Led by Alderwoman Wilhelm, Franklin gambles on a state grant to fund ballyhooed road extension, and loses

Today was a very bad day for Franklin Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm. Franklin’s queen bee, the omnipotent, all-knowing, never incorrect brainiac, Kristen Wilhelm.

The alderwoman is now in a desperate attempt to be christened “Franklin’s Heroine of the Year” by going so far as to use local Boy Scouts and their parents to support her plan to extend a local road, Marquette Avenue to an elementary school stupidly located in a heavy residential area. Yet despite a proposal that everyone who has stated anything publicly about it has expressed approval, the Franklin Common Council last month as I reported rejected Wilhelm.

What Wilhelm clearly demonstrated at that meeting is she doesn’t understand the major stumbling point, or care, or both. No one, including her, knows how to pay for the road extension. That’s a big deal, but Wilhelm foolishly said out loud that Franklin has the money or could find it. You see, there hasn’t been a tax or spending increase Wilhelm hasn’t gone hog nuts over. Even the people that live on the affected road don’t want that, a though oblivious to the alderwoman suffering from tunnel vision.

When Wilhelm’s ill-fated resolution was dumped last month she did get the Common Council to agree with her on a new tactic. Hey, maybe the state will approve a grant we applied for to help finance the project. OK, the council responded. Let’s wait to see what happens with the grant and then go from there.

Wilhelm posted online two projects Franklin had submitted for state grants.

By Wilhelm’s own admission, the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation Multimodal Local Supplement program received 1,596 grant applications in competition for the available $75M.

Nearly 1,600 projects were applied for. But only 152 received awards.

Can you imagine the lefty Wilhelm’s deep despair and frustration when her beloved Tony Evers announced today that she was a loser?

Wilhelm’s strategy was flawed on a few counts.

The odds were clearly against her and Franklin. Just consider the numbers.

If the road extension was so important, then why include a second Franklin project that would only compete against it, further reducing your odds.

And even if Franklin had secured the grant it wouldn’t be enough to finance the project.

So now what, all-knowing Kristen? Rabbits left in hat? Will the Boy Scouts come to the realization you sold them a bill of goods? That they were hoodwinked?

Finally, Kristen, the sad reality is you’re no…

No photo description available.

3 thoughts on “Led by Alderwoman Wilhelm, Franklin gambles on a state grant to fund ballyhooed road extension, and loses

  1. The extension of the road is fine by me if the developers, who will benefit from it, will step up and pay for the total cost.


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