Today’s highly interesting read (01/14/21): Capitol Protesters Speak Out

Pro-Trump protesters make their way to the US Capitol building where lawmakers gathered to certify the 2020 presidential election results.

Today’s read is from John Daniel Davidson, the Political Editor at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Texas Monthly, The Guardian, First Things, the Claremont Review of Books, The LA Review of Books, and elsewhere. Here’s an excerpt:

In the wake of the U.S. Capitol riot during a Donald Trump rally, corporate media won’t talk to the protesters or try to understand their point of view. So I did.

Read the entire column here.

Dear Franklin school board candidates, here’s what I’d like

The current Franklin school board (above)

I’ve heard there are as many as six (6) candidates running for the Franklin School Board. Awesome. Any type of scare we can throw into the lazy, much too comfortable incumbents is fine with me.

NOTE to new candidates: You will be approached by a reporter lacking creativity from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asking the weak, predictable question:

Why are you running and what do you hope to achieve?

I’ve lived in Franklin since 1992. Every damn answer to that same damn question has been the same. It goes like this. Imagine the wimpiest voice possible.

I will strive to improve the quality of education in education while protecting the district’s taxpayers.

Excuse me but what the hell specifically does that mean?

Besides, even if the generic response is meant to be sincere, it’s not, at least 50% of it. I’ve yet to meet a school board member in this or any other school district that is taxpayer-friendly and fiscally responsible.

So what do I want from Franklin’s array of school board candidates:

1) Spare me the platitudes of a phony pledge to any reporter, especially if it lacks specifics.

2) Develop and maintain a strong attitude that you and your fellow board members DO NOT work for the school district administration. It’s the other way around, a concept that is foreign to every school board since I’ve lived here.

3) And above all, be fiscally responsible. The taxpayers have historically been very generous to the schools. You need to pull in the reins. The schools are the #1 source of property tax revenue in this city. It’s a lot, and it’s obscene. Enough.

Finally, personally, I’d be happy if all the incumbents would be ousted.

The young woman wanted me to like her

Here she is.

Image may contain: 1 person, selfie and closeup

Earlier today she reached out to me. The woman is running for school board and asked if I would like her election Facebook page.

Haven’t done it yet but from what little I’ve read she’s definitely worth consideration.

BTW, her name is Kate Garza and she lives in Hudson, WI, more than 300 miles away.

So far I’ve not heard from any FRANKLIN school board candidates.

Today’s highly interesting read (01/13/21): Teachers Unions Fail Science

65 percent of teachers, principals, and district leaders surveyed by the EdWeek Research Center said school buildings should remain closed to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Today’s read is from well-known journalist John Stossel. Here’s an excerpt:

Is your child’s school open now?

Probably not — because teachers unions say that reopening would “put their health and safety at risk.” They keep schools closed by lobbying and protesting.

But schools rarely spread COVID-19. Studies on tens of thousands of people found “no consistent relationship between in-person K-12 schooling and the spread of the coronavirus.” Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, encouraged schools to reopen, saying “close the bars and keep the schools open.”

Yet, the teachers unions keep winning. They will win more now that Democrats control the federal government.

Read the entire column here.

Mask Mandates Not Stopping CCP Virus Surge

Why are 'Karens' so angry? - MarketWatch

Here in Franklin where I live, God’s country as I like to call it, we have at least a half dozen social media chat forums.

One of them is dominated by a hard, hateful lefty bunch that rarely for a Franklin site ever posts about Franklin. Except when it’s to rip any effort to grow the city and/or those who support such a positive concept.

Like liberals in general they’re a sad, sorry lot that more often than not is unhappy. They dislike you, they dislkike you, and most of the time they dislike themselves.

As mentioned Franklin is their not their priority. Blast Trump, for sure. But their main focus is excessive COVID fear mongering.  Karens? Are you kidding? More like KARENs.

You will die. You need to wear a mask. You will need to stay home, always. Everything must be closed. God bless our lockdown governor.

The new president? He wants to shut down all of America? God bless him, too.

All of this is idiocy. Completely nuts. Consider masks.

“Masks by themselves do not prevent anything. The best practice is to make sure you’re washing your hands and staying physically distant from someone.  Masks can certainly help. If you are asymptomatic and you might have the chance of impacting somebody else by being too close to them. Certainly they can help but this is not the only way this can spread and it’s not the only way to prevent spreading it.

“By and large there are far, far, far many things that people do that are a little bit riskier when they’re wearing masks because they forget about washing their hands or they get hot so they pull it down or pull it up, or they wear it around their ear or take it off with their hands and then lick their hand, all sorts of things that you’re not thinking about because you think the mask keeps me safe.”

Franklin’s Director of Health and Human Services Courtney Day at a July 2020 meeting of the Franklin Common Council.

Masks are not miracle workers. The KARENS here in Franklin are so frightful they don’t and will never understand. From a recent study:

While mask-wearing can help to reduce transmission of COVID-19, data show that mask mandates in the U.S. and other countries did not prevent a surge of cases.

During the U.S. surge in the fall, 97 of the 100 counties with the most confirmed cases had either a county-level mask mandate, a state-level mandate, or both.

Read about it here.

Today’s highly interesting read (01/12/21): Cops, Kids, Reporters & Activists Were Murdered As Democrats Incited 2020 Riots

A Minneapolis Police officer stands near a structure fire, Saturday, May 30, 2020, in Minneapolis. Protests continued following the death of George Floyd, who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

A Minneapolis police officer stands near a structure fire, Saturday, May 30, 2020, in Minneapolis. Protests continued following the death of George Floyd, who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day.  Photo: Julio Cortez, Associated Press

Today’s read is from Raheem Kassam, the Editor-in-Chief of the National Pulse, and former senior advisor to Brexit leader Nigel Farage. Here’s an excerpt:

The same media and Hollywood collective that derided American police in 2020 is now flooding the airwaves with their crocodile tears about the police who were on the front lines against trouble-making demonstrators at the nation’s Capitol.

Even one dead is too many, especially during what are supposed to be peaceful protests. Everyone responsible for murder should be held to account. But that’s not what happened in 2020, while Democratic Party politicians encouraged their supporters to continue their violent protests while the media called them “mostly peaceful.”

Read the entire column here.

The latest pro-life news (01/11/21)


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This week’s Monday update from Pro-Life WI.

From WRTL:  Update on WI abortion numbers.

After Georgia Senate Setbacks, the Pro-Life Movement Prepares to Play Defense.

Anti-abortion faith leaders support use of COVID-19 vaccines.

GREAT ARTICLE: Pro-Life Democrat Lipinski Reflects on How Party Has Changed.

PHOTO: The WI State Journal has published the newspaper’s top photos of 2020. Here’s one of them.

Dr. Jennifer Kwon, a pediatric neurologist, tests 7-week-old Piper Droessler’s strength at UW Hospital in Madison, Wis., Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. Born to Caiti and Ben Droessler (background), the Platteville baby was the first child in Wisconsin identified through newborn screening to have spinal muscular atrophy, a potentially fatal muscle wasting disease. She was also the state’s first such baby to receive a gene therapy thought to be a cure. Photo: AMBER ARNOLD, STATE JOURNALAMBER ARNOLD, STATE JOURNAL


‘Random Acts of Flowers’ Brings Smiles to Patients.

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Today’s highly interesting read (01/11/21): Ignoring the concerns of Trump supporters will destroy America

Today’s read is from journalist Jason Whitlock, an African-American. here’s an excerpt, then the entire column.

I guess I should apologize for not joining the rest of the media in feigning outrage and calling for the trespassers (at the Capitol) to be tried for treason. But I’m neither outraged nor feeling vengeful because of their act of civil disobedience.

Trump supporters will not go away quietly or peacefully. It’s their country, too. Their concerns are legitimate. The lawmakers they chased to the basement of the Capitol sold out the American working-class man and woman.

Trumpism is the cry of American citizens uninterested in adopting the cultures and customs of France, China, Italy, Cuba, Venezuela, Canada, or any of the other places global elites romanticize. Trumpism is the cry of the working class who believe the Big Tech billionaires are building an America that cuts them out of the American Dream. Trumpism is the cry of Americans who value authenticity over the fraudulence of political correctness.

Read it all here.