Our daughter Kyla, the amazing Byrne Brothers, and John Denver

Our 12-year old daughter Kyla, the Irish dancer, had the good fortune of meeting the internationally famous Byrne Brothers this past August at the Irish Fest in La Crosse, WI.

They met up again a week later at Milwaukee’s Irish Fest. Kyla and many of her Irish dancing friends from the Franklin-based Glencastle Irish Dancers teamed up to dance  in front of the stage during a Byrne Brothers show at the Summerfest Grounds.

No description available.

When Kyla suffered an injury while at dance a few weeks later the band sent wishes to Kyla from the stage.

During their shows in Wisconsin in August the Byrne Brothers snuck in a popular song by the late John Denver. Don’t have a video from Wisconsin, but check this out from January of this year in Florida.

I’ll be honest, because, well, I always am.

What in the world is that song doing in this show? After all, none of the kids were around when that song was first released, and grew in popularity, and grew, and grew. So, how come?

After watching CBS News this morning (12/26/21) I now get it.

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