Guest Blog: Black Lives Matter? Tommy Thompson Can Make them Matter

Black Lives Matter? Tommy Thompson Can Make them Matter
By Guest Blogger Bob Dohnal
Publisher Wisconsin Conservative Digest

We are not going to get into the debate about Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter, Granny’s life matters, but zero in on the problem.

I love black people to work with. We, society, have shown that low expectations of our inner city kids has failed them.  Society has felt that they cannot succeed, so they do not.

When my daughter Darcie was in Grade School, she was rather disconnected, even though we thought she was very smart, got low grades.  While pushing her one time to study, she told me: “maybe I am just not that smart”. We disagreed.  Later she went on to become an Olympic Silver Medalist and an MD. So much for smart.

I have been lucky, all my life, to work in the pharmacy. We work with all races nationalities, sexes etc. and have really profited from it, because of our interactions with all kinds of people.

We have seen the mothers of inner city kids be just as concerned about their kids as any of our friends over the years.

That is why Tommy Thompson and Jim Sensenbrenner developed Chapter 220, open enrollment, choice; all fought against by the Dems/Left. Their concern was for their unions, about money, power and bennies, rather than the school kids.

In 1974, when assisting Bill Dyke for governor, we developed a plan to bust up MPS into 18 parts, to let the neighborhoods run their own schools. The teachers union ran MPS, along with the Left, the administration, and local politicos.  They failed the kids for the last 60 years or more.

WE pushed Chapter 220, open enrollment and choice. The Left opposed all of them. Kids cannot read, yet the Left still goes on to battle these programs that we pushed to help kids and parents.

Watch every year at budget time what is yelled about by the Left: Money, more money, more money.  Ever hear anyone talk about leadership and programs for the kids?

That is why we do not believe that the racists are on the conservative side. They are actually in the belly of the Left, who are the Urban Progressives that ripped the Dem party from the Blue Collar families of this country.

We know that the conservatives work for the kids. Tommy and Trump believe in these kids and so do we.  Kids are kids. They want to absorb education so we must give it to them. Around the world they teach kids far poorer than those in the inner city of Milwaukee, the 8th most violent city in the country.

The Left has failed our kids. Now we see the crazy wild eyed Left take over Tosa schools and build brick monuments for $314 million dollars in the way of new buildings but fail to teach the kids. Tosa has fallen from top 3 in area to 33rd or lower in Metro area. How many programs will need to be cut to pay off these loans?
The Left is far more interested in indoctrinating the kids to Left wing politics and spending more money on education then getting the job done. We had better results academically, with one room schools, than 12 districts in Wisconsin do now.

Why has the Left failed these kids?  Because they do not care about the kids. Only 54% of the money in education now goes to the class rooms.  They only care about their votes so they keep them penned up in the inner city and demagogue them into voting for them with lies.

The Real RACISTS are those that rule the LEFT wing cities and states. They know that if these kids get jobs, education and think for themselves, they will lose their votes and it would be the trash bins for the Left.

To get kids out of the ghettos, they need education and jobs and the Left failed them on both counts.

Look at all the cities and states that are run by the Left.  What do they have in common?  Poor managers, leaders, crime, drugs, human trafficking, lousy schools, national disgraces.

Arne Duncan called MPS a disgrace.  The Left and Tom Barrett did not care. Just keep on building toys like trolleys and Forums.

What do they want?  More money for their left wing programs and more money to the administration like in Tosa, but not to the kids.  A child is terrible thing to waste. That is why we are so happy that Tommy is now the top dog in education in Wisconsin.

Tommy will come down to these schools, churches  and energize the kids, the families, to learn to read, push for excellence, opportunity, show the kids freedom to become what they want, education to get out of the ghetto, and give everyone equality.

The Left has badly failed hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin kids in 12 districts and Evers was in charge of it all.

The news media has failed us.  Although the Journal has run lots of columns by Alan Borsuk, which I read, nothing ever happens.


MPS is third rail in Wisconsin politics.  Alberta Darling and Dale Kooyenga introduced a very modest bill to push for MPS improvement and it was killed, exactly what I told them would happen.  The Left, teachers union, administration, unions, Barrett do not want change. They want votes and if the kids can read they would never vote for them.

As Charles Barkley has said: “We were poor 50 years ago, we voted for Dems and we are still poor”.  Trump could fix that but they are scared to death he might. Now the conservatives must take the lead and fix the education for these kids, pushing aside the Left, if we have to do so.


That is why we are so excited about Tommy.  He inspires people to achieve.  He, like many of us, came from the farms, started by their forefathers in the 1850s, and did not have inside toilets till early 1950’s.  They showed us all how to achieve and solve problems. We all need people to lead that can solve problems, not with slogans, but with action. Tommy is all action. He has more good ideas in one day then most of us have in a lifetime, so let us get going.


The road will be rough just like Trump has in DC, because there are lots of people that are more concerned with themselves than with the kids.

WSJournal 6/22/20: Power of Personal Agency by Ian Rowe who writes:

“Our mission is to empower students we educate, most of whom are inner city, and low income homes. We want them to become whatever they want to be, regardless of the actions of any oppressive majority. And the black men who are succeeding in the U.S. are disproportionately likely to have done three things: graduated from college or served in the military, found full-time work and married.

There are pathways to power for young black people. That’s why our nation’s educators must help black girls and boys cultivate a sense of personal agency and convince them that their deliverance is determined more by their own actions than by the incantations of a newly enlightened majority.”


We know that kids can learn. Charter schools were set up and are very successful in doing that. Manhattan Charter School is doing that.  Predominantly Black and Hispanic kids are doing better than public school kids and beating schools where kids are in far higher income bracket.  They’re a huge threat to the Left Wing dogmas of education.

In New York, teaching in the same building, the charter school kids wipe out the public school kids achieving proficient levels of 81 to 100%  The Left, the unions, the teachers are fighting these charter schools.  Deblasio attempts to wipe them out. They do not care about kids. Save the kids and our future.

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