Franklin school district and others are breaking state law

Wisconsin law prohibits school districts from lobbying for positive votes for a school referendum.

School districts like Franklin get around the law by  neglecting to use the words, “Vote Yes” in all their referendum communications.  In all their communications they come as close as possible to urging a YES vote without using their actual terminology VOTE YES.

They think they’re slick, but they’re violating state law.

Recently I received a flyer in the mail with the Franklin Saber colors telling everything why the school district thought a YES vote was necessary without actually using the words VOTE YES.

Do they think we’re stupid? Yes they do.

They have actually spent taxpayer money to try to persuade a YES vote.

In June I asked Franklin School Board President Janet Evans how much it cost to send out surveys on the referendum that clearly were designed to find the most favorable results. Here’s what she wrote:

Dear Mr. Fischer,

Below are the costs for the survey to gather community input regarding the possibility of moving forward with the next phase of the District’s Facilities Master Plan, which addresses Forest Park Middle School.

The cost of printing the surveys was $3,510 and the cost of creating the survey, administering the survey online as well as paper copies, and providing the results was $9,800.



Janet M. Evans

Franklin Board of Education, President


I thought Janet Evans would be the one voice to vote NO about placing the referendum on the November ballot.  I was wrong.

On Tuesday’s program WISN’s Mark Belling, though focused on Oconomowoc, discussed the school referendum con job in Wisconsin. Listen to the entire podcast but pay especial attention to the 5:00 mark. I urge you to listen ASAP because this link could disappear soon.

Sadly, Franklin and other school districts will fool and screw many taxpayers by skirting around state law. None will have the guts to respond or defend their actions.

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