My Most Popular Blogs – The month of June

Here are my most popular blogs from the month of June 2021:

1) UPDATE: Franklin School District Administrator Judy Mueller’s lucrative contract

2) Listen Franklin kids, you better not!

3) Franklin, school is almost over, and you’re still complaining about masks?

4) Franklin Public Schools refuses to address concerns about a teacher’s questionable methods

5) Franklin, you’re joking, right?

6) Today’s highly interesting read (06/04/21): Seriously, Take the Masks Off Kids Now

7) Listen as parents (and their kids) fight for optional masking in Franklin Public Schools, and are blown off

8) Bigger than masks or CRT…or, why the Franklin Public Schools can’t be trusted, Part One

9) Franklin’s latest, greatest marketing achievement

10) CRT UPDATE (06/10/21)

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