Recommended Reading (11/26/16)

Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree with the author).

Sorry Liberals, But Wisconsin’s Results Were Not “Rigged”

What’s the old saying again?

“There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

That appears to be true for computer science as well. University of Michigan Statistics Professor J. Alex Halderman is a celebrated professor in the world of statistics and computer sciences. He is also, apparently, a complete liberal loon who can’t get past the fact that states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Be Thankful for Trump’s Presidency

To my liberal and Democratic Party friends (not always one and the same), please enjoy the freedom you have to protest and fear the unknown that is President-elect Trump.

While Trump tweets and Vice-President-elect Mike Pence demonstrates calm maturity,

political opponents from “Saturday Night Live” to MSNBC, from the Broadway stage to the streets of Portland, all have the freedom to freak out, cry, pout and insult them in a variety of fashions, from rude and crude to self-aggrandizing.

Liberal professor: The End of Identity Liberalism

Hillary Clinton was at her best and most uplifting when she spoke about American interests in world affairs and how they relate to our understanding of democracy. But when it came to life at home, she tended on the campaign trail to lose that large vision and slip into the rhetoric of diversity, calling out explicitly to African-American, Latino, L.G.B.T. and women voters at every stop. This was a strategic mistake. If you are going to mention groups in America, you had better mention all of them. If you don’t, those left out will notice and feel excluded.

Many in Milwaukee Neighborhood Didn’t Vote — and Don’t Regret It

At Upper Cutz, a bustling barbershop in a green-trimmed wooden house (in Milwaukee, WI), talk of politics inevitably comes back to one man: Barack Obama. Mr. Obama’s elections infused many here with a feeling of connection to national politics they had never before experienced. But their lives have not gotten appreciably better, and sourness has set in.

I Voted for Trump. It’s Time My Alma Mater Became More Diverse.

The day after the election, you responded by literally sitting on the ground and crying. What is worse is that student funds were used to provide said students with hot chocolate and coloring supplies. This is not what adulthood looks like.

Don’t Cry For the First Woman Almost-president

What people should have been telling their daughters, if they wanted them to grow up to understand anything, is that Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the election because life is unfair. She lost it because she had more baggage than the carousel at a major airport, a paranoid streak that rivaled the one last seen in Richard M. Nixon, and a sense of entitlement, encouraged by her fans and her supportive if often unfaithful husband—a set of liabilities that vastly exceeded her skills.

America’s real hate-crime epidemic is killing cops

When police officers doing their duty aren’t safe, then no one is.

It’s Time for School Carry

There is no rational justification for continuing banning guns on school grounds. More than 300,000 Wisconsinites are licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Tens of thousands carry a weapon every day. Despite the dire warnings of opponents of the Second Amendment, Wisconsin has not turned into the Wild West and neither has any other state that permits concealed carry.

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