TV MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Satan’s School For Girls

Throughout October I’ve been posting videos of old made for TV movies by ABC-TV broadcast in the early 70’s.  These were well-done suspense thrillers.

Tonight marks the final installment and its apropos on this Halloween. A young woman investigating her sister’s suicide at a private girls’ school finds herself battling a Satanic cult. Two future Charlie’s Angels face the devil himself.

Originally broadcast on September 19, 1973.

TV MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Scream of the Wolf

This month I’m having some Halloween fun by posting some old 1970’s made for TV movies that aired on ABC-TV.

Low-budget? Campy? Yes.

Horrifying? Thrilling? Daring stories? Well-done? Good actors and actresses? Also yes.

Our next feature…

Produced by Dan Curtis who gave us the popular daytime gothic soap opera “Dark Shadows.” Originally broadcast on January 16, 1974.

TV MOVIE OF THE WEEK: When Michael Calls

To coincide with Halloween, October is TV Movie month on my blog, featuring made for TV thrillers from the early 1970’s. 

A woman begins receiving phone calls from her supposedly dead nephew Michael and begins to wonder if Michael is really dead, or if she is losing touch with reality.

Originally broadcast on February 5, 1972. Enjoy!

Two more movies coming Saturday and Monday.

TV MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate

October is TV Movie month on my blog. Loved the weekly made for TV thrillers from the early 1970’s.

Four elderly women create a fake profile at a computer dating service as a prank, but “she” attracts a murderous stalker.

Starring: Helen HayesMyrna LoyMildred NatwickSylvia SidneyVince Edwards.

Originally broadcast on November 9, 1971.

TV MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Weekend of Terror

October is TV Movie month on my blog. Stole this idea from my wife Jennifer.

People go for scary movie these days. I say forget “Halloween 6” and Texas Chainsaws and Chucky. Thriller TV movies from the early 1970’s….now those were well done.

In “Weekend of Terror” kidnappers accidentally kill their victim before they could collect the ransom, then abduct three nuns from a car as a stand-in to convince the victim’s father that she is still alive. Actor Robert Conrad is cast as a bad guy.

Originally broadcast on December 8, 1970.

Good stuff.