In the wacky world of Franklin politics, crazy stuff happens.

You could explain it to friends and their response would be, “No way. You’re pulling my leg. You’re making that up.”

For example, the same city that taxes its residents annually to death, that spends too much, that scams homeowners with exorbitant property reassessments, and that couldn’t find a way to fund important police and fire protection so it went to a botched public survey that resulted in a failed referendum,  still breathlessly and shamelessly went public in 2018 claiming City Hall needed a new costly roof.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the roof issue:

  • The Franklin Common Council met in early October to consider doing what they do best: spend money.
  • On the agenda:  spending money to remodel Franklin’s City Hall
  • The timing: The vote came after,
  1. The mayor announced a property tax increase in his proposed budget and,
  2. The Common Council ruled in favor of a November referendum to add police officers because it couldn’t find a way to budget for those officers.
  • The Common Council tied on a vote to choose the most expensive remodel option.
  • Mayor Olson broke the tie with a “yes” vote.

Of course the mayor broke the tie. He also broke a tie to spend money on designing a new roundabout near the high school ( see our previous TOP TEN story).

Erik Hanley of was at the Common Council meeting and committed as Charlie Sykes used to say,  “a flagrant act of journalism” by reporting on what actually happened. This of course rankled some folks at City Hall who don’t like transparency, that is the public knowing what they do. In this particular case that would be the mayor.

Hanley posted his article on the Franklin Area Community Facebook page. That also upset the mayor who ironically loves social media, but apparently not so much when his ox is being gored.

We’ll get to the mayor’s reaction, but here’s a sampling of the comments left on that Franklin Facebook page. Before you read further make sure you read Hanley’s article.

Now to the Facebook comments.

Adding insult to injury.

Oak Creek official takes shot at Franklin

It’s bad enough that when it comes to economic growth Franklin is eating Oak Creek’s dust.  Then a Franklin controversy erupts and an Oak Creek official piles on.

In case you missed this it appeared in late October in the South Now insert in the Journal Sentinel paper:

Dear Editor

I was a little surprised to see Franklin officials willing to spend a million dollars to “beautify” their city hall, when they have just spent several years and a bundle of money to prevent the Oak Creek Water facility from upgrading the water plant.

That upgrade would have allowed the plant to meet state Department of Natural Resources requirements and improve reliability by replacing equipment  that is beyond its life expectancy and for which repair parts are no longer available.

They were assured there would be no increase in rates due to this project, but that made no difference. I guess it’s different when the shoe is on the other foot.

Gerald Wille
Oak Creeek Water Commissioner


Some background on the issue.

Franklin powers that be couldn’t find the means to hire police and fire. Wanna bet they get their roof?

A final note: One of the biggest laughs of 2018 reported by

Mayor Steve Olson countered, saying the city has a reputation for being frugal


1) ?
2) ?
3) ?
4) ?
5) Police? No. A remodeled City Hall? YES
6) Like it or not Franklin, you’re getting another roundabout
7) Franklin OKs K4
8) Franklin fights but loses on Dark Store loophole
9) Finally Franklin admits they’ve got a developer problem
10) Fun, Fun, Fun in Franklin


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