In a split second WISN’s Mark Belling destroys a phony Republican publisher

On his radio program Tuesday NewsTalk 1130 WISN’s Mark Belling called out by name a longtime supposedly Republican media writer in SE Wisconsin.

Belling mentioned him for barely a millisecond, but still managed to totally obliterate the guy, even unintentionally as an afterthought, and rightfully so.

Please follow along.

On his program Belling did a lengthy segment on former US AG Bill Bar ripping President Trump in an interview with the liberal publication “The Atlantic.” In essence Belling hit Barr for being part of the Establishment attempting to resurrect positive standing with the crowd that doesn’t like him. And as Belling pointed out, Barr is far from being alone.

James Wigderson is the editor of the website “Right Wisconsin.” With a title like that one would think the site is Republican-friendly. Wrong.

Wigderson is a phony Republican, a woke Republican, not even close to being conservative. A Never-Trumper and Branch COVIDIAN, Wigderson bends over backwards to find writers to submit pieces to blast Republicans in addition to doing it himself.  Sources at the state Capitol are well aware of his tactics, trying to get GOP legislators and their staffers in hot water, thus alienating himself from folks he should be advocating for. Because of his consistent bricks thrown at the GOP Wigderson’s site has lost a lot of any influence it might have had. I know of no Democrat counterpart that would operate the same way.

Let’s go to Belling.

You need to go to his podcast which isn’t the easiest to navigate. Click and find the link to the 6/29/21 program about Bill Barr.

When you find it, you can scroll on the audio at the bottom of the page to the portion of the program on this segment. I would recommend starting at the 1:15:03 mark. Keep listening to at least the next commercial break. The discussion continues after. Wigderson is mentioned at about 1:23:07 according to my counter.

The point is that even though Wigderson gets the very least bit of attention, Belling’s set-up and consequent commentary likening him to Barr paints him in a very negative light, and I was delighted to hear. Wigderson’s a big jerk.

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