Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #56: The final reason: For me, it’s personal


I first met Rebecca back when she was a TV news anchor and reporter for WISN-TV in Milwaukee. But I really developed a collaboration and yes, friendship with her when I worked with her and Governor Walker during their administration. I was the Public Information Officer at WHEDA, the state housing authority, and worked on numerous projects with both Scott and Rebecca, too many to mention here.

I recall during my years at WHEDA being invited via a working collaboration to be a quest at a convention luncheon at the Wisconsin Club by a national volunteer organization. Rebecca was the keynote speaker in a jam packed ballroom.

At my table of about 10-12 I was the lone guest from Wisconsin. Others were spread out from the Midwest, and I’m not just talking Illinois or Michigan.

Prior to Rebecca’s speech we all got to know one another and it became clear I was the only Badger at the table.

Rebecca spoke and as usual electrified her audience. She always lights up a room and this was no exception.

At one point during her speech one of the gentlemen about three seats down from my table, and  he was from a distant Midwestern state that I can’t remember, looked over at me during Rebecca’s applause and asked, “This is your lieutenant governor? “ When I affirmed he immediately responded, “I wish she was in our state!”

I know Rebecca. Very well. And she’s the real deal. No one has outworked her during this campaign. She had all specific answers on every issue. And no one will outwork her as governor. I have the utmost confidence that she will be an outstanding governor.

Please join me in voting for her today.


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