims that American law enforcement is systemically racist. I watched the trial day in and day out, so let me cut you in on a few basic facts. Not a shred of evidence was introduced at the trial that Derek Chauvin is a racist. None. There was nothing in the weeks of testimony that even hinted at such a thing.”
Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy

“Isn’t America the least racist country? Who even competes? We’re by far the most integrated of any. America is becoming a land of spoiled rich kids who would rather die than admit how good they have it.”
Frank J. Fleming

“If you are very concerned about Washington D.C. residents not having a senator, let’s make them citizens of Virginia or Maryland. Oh, wait, that wouldn’t accomplish your actual purpose of adding two more Democratic Senators?”
Ben Shapiro

“You know the reason why advertisers in this country love the 18 to 34 demographic? Because it’s the most gullible. Yeah. A third of people under 35 say they’re in favor of abolishing the police — not defunding, but doing away with a police force altogether, which is less of a policy position and more of a leg tattoo. Thirty-six percent of Millennials think it might be a good idea to try communism, but much of the world did try it. I know, Millennials think that doesn’t count because they weren’t alive when it happened. But it did happen. And there are people around who remember it. … The problem isn’t that I don’t get what you’re saying or that I’m old. The problem is that your ideas are stupid.”
Bill Maher


Outrage erupts after HS runner — forced by state to wear mask — collapses at finish line


Ratings for Biden’s Big Speech Are in and He Got Trounced by Trump


Aaron Rodgers


Florida mansion was a perfect venue for their long-awaited wedding. But it wasn’t theirs.

Week-ends (04/24/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Christian Barber

Steven Nava


Joe Biden


Joy Behar


“I’ve received some complaints in my office, and rightfully so, about Cardi B and the Grammys. They wonder why we are paying the FCC if they feel this should be in living rooms across the nation. Wake up, FCC, and begin to do your job. The moral decline of America is partly due to your utter complacency.”
U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman, a Republican from Glenbeulah, said on the House floor Thursday that rapper Cardi B’s appearance at the Grammy Awards earlier this year was “inconsistent with basic decency” in a speech urging the Federal Communications Commission to ban performances like hers

“This gets me so mad ya don’t even know! I think we all been on the edge this week since we seen police brutality back to back including watching one of the biggest case in history go down DUE to police brutality but wait ! This is wat state representative decide to talk about. This is why people gotta vote, elect better people cause you got these dum asses representing states.”
Cardi B tweeting in response 

“The science tells us that vaccines are 95% effective.  So, if you have a vaccine, quite honestly, what do you care if your neighbor has one or not.”
US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

“If you get a vaccine … you’re immune and so act immune. If you tell people … it’s not going to change anything, then what’s the point of going through it?”
Governor Ron DeSantis

“In a recent Gallup survey, Democrats did much worse than Republicans in getting the right answer to the fundamental question: What are the chances that someone who gets COVID will need to be hospitalized? The answer is between one and five percent — 41 percent of Democrats thought it was over 50 percent. Another 28 percent put the chances at 20 to 49 [percent]. So if the right-wing media bubble has to own things like climate change denial, shouldn’t liberal media have to answer for ‘How did your audience end up believing such a bunch of crap about COVID?’
Bill Maher

“Apparently the [Florida] governor is also a voracious consumer of the scientific literature, and maybe that’s why he protected his most vulnerable population — the elderly — way better than did the governor of New York.”
Bill Maher

“Her message was clearly intended to get to the jury—‘If you will acquit or if you find the charge less than murder, we will burn down your buildings. We will burn down your businesses. We will attack you. We will do what happened to the witness—blood on their door.’

“This was an attempt to intimidate the jury. It’s borrowed precisely from the Ku Klux Klan of the 1930s and 1920s when the Klan would march outside of courthouses and threatened all kinds of reprisals if the jury ever dared convict a white person or acquit a black person. And so, efforts to intimidate a jury should result in a mistrial with the judge, of course, wouldn’t grant a mistrial because then he’d be responsible for the riots that would ensue, even though it was Waters who was responsible.”

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz charged that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) was clearly trying to influence the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial when she traveled to Minnesota and said Chauvin should be found guilty

“Even after the (Chauvin) verdict, commentators who applauded the jury gave last year’s riots in American cities the credit for inspiring it. Not the facts. Not the law. But lawless protests. If a large faction of Americans really believe that only mayhem in the streets can guarantee justice in America, then this verdict will mean little and we are in for far more unrest ahead.”
The Wall Street Journal

This trial was a travesty, a kangaroo court, and as a country, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

From the beginning, we had politicians, media hacks, cultural poohbahs, and Twitter twerps demanding a pound of flesh. This was not outrage over a perceived crime – it was a mob interested in scoring points. A literal mob. People burned down the town where it happened. And a lot of other towns.

A fair trial? What a joke. At every point, they stacked the deck. “Due process is apparently a luxury we can’t afford because BLM will get mad,” went the elite’s gutless reasoning. In fact, like free speech and freedom of religion, the right to a fair trial and due process matters most when defending that right is hard.

What happened here?

The judge refused to change the venue. He made the case be tried in a city whose inhabitants set it aflame. Seems legit.

The judge refused to sequester the jury, making them pinkie swear to ignore the Class 5 hurricane of media attention. That’ll work.

The city council decided to settle the wrongful death case right during the trial. What a coinkydink.

Minneapolis’s goofy mayor demanded a conviction. Great.

Minnesota’s governor did too. Awesome

The loathsome Maxine Waters decided to encourage violence if her preferred verdict didn’t come down. Spectacular.

The leftist scumbags did their part, splashing pig’s blood on the house of someone they thought had been a defense witness for the crime of giving testimony the mob disliked. Nothing to see here.

Piled together, this was a towering heap of due process violations that made this trial a farce. Not because of the evidence, but because the establishment decided to tamper with the jury. No, no one overtly told the jurors how they had to vote, but did anyone need to? Do you imagine anyone on that jury was unaware of what was in store for them if they determined the evidence defined the narrative and acquitted?
Columnist Kurt Schlichter

“The best way to show that the jury was not bamboozled into convicting would have been if deliberations had gone on for a few days, if they maybe acquitted on a count, if they made a record where you could say they made a discriminating appraisal of the evidence. The best way for [Derek Chauvin] to show that he might not have gotten due process is a quick verdict with no notes where they just convicted on everything.  And that’s what happened.”
Fox analyst Andy McCarthy

Even though the video of what happened to George Floyd was horrifying and the case became a symbol of racial justice in America, there is zero evidence that the outcome would have been any different if George Floyd had been white.

There was no evidence suggesting that Police Officer Derek Chauvin was motivated by racism. There were no racial comments made on the video. It may well be an example of bad policing. But it is not evidence of racism by law enforcement.
Gary Bauer

No, America’s “very soul” is not on trial.

An individual ex-officer, Chauvin, who is white, stood trial for allegedly murdering an individual suspect, Floyd, who is Black. Nothing more, nothing less. Indeed, the lead prosecution, in his opening statement, stressed that “the Minneapolis police department” is not on trial, just solely this defendant. Furthermore, many studies find cops more hesitant, more reluctant do use deadly force on a Black person than a white person. The facts simply do not bear out the Democrats’ and media narrative of anti-Black police “systemic racism.”
Larry Elder

“A Black teenage girl named Ma’Khia Bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight. Demand accountability. Fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter.”
Valerie Jarrett

“So Valerie Jarrett is upset because a white police officer saved a black woman’s life.”
Todd Starnes

“Law enforcement uses unnecessary force too often, resulting in the death of black and brown Americans.”
Jen Psaki throwing a Chicago police officer under the bus after he shot an armed gang recruit

“White House is repeating the lie that Ma’Khia Bryant was shot by police because she was black. Reality: She was shot because she had a knife and was in the act of attempting to kill another girl. Unbelievable.”
Katie Pavlich

“Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons? Oh, I know when they’ll change. Your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed.”
CNN’s Chris Cuomo

“LeBron James is living on a high horse. He’s in a multimillion-dollar house living around nothing but white people. He is not affected by none of this violence. He could care less. And at the drop of a dime, he will have white officers at his house doing investigations on false claims if there is some.

“LeBron James and these wealthy people like the BLM co-founder living in million-dollar houses, they don’t care. They just want to push a virtue signal because they have nothing better to do. They are not educated enough to look at things from both sides and they continue to want to push a narrative that’s just not true. I really wish they would be held accountable and at least ashamed of what they’re doing to our country.”
Former football player and police officer Brandon Tatum blasted NBA star LeBron James over what he says is his hypocrisy of living in an isolated bubble but pointing the finger at a police officer doing his job. James went viral on Wednesday night after tweeting a photo of the officer involved in the fatal shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, who was reportedly trying to stab another female during a Tuesday altercation.

“I find it hard to believe, and I’m not defending Derek Chauvin in any way, I find it hard to believe, first of all, that he intentionally meant to kill George Floyd. That being said, his actions were uncalled for. I don’t care what color the person is on the street. I don’t know what led to that video that we saw where his knee is on his neck, but the man had thrown in the towel.”
Former Packer Brett Favre

“Are there racists in America? Of course. There are racists in every nation, and there always will be. Racism is a sin. It must be condemned and resisted at every opportunity. But we are the least racist major nation in the world, and certainly the least racist multicultural nation in the world. To its great credit, America has elected a black president and a black vice president. We have a black Supreme Court justice. Many of our major cities have black mayors and police chiefs. Show me the black prime minister of Canada, the black prime minister of Great Britain, the black prime minister of France or the black chancellor of Germany.”
Gary Bauer

“I’d love to see [Rashida Tlaib] resign. I’d throw her a goodbye party. Let her go. … When you talk about abolishing police, incarceration, you talk about safe cities — what do you think the residents in Detroit want?”
Detroit Police Chief James Craig

“The president does not feel that children coming to our border seeking refuge from violence, economic hardships, and other dire circumstances is a crisis.”
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki after Biden finally admitted it’s a border crisis

“The catastrophe now unfolding at our border is a direct result of progressive policies and pronouncements emanating from Democrats in Washington. But Democrats can end this disaster just as quickly as they caused it. All they have to do is reinstate commonsense border enforcement and stop treating U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol as a concierge service for illegal aliens.”
Mike Pence

“We need to start talking about Joe Biden’s border crisis as intent more than incompetence. What we’re seeing now reflects what Democrats believe immigration should be. Open borders. Amnesty. Catch and release. Banning voter ID. They know what they’re doing. This is intentional.”
Mark Meadows

“Despite the talk of a ‘forever war,’ US troops in Afghanistan are not embroiled in warfare. The last American combat death occurred well over a year ago. Only about 3,500 US military personnel are deployed to Afghanistan, and they are involved primarily in training and logistics. Removing those forces will gain America very little. But it will immeasurably benefit the Taliban, who will exult, with reason, at having driven out the Americans.”
Columnist Jeff Jacoby


The Chauvin trial


Democrat-Controlled Cities Having Problems Recruiting People to Join Their Police Force


The Chauvin verdict was correct and just



Week-ends (04/10/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Marjy Stagmeier

Pooja Rai

These young ladies

Colin Clark


WI nursing homes

Joe Biden

Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Robert Manfred


Chicago Teachers Union


“Even though he has not yet announced that he is running, and I certainly hope he does, I am giving my Complete and Total Endorsement to Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. He is brave, he is bold, he loves our Country, our Military, and our Vets. He will protect our Second Amendment, and everything else we stand for. It is the kind of courage we need in the U.S. Senate.  He has no idea how popular he is. Run, Ron, Run!”
President Trump endorsing US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

“Today, we witnessed a blatant overreach and attack on our second amendment rights. The sitting president of the United States of America signed six executive orders aimed at stripping millions of legal gun owners across the country of their sacred, unalienable rights.

“It’s been said time and again – our Second Amendment right to bear arms is the only thing protecting the American people from an overreaching government. Our Constitution is set in stone. You don’t get to pick and choose which sections you adhere to and respect based off of a political agenda, and this bill makes that crystal clear.”
State Senator Mary Felzkowski, a Republican lawmaker out of Tomahawk, is authoring legislation that would make Wisconsin a Second Amendment sanctuary state. The bill would prevent the federal government from confiscating firearms or ammunition which are legally owned and made in Wisconsin. Her announcement came on the same day President Joe Biden announced executive action on gun reform.

“Your sports league might be a little too woke if it will freely do business with Communists in China and Cuba, but boycotts a US state that wants people to show an ID to vote.”
Senator Rand Paul

“[Major League Baseball] ditched Atlanta for a less diverse city in a state that has more restrictive elections over a bill that has a plurality of support.”
Lisa Boothe

“Taking the All-Star game out of Georgia is an easy way to signal virtues without significant financial fallout. But speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party would involve a significant loss of revenue and being closed out of a lucrative market. I am under no illusion that Major League Baseball will sacrifice business revenue on behalf of its alleged corporate values. Similarly, I am under no illusion you intend to resign as a member from Augusta National Golf Club. To do so would require a personal sacrifice, as opposed to the woke corporate virtue signaling of moving the All Star Game from Atlanta.”
Senator Marco Rubio to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred

“Stacey Abrams and the Democrats cost Georgia $100 million in revenue because they complained about something they didn’t read and they said something about it that wasn’t true.”
Senator Rand Paul

“CHALLENGE: Find one Georgia citizen who WANTS to vote, but is thwarted by having no ID. Just one. And if you find one, watch how quickly their problem is solved by volunteers. What we have — in all likelihood — is an imaginary problem, which is fairly normal for us.”
Scott Adams

“Denver’s black population … is somewhere around 9 percent. You want to see a segregated city, come visit Denver. That might be something [MLB Commissioner Rob] Manfred, who runs a league with one black majority owner, might ponder as his limo drives by the blinding whiteness of neighborhoods … on his way from Denver International to downtown. … A new Morning Consult poll shows only 36 percent opposition to the new law. Can you imagine what those polls would look like if most of the media weren’t blatantly lying about the bill 24-7? But Manfred obviously doesn’t care about the lies. He doesn’t care about the fans. He doesn’t care to know anything about the law. He doesn’t care about the black community. If he did, he wouldn’t have moved the game. Rob Manfred, like so many others who wilt at the first sign of left-wing hysterics, is there to protect Rob Manfred.”
David Harsanyi

“Wait until the MLB finds out that the former president of Coors Brewing Company (Coors Field), Joseph Coors, was a Goldwater supporter and helped start the Heritage Foundation.”
Amber Athey

“Delta, Coke, Major League Baseball, they all work in China, a country now committing genocide. What standards do we hold people to?”
NY Times columnist David Brooks

“Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color.”
United Airlines

“I’m excited to never fly an airline that insists on hiring pilots by color rather than skill level. Because I’d be insane to fly an airline that does the opposite.”
Ben Shapiro

“Paid leave is infrastructure. Child care is infrastructure. Caregiving is infrastructure.”
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

“This tweet (Gillibrand’s) sums up the Democrat Party agenda now very well: Obvious falsehoods, repeated with religious zeal, brainwashing the simple to obey the powerful.”
Buck Sexton

“Be careful what you wish for. Everyone thinks they love infrastructure: repairing bridges, roads, tunnels, schools, building out broadband, even investing in new technologies like AI and space and ultra-micro processing and so forth and so on. … President Trump talked about draining the swamp. But President Biden wants to rebuild and reinflate the swamp into a quagmire of central planning.”
Larry Kudlow

“I think the CDC and the Biden administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say, ‘If you are vaccinated, you can do all these things. Here are all these freedoms that you have.’ Because otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway.”
CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen

 “Wokeness is sort of the product of political correctness, and I don’t even understand how people who think logically can not see through what’s being done to divide us. We can’t be destroyed by Russia or China or North Korea or Iran or anyplace. We can only be destroyed by ourselves. And there are those who know that and therefore they plant the seeds of dissension.”
Former HUD Secretary Ben Carson

“It’s really unacceptable that Biden is so obsessed with Trump reversals that he’ll literally put the American public, and these [migrant] kids, at risk the way he is. And then he gives Kamala Harris — apparently, she’s the one in charge. This is the same person who encouraged 7,000 migrants to come to America. She referred to ICE as the KKK. She’s now in charge of this. She’s been missing in action, and God help us if she ever becomes president, because if this is how she handles a crisis, I mean, I just can’t imagine how she would run our country.”
Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley


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