Franklin Superintendent Patz, your nose is growing

Franklin voters will decide on Election Day the merits of a huge $43 million referendum that would build a brand new middle school.

“Shall the Franklin Public School District, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin be authorized to issue pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $43,300,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of constructing a new middle school on District land; tearing down Forest Park Middle School; site improvements; and acquisition of equipment, furnishings and fixtures?” questioned Franklin school superintendent Steve Patz with an apparent inquiry about the school district’s motives.

“In no way have we gone out there to try to sway voters,” said Patz. “Our intent, which I believe we followed, is to communicate why we’re going to referendum, and that’s it.”

That’s downright laughable. And insulting.

Anyone who reads the school district propaganda about the referendum  can plainly see that it is obviously promoting and seeking a YES vote. Such a practice is in violation of state law, though nothing will come of it.

But please. Let’s not try to publicly mislead the voters. The referendum may, indeed, pass. But everyone knows school district folks are the referendum’s biggest cheerleaders.

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