Milwaukee loves transit boondoggles

A Streetcar experience with Milwaukee in mind | The Milwaukee Independent

Long before I worked for 15 years for the WI state Senate it was well known that there was a strong anti-Milwaukee bias in the Legislature.

There was no jealousy or animosity and certainly no racism involved. But it’s extremely difficult to persuade out-state legislators located in distant regions of Wisconsin to pledge support and tax dollars to a place notorious for wasting cash by throwing it down a rathole.

A rather blatant example is in order.

From a blog I wrote in the summer of 2016.

Fast forward to last Thursday, June 10, 2021. Officials were in total glee at the groundbreaking ceremony.

At the same time of the ceremony where money-grubbing folks were ecstatic over more spending for a project that could easily bomb news broke that the novelty over Tom Barrett’s hoped-for legacy, the streetcar, had worn off, big time. An outstanding piece by Fox 6 News…

History says the BRT could easily suffer the same fate as the streetcar.

Taxpayers be damned.

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