Are local school districts as smart as a restaurant owner?

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Shortly after 12 noon today the Packing House posted on their Facebook page:

Out of concern for the safety of our staff and customers, The Packing House Restaurant will be closed Monday, January 28—thank you for your understanding and be safe in the coming snowstorm & please look out for your elderly family members, friends and neighbors tomorrow and during the very cold weather ahead!

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Meanwhile as of this posting, This Just In from our schools…


Silencio.  Including here in Franklin where the school intelligentsia waited until 5:50 one morning this past week to officially notify folks school was off. They were not pleased. From Facebook:

Ugh so ridiculous with more snow coming. Sad that student safety is not a priority in Franklin

Why are the schools not closed Today! It is -6 degrees without the wind chill! Wake up smell the coffee!

Why? There is a winter storm WARNING kids are safer at home today. You canceled events last night when the snow first started, but now when they warn about slick roads and freezing ice you want them in class.
Roads are going to continue to get worse. This is truly unreal!

I don’t want to send my son out in this.

Franklin Public Schools: You need to announce your decisions by five in the morning. Also, when the roads are very icy with more snow coming the decision to close schools should’ve been a no brainer. Don’t just follow MPS use your common sense…

When I went there we had snow days all the time….now they refuse to think of the safety of kids and teachers and bus drivers!! why?? I seriously hope no serious accidents occur… sister is a teacher and a few years ago they had bad snow storm and the district let kids stay home but not teachers….one of the teachers died in a car accident driving to school

Our kids bus fishtailed 3 times just going 2 miles to school.

Franklin Public School District what the heck, what’s your reasoning for staying open when everyone else is closed?

Roads must be magically better there?

The email said they won’t be marked tardy, maybe I will drop them off at 3:15 if the roads are better by then 🙄 it is not as simple as saying keep your kids home – – that’s asking them to fall behind other students who to go to school. For the sake of safety they should’ve canceled school – – and they should’ve announced a decision by 5 o’clock in the morning.

Haha what a joke, you guys obviously don’t care about the safety of students 😂

Buses were two hours late. I’m sure they will be open tomorrow also in the bitter cold.

Why are schools open today when MPS is closed. Get your heads on straight. This is putting kids at risk.


UPDATE: This afternoon Franklin announced it was closing Monday. No repeat of the earlier fiasco of waiting until 5:50 a.m. the day of. Wise decision by Franklin and many other districts.



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