Franklin resident has excellent perspective on flawed aldermanic candidate

The reference is to a truly horrible candidate:

Seen on Facebook:

This candidate claims to be running on a platform of Quality, Integrity and the Community.

Let’s break that down for a moment from this voter’s perspective.

Quality – can’t even run a quality campaign . Supporters are Illegally stuffing mailboxes with hit price campaign materials. The campaign is sending mailers to homes in the wrong district and posting signs in wrong districts….if this is his idea of quality, No Thank You!

Integrity – According to court records Rivera has lost in small claims court multiple times as a result of not paying multiple financial obligations with multiple creditors as well as a foreclosure. If he doesn’t have the responsibility to handle his own finances or integrity to live up to his own financial obligations do you really want him making decisions with your tax dollars? This is a problem for me based on the millions of dollars of in tax money he would have influence over.

The Community – this candidate has spent quite a bit of time as a drain on community resources with multiple run ins with the law. He has also been a drain on community resources with his participation as a founding member of an organization that is suing the city of Franklin. To claim you are all about your community and then to rally vegan groups and others from outside to protest a local business and progress doesn’t add up.

The vote in District 5 Tuesday is for Mike Barber.

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