Is Franklin anti-senior?

One might certainly come to that conclusion as of late.

Our mayor fanned the flames recently when he bashed memory care senior housing coming to Ballpark Commons. His remarks led to more negative reaction on social media.

Apparently seniors don’t go to ballgames, go shopping, make retail purchases, ever leave their homes, or pay enough taxes.

One person sarcastically wrote it’s water and cat food for Franklin’s elderly.

Their very existence in our city is now being used as ammunition for a possible referendum on emergency services where beleaguered Franklin taxpayers will be asked AGAIN to up their own property taxes.

In response to all this I was struck and very impressed with these sentiments posted by an older Franklin resident.

I have read many of the replies to the survey for a possible increase in police and emergency personel. As I read between the lines i get the feeling that many Franklin citizens feel Senior, i.e. 55 and over apartments, and assisted living facilities are the primary reason for a possible increase in police and EMT’s.  

May i remind some of you that the generation currently at the “top of the pyramid”, i.e. the BABY BOOMER Generation which i am a part is what has been defined as the primary reason for a possible increase in personel. This may be hard to imagine, BUT everyone is getting older, even the youngest person to leave a comment on this site will eventually grow old and may need the assistance from the police or emt’s.  

Where would you suggest those of us who chose to downsize from larger homes to apartment living, those of us who made a choice to move to Franklin live? Remember this, aging can sometimes = need for assistance BUT when we are not draining the coffers of the EMT’s and police department we are spending $$ LOTS OF $$ in this community. if we feel as though we are not wanted because we drive the speed limit, we don’t use 51st street like a race track, we don’t commit crime, or play loud music at all hours of the day and night, etc, etc, etc,…..our biggest crime is that we have grown older and made a choice to live in what we thought was a welcoming community. 

 I don’t feel very welcomed right now. I get the feeling that only young, upwardly mobile families are welcome in Franklin. if you are old, or might need help from the police or emt’s FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO LIVE, but of course, drive to Franklin, spend $$ and of course, have a GREAT DAY!

Perfectly stated.

Today’s highly interesting read (07/12/18): The rescue of the Thai cave boys is a triumph of bravery, expertise and love

Image: Thailand Cave RescueRescue teams gathered in a deep cave on June 25, 2018, where 12 boys and their soccer coach went missing in Chang Rai, northern Thailand. The group went missing after exploring the cave on June 23. Monsoon flooding cut off their escape and prevented rescuers from finding them for almost 10 days. The only way to reach them was by navigating dark and tight passageways filled with muddy water and strong currents.  Photo: Krit Promsakla Na Sakolnakorn / Thai News Pix via AP

Today’s read is from Suzanne Moore, a columnist for the Guardian. Here’s a brief portion:

God knows, I am in bits and overawed at this rescue effort – at the pure unflashy heroism of these divers.

To be trapped underground as dark water rises is the stuff of nightmares. To enter willingly into these cavities and squeeze through in order to take in food and medicine and finally to free these boys is courageous beyond belief.

You can read the entire column here.


Roe vs. Wade: What if?

I am pro-life.  Our society is MURDERING helpless children!

A lot of folks ( I know some of them) are downright giddy at the prospect of:

1) Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed.

2) Roe vs. Wade being overturned.

Personally, I believe #1 will definitely happen. But I don’t think #2 will.

But for the sake of discussion let’s assume #2 does take place. Abortion doesn’t simply disappear. The matter then goes to the individual states to decide whether they allow or ban.

That means some states might okay while others might not. Under that scenario traveling from one state to another isn’t that difficult if someone really wants an abortion that bad.

What about the states that would opt to ban abortions if Roe Vs. Wade is overturned? How many might that be?

The possible answer is here.

FLASHBACK: Franklin is a retail sieve

The SURPRISE SURPRISE arrival of an emergency services survey in Franklin mailboxes requesting, in essence, a property tax increase has led to, for the most part, decent discussion on social media.

Some who’ve commented have appropriately written, hey, you want more of my money, how about attracting more businesses to Franklin to create jobs and a larger tax base.

Some examples:

Amazon is looking at a spot in Oak Creek for a facility larger than in Kenosha. Oak Creek says they have two other large companies looking at that land off Ryan. Why can’t we get businesses like that to help with our taxes?

It does seem like all of the other surrounding cities are making more of an effort to bring in businesses and new ideas then Franklin is, when Franklin should be. We just moved here from Florida , and when we drive around it looks like other cities are trying a lot harder to refresh, update, and keep new parts of their communities. When I drive through Franklin it seems like we’re just comfortable being Franklin.

Legitimate responses.

An old blog of mine is still timely today and sadly demonstrates that in four years, nothing has changed.

Today’s highly interesting read (07/11/18): Wisconsin Democrats fear another debacle in November


Tammy Baldwin
Tammy Baldwin waves to supporters after her victory speech Tuesday, November 6, 2012, in Madison. Baldwin beat former WI Governor Tommy Thompson for the U.S. Senate. Photo: AP/Andy Manis

POLITICO, not exactly a conservative publication, is the source of today’s read and it’s a bit of a shocker.

Both parties say liberal Sen. Tammy Baldwin is the front-runner in Wisconsin’s Senate race. Don’t tell that to Baldwin.

It’s an unusual message for any candidate, but the liberal Democrat from Wisconsin is sounding the alarm. Sen. Tammy Baldwin wants everyone to know she could lose.

Read the entire piece here.