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Dear Prolifers: Your Labor Was Not In Vain.

Who Was The President Who Transformed America? Donald Trump.

Dobbs Decision is a Crucial Reminder of How Much the 2016 Election Mattered.

If you consider yourself a pro-life Republican and weren’t on the Trump Train in 2016, sit your pansy-ass down.

Does the Dobbs Decision Mean Birth Control or Same-Sex Marriage Are Now at Risk?

Anti-abortion groups celebrate historic court victory as they look to find ways to help women in crisis pregnancies.

On Roe: The Unbridled Hypocrisy of ‘Good Catholics’ Biden and Pelosi.

Post-Dobbs, The Abortion Battle Hits Activist State Courts.



‘A moment none of us will ever forget’: How a premature baby helped her mom with cardiac issues improve

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The latest pro-life news (06/20/22)


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From WRTL.

Bracing for Roe’s fall, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s sets June 25 as last day for abortions.

Pro-Choice Movement’s Acceptance of Violence Unacceptable.

There Is One Pro-Women Camp In American Politics, And It’s The Right.

The New Abortion Rhetoric: Out of Touch With Nearly Every American.

Multiple-Abortion Survivor Says God Helped Her Forgive Birth Parents Who Did Everything to Abort Her
BY Louise Chambers, THE EPOCH TIMES

Calling her birth mother’s womb “the scariest place in the world,” a woman who survived multiple abortion attempts has chosen forgiveness, with the help of her adoptive parents who taught her how to offer mercy through surrender to God.

Dawn Milberger, 55, lives in the Central Texas Hill Country with her husband of 21 years. She knew she was an adopted child but didn’t find out that she was also an abortion survivor until she was 18. Milberger told The Epoch Times that she embraced forgiveness after realizing that the resentment-laden path of unforgiveness only leads to more bitterness, rendering the resentful useless by the Creator.

“He can’t build on us if we have unforgiveness on us. Unforgiveness cannot be in the same realm, in the same room, and in the same throne room with our Creator. What I have learned over the years is that peace, trust, and forgiveness are all interlinked,” she said.

“It’s not every day that you hear that somebody tried to end your life for seven months when you’re at your most vulnerable. But it’s not new to the one true God. It’s not new to our Creator. He knew the whole time. This is about His mercy in His desire to forgive us, and how we walk that out here on this earth.”

Milberger has been speaking publicly about abortion survival, forgiveness, and the beauty of adoption for almost three decades. She said that often people are shocked to know that there is even something like “abortion attempt survivor.”

“When you tell them that you’re an abortion attempt survivor, 9 times out of 10 the reaction is, ‘I didn’t know that was a thing!’” she said “Usually my response is, ‘Well, you can’t say that anymore, you’re aware of our existence now, and there’s tens of thousands of us around the world.’ We are determined and labeled as failed abortions. So it’s kind of shocking to people. It puts a different reality on people.”

‘Real Mama’

Milberger’s adoptive mother assured her that she was her “real mama.” Her parents, with their wisdom rooted in faith, nurtured age-appropriate talks to help her understand that she was adopted. “My mother said, ‘You are mine and daddy’s baby doll. Somebody gave you to us, and you are ours now,’” Dawn recalled her mother telling her at the tender age of 5.

“I’ve always known I was adopted,” she said. “I have an older brother who’s adopted as well. It was never kept a secret, because you don’t keep anything good a secret. My mom and my dad made it a point to always put a positive spin on it, to let us know the old adage, ‘You are chosen.’”

Her parents always encouraged their children to pray for their birth mothers, whose “sacrificial relinquishment” of them had made their family possible. “We were just speaking nothing but positively for them, of them, and about them. And that encouragement helped mold respect and honor for our birth parents,” Milberger said.

“My mom always said, ‘Some women are mommies, some women are vessels, some women are both, and some women are neither.’ My birth mother and my brother’s birth mother were vessels called by the one true God to get us here to this earth; our mom was called to take us the rest of the way.”

‘I Did Everything I Knew to Try to End Your Life’

When Milberger turned 18, she told her adoptive parents that she wanted to find her birth parents. With their support, she contacted her adoption agency, which arranged a reunion in February of 1986.

Her birth parents told her that the pregnancy had been “evidence” of their poor choices. “They kept telling [me], ‘We couldn’t shame our families. You were a judgment of our decisions in secret. You were evidence of our sin. You were evidence of our choices, and you couldn’t exist,’” she recalled.

One of Milberger’s birth mother’s first statements was to ask for forgiveness. Her birth mother told her: “I tried to get rid of you … I didn’t want to be pregnant. I didn’t want to look pregnant. I didn’t want to lose my job. I didn’t want to shame my family. I did everything I knew to try to end your life.”

Milberger’s birth mother had enlisted the help of a friend, a nurse, who stole medication from her doctor’s office and administered injections in an attempt to abort the unborn baby. They didn’t work, so the woman resorted to cruder attempts.

“My birth father, who was in the room, stepped up and said, ‘I need to ask for your forgiveness, too. I used her stomach as a punching bag to make you drop. I would give her rough piggyback rides, and I pressed and pushed and did everything I knew to do without hurting her to end your life,’” she recalled.

Compassion and Forgiveness

With her adoptive parents’ “powerful love and wisdom,” Milberger learned to navigate the painful revelations. Recalling the hurt and “prideful anger” churning up in her heart, the then-teenager questioned her mom, asking why she had to suffer because of her birth parents’ decisions.

“My precious mom saw the path of anger that I was going down. She pulled that finger and she goes, ‘Stop right there. I love you too much to let you go down this road,’” Milberger said.

A crucial lesson for Milberger came from her mother’s next words: “I’m hurt, but I’m not angry.” Her mother told her that, on the day of the reunion, she sat there listening to “two people looking for mercy,” who ran the risk of facing rejection from Milberger by sharing how they had tried to abort her.

“She was teaching me the difference,” Milberger recalled. “She said, ‘Does this not show you how far away from the Lord they were at that time in their lives? Does that not break your heart? What are you going to do with that?’

“When she redirected my thinking, [saying], ‘You’ve got two people looking for mercy, you better be very careful how you respond to that,’ this overwhelming sense of compassion came over me for them. I was immediately redirected from prideful anger in my pain to compassion for these two people who spent all this time trying to kill me. So it was a huge lesson in forgiveness and mercy.”

Milberger says her testimony today is less about herself and more about the power of God, both in keeping her alive and in teaching her mercy.

“It’s not dismissing the pain that it caused—I choose to release that pain to the one true God. And He and I will handle it, but I won’t hold it against [my birth parents]. So it has been a tremendous journey of learning to forgive, and then teaching forgiveness by testimony,” she said.

The Power of Faith

Milberger has always felt that God has always been protecting her, throughout her life. At 6 months old, her grandmother found her blue in respiratory distress; she almost bled to death twice from two botched tonsillectomies; and she has been hit by drunk drivers three times in a two-year span.

“I was sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled, and died; I left my body and watched the sexual assault of a serial rapist and murderer, then when he let go of my throat, I reentered my body. I sent him a forgiveness letter in jail,” she said. “Then I was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and given two years to live.”

Milberger has received intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) since 1993 to boost her immune system, but does not resent her misfortunes; her parents were adamant that she not adopt a victim’s mentality, and the more she got to know God, the easier it was to forgive.

“I may have been victimized at one time, but I am not a victim. I’m a victor,” she said. “Forgiveness is not a feeling, it’s a process.

“You can’t have the peace of God until you have peace with God.”

The Virtuous Parents

Raised with “good southern wisdom” by adoptive parents who were older than those of her peers, Milberger credits her mom and dad’s life experiences for informing her strength as an adult; her father, in particular.

Milberger’s father lost his mother to a sudden stroke in her sleep when he was 9, and his father five years later, a tragedy that sent him to live at Father Flannigan’s Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska, until graduating high school. After serving in the Korean War, he graduated from the University of Alabama and landed a job in Houston, where he met his future wife at a church singles’ meet.

They married six months later, but when they came to start a family, they couldn’t conceive. “One of their doctors mentioned adoption,” said Milberger. “It was an ‘aha’ moment for Daddy; he knew what his calling was.”

Through the University of Houston, Milberger’s father also opened up their family home to students with nowhere to go during the holidays. Of the people that stayed, Milberger said, “We are connected forever because of the hospitality that my dad showed.”

Milberger’s mother developed Alzheimer’s and passed away on Feb. 6, 2010. Her father passed away on Oct. 10, 2019, from lung cancer. They were married 50 years.

Now, their legacy lives on through Milberger’s testimony.

“I started sharing in my local church where I grew up,” she explained. “There were other kids in my youth group who were adopted, and my youth pastor came and asked me if I could speak to them, help redirect them with the direction I was given by my adoptive parents; with their guiding, I was able to guide my peers with the same words.”

Today, Milberger’s testimony includes her incredible pre-birth story.

Milberger and her husband do not have children of their own, but share passions for gardening, cooking, travel, and each other. They also rescue and rehabilitate “unadoptable” dogs from shelters, and Milberger has founded Gotcha Ministries of Central Texas. She has placed her trust in God to rectify the traumas of her past and asks others to do the same.

“You won’t find true peace until you trust God,” she said. “He will make wrongs right. You’ve got to learn to forgive, and not forget but move forward with the new information that it’s already okay. Let Him take care of the justice.”


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The latest pro-life news (06/13/22)


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Here is the latest Monday Update from Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.

Supreme Court Protest Organizers Won’t Rule Out Violence

By Jackson Elliott, The Epoch Times, June 13, 2022

WASHINGTON—As officials in Washington brace for possible violence following a Supreme Court decision about access to abortion, organizers of a group planning protests at the high court told followers not to oppose the use of violence.

Leaders of the group “Shut Down DC” stated at an organizing meeting at Petworth United Methodist Church in Washington on June 12 that violence runs counterproductive to the group’s strategy, but isn’t necessarily bad.

Shut Down DC plans to blockade the U.S. Supreme Court building on June 13 so that justices cannot enter. The activist group is protesting in response to a leaked high court draft opinion that suggests the court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The court said last week that it’s planning to issue decisions on June 13 and 15, without being more specific.

“We’re not in the business of telling people what to do,” longtime activist Nadine Bloch said. “We are in the business of pointing out the structural violence of the system. If people don’t like other people’s tactics, fix the system. We’re not going to condemn those other tactics.”

The remark was made in the context of a training day, during which organizers explained to protesters what to do if people showed up and encouraged violence, among other scenarios.

“If you want to do property destruction, do it in secret. If you’re doing it publicly, you’re probably an infiltrator,” Bloch said. “There’s no condemnation of bringing the system down.”

Another activist, who identified herself as Sadie, said that protest “action groups” can split into “red teams” and “green teams” if violence starts. The “red teams” could start violence, while the “green team” could provide cover and be “eyes and ears” on the “red team,” she said.

Shut Down DC’s main organizer, Patrick Young, suggested that people go and start violence away from the main body of the group.

“Y’all should go somewhere else and do that,” he said.

One of the activists, a man who called himself Rusty, said that he has stolen banners from politicians and that the group will repaint them to use in the protest.

“If anybody needs a banner, like a nice heavy-duty banner, I’ve been stealing politicians’ banners from all over town,” he said. “They’ve got white backs, you can spray paint whatever you want on. I’ve probably gotten, like, 10 of them.”

None of the activists at the meeting called him out for acknowledging the thefts.

Washington authorities have said that they are stepping up the city’s police presence and are urging visitors not to bring guns.

“We are increasing our presence to have coverage in neighborhoods and our downtown areas, which includes the activation of civil disturbance unit platoons,” Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said at a press conference. “In addition, we are working closely with our law enforcement, government, and community partners to ensure that all of these events are peaceful and our neighborhoods are safe.”

The FBI has also said it will not “tolerate violence, destruction, interference with government functions, or trespassing on government property.”

The activist group at the church included 17 activists; leaders said they expected hundreds of people to show up on June 13 to block the entrances to the U.S. Supreme Court building.

Of the 17 activists, 15 were white, and 10 were women.

Activist Hope Neyer told the group that the history of pro-abortion movements is too white and too woman-focused. She said pro-abortion groups now need to include women who claim to be men by dropping language about “women’s rights.”

The activists planned to meet at 7 a.m. at Stanton Park, then march down Maryland Avenue to the high court’s building.

Activists at the meeting also discussed how to draw media attention.

“If you’re being dragged away, who’s going to watch?” one of the activists said. “The press. The media. Everyone here needs to have a sound bite. You have a chance to talk to the nation seriously.”

The 17 protesters practiced marching in the park outside the church. Some pretended to be “police” and attempted to “arrest” marchers and prevent them from passing through the park. Others practiced marching around police lines, or sitting with linked arms to resist arrest, and responding to police attempts to carry them away by going limp.

In every exercise, the mock-up “police” successfully prevented activists from nearing their destination.

Bloch advised protesters to consider wearing adult diapers so they could relieve themselves without leaving the Supreme Court.

Many of the protesters said they planned to stay until 5 .p.m. in hopes that more people would join the protest after work.

Pro-Abortion Protesters Attempt to ‘Shut Down’ the Supreme Court

Churches, pro-life centers attacked as Supreme Court abortion ruling looms

At-Home Abortion Pill Startups Are Reportedly ‘Filling the Void’ for Abortion Access

Doctors Don’t Want to Perform Abortions

Charlotte Allen is the executive editor of Catholic Arts Today
June 8, 2022

For nearly half a century—ever since the Supreme Court decided there was a federal constitutional right to an abortion in Roe v. Wade in 1973—abortion activists have been trying to figure out how to get more physicians to actually perform the procedure. It’s been a tough battle. A widely publicized survey of OB-GYNs published in 2011 indicated that although 97 percent of respondents said they had been approached by female patients seeking abortions, only 14 percent of them offered the service.

That number has ticked up to 24 percent over the past decade, according to some reports, an indication that the situation hasn’t changed much. Perhaps physicians—who tend to work in large corporate-style practices these days—fear the disapproval of their colleagues. Perhaps they don’t want to deal with pro-life protesters outside their doors. Or perhaps they just plain have moral qualms.

For example, The Washington Post ran a glowing May 10 profile of a doctor, Franz Theard, who runs an abortion clinic in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, just across the Texas line, that helps women skirt a 2021 Texas law banning nearly all abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. But it turns out that Theard doesn’t currently perform abortions after all, at least the surgical kind. “I mean, imagine crushing something and taking it out. It’s heartbreaking to a certain extent. Honestly, I didn’t like to do it,” he said. He limits his abortion practice these days to handing out pills, which are safe only if administered during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.

There’s an obvious irony there. The Supreme Court seems to be indicating, via a leaked draft majority opinion, that it will overturn Roe v. Wade before it winds up its term at the end of June, returning the issue of abortion’s legality to the states. The case before the court, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, involves a Mississippi law barring most abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. So even on the off-chance that some of the justices who signed the draft opinion change their minds and vote to uphold Roe, it seemingly won’t make any difference for cautious or squeamish or conscience-stricken physicians who either limit their abortion practice to the very earliest weeks—or shun it altogether. And the majority of OB-GYNs, as we have seen, fall into that latter category.

Abortion activists’ solution to this dilemma, at least since the 1990s, has been to force more doctors to perform abortions—or, rather, to make it impossible to be certified as an OB-GYN, or maybe even a physician, period—without receiving abortion “training,” which means participating hands-on in abortions. This drastic inversion of the Hippocratic Oath, in which doctors once pledged never to perform the procedure, would mean that every specialist you consulted about safely delivering your baby would also be willing to cut that baby out of your body if that’s what you wanted instead. It’s called, in the words of a recent New Yorker article on the subject, a “patient-centered approach to health care” that makes the individual doctor’s moral qualms irrelevant.

This approach has worked out better in theory than in practice—at least so far. In 1995 the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) started requiring all medical residency programs—the multi-year specialized training at hospitals after graduating from medical school—in obstetrics and gynecology to learn how to perform “induced abortion.” After strong protests from Catholic and other religiously affiliated hospitals and medical programs, Congress in 1996 passed a law forbidding discrimination in federal funding to institutions that decline to comply with the ACGME rule. Subsequent federal laws, including, to some extent, Obamacare, have reiterated federal support for conscience objections.

The result has been a surprising variation in ACGME compliance. A 2018 survey reported in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that 64 percent of residency programs make abortion training a routine part of residents’ schedules (presumably allowing conscience objections), 31 percent consider it merely optional, and 5 percent (mostly Catholic hospitals) continue not to offer it all. And even in the most ACGME-compliant programs, relatively few residents learn how to perform the late-term dilation-and-evacuation procedures (“crushing something and taking it out”) that even abortion-performing physicians like Theard find repugnant.

So in order to boost the number of abortion providers, abortion advocates have proposed a range of “solutions”: letting non­-physicians (nurses, midwives, physician assistants) perform abortions (that’s the situation in 18 liberal-leaning states), and expanding abortion-training mandates to family-practice residencies. The current favorite recommendation, however, seems to be simply screening out doctors who might have qualms about abortion in medical school before they even graduate into residencies. Last year, a coalition of abortion advocates asked the American Medical Association (AMA) to support mandated abortion training for medical students. The AMA rejected the proposal—and several states have laws or pending bills barring such training at public universities. But expect the pressure to continue.

“Pro-life anything has NO PLACE in a medical school,” the New Yorker reported as a typical Twitter attitude toward aspiring doctors who don’t want to perform abortions. With cultural pressure like that, abortion advocates seem to be well along in their goal of assuring that the obstetrician who delivers your baby today spent yesterday terminating the lives of other babies before they could be born.

Where have all the babies gone?


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The latest pro-life news (06/06/22)


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Here is the latest Monday Update from Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.

It’s Not Hypocritical to Be Pro-Life and Pro-2A

The Catholic hierarchy must stop leading Catholics to believe they can vote for politicians who support violence in the womb

Alveda King: Abortion an Injustice Against the Rights of the Least of Us

We’re Forgetting Fathers When it Comes to Solving Abortion and School Shootings

Newborn Rescued from Dumpster Puts Spotlight on ‘Safe Haven Laws’

Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, announced in a letter last Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is barred from receiving Holy Communion. 

A newborn baby boy was rescued from a dumpster by a sanitation worker. The newborn was tied in a plastic bag with his umbilical cord still attached. 

The New York Post reported last week that a sanitation worker courageously rescued the baby from a dumpster in Iran after hearing muffled breathing from a tied bag. In a video that has since gone viral, the worker tore open the bag, allowing the baby boy to breathe and called emergency services. The New York Post reports that the baby is now in stable condition, thanks to the man who discovered him. 

While this incident occurred in Iran, “baby dumping” is, sadly, also common in the United States. 

Just this past January, a New Mexico mom was caught on film dumping her newborn into a dumpster and fleeing the scene. The baby miraculously survived, but the situation brought attention to a surprisingly unknown law in the US: Safe Haven Laws. 

The authorities in the city of Española, New Mexico, where the baby was tossed into a dumpster, wanted to fight this ignorance head on. They did so by installing the first “baby box” in the state. The “baby box” allows mothers to comply with state “Safe Haven Laws,” which allow mothers to surrender their newborns anonymously within a certain number of days following birth.

The baby box is temperature controlled and alerts emergency services when it’s used, allowing the baby to stay safe until emergency personnel arrive.  

Every state in the US has a safe-haven law. With SCOTUS expected to rule on Roe any day, it is imperative that pro-lifers educate women on safe-haven laws and other life-affirming options available to them. 

To find your state’s safe-haven law, visit National Safe Haven Alliance.  
—-American Life League.

After surprise triplet pregnancy, couple stunned by another one


Hunter Peterson, a member of the Milwaukee Bucks Hoop Troop, has become a decorated member of the NBA team – even though he’s not a player. Peterson, who has Down syndrome, recently received a championship ring from the Bucks for his impact on fans and the team. CBS News reports…

It is estimated that 60 percent to 90 percent of children diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted in the U.S., compared to 18 percent of all pregnancies ending in abortion.

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The latest pro-life news (05/30/22)


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Here is the latest Monday Update from Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.

After Texas school shooting, leftists accuse pro-lifers of wanting ‘forced birth’ for new ‘targets to shoot’.

Abortion-Communion controversy: Pope Francis elevates bishop who defended serving pro-choice politicians.

OPINION: A Culture That Celebrates Dismembering Children In The Womb Can’t Understand Why It’s Afflicted With Mass Shootings.

The last anti-abortion Democrats.

On cusp of Roe v. Wade decision, pro-life sculpture to be blessed in Rome.


Here’s a video I just stumbled upon, from two years ago. The little guy is Henry Van Putten. His helper is Michael Petrella, Master Instructor at Cali Swim Babies, Lead Mentor Instructor at CAST Water Safety Foundation and Senior Master Instructor Candidate at Cali ISR.

One more.

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The latest pro-life news (05/23/22)


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Here is the latest Monday Update from Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.

Reactions to Nancy Pelosi Being Denied Communion Show a Dangerous Disregard for Catholic Teaching.

Abortion Doctors Hate ‘Inflammatory’ Republican Questions.

New York Magazine touts helping readers get an abortion with front-page guide for women.

Starbucks and Abortion Extremism.

Pro-life means pro-babies and pro-moms.


What My ‘Outstanding Olivia’ Can Teach Kids About Down Syndrome.

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Today’s highly interesting read (05/22/22): ‘Liberal Logic’ And Other Things That Don’t Exist

On this Sunday today’s read is from columnist Derek Hunter. Here’s an excerpt:

The Treasury Secretary, former chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen testified in Congress (a couple of weeks ago).

“I believe that eliminating the right of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades,” Yellen said.

Yellen took it further, telling Congress Roe v. Wade “enabled many women to finish school, that increased their earning potential.”

Who knew the key to a booming economy is abortion?!?!

Read the entire column here.


From Rachel Greszler and Jay W. Richards of the Heritage Foundation:

It’s bizarre that Yellen would say that limiting abortions would “have very damaging effects” on the economy.

On the ethical side: It ignores the life and inherent value of the unborn child. Federal law (the Unborn Victims of Violence Act) and dozens of state laws recognize unborn children as human beings. But abortion advocates presume unborn children only deserve protections if their lives were planned and desired.

Yellen fixated on the short-term labor force participation of mothers. Yes, having a child can easily lead to hundreds fewer hours spent in the formal labor force. But is the value of the time parents spend raising children of no value? Are children’s future contributions to society over many decades of life worth nothing?

Their column is here.

The latest pro-life news (05/16/22)


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Here is the latest Monday Update from Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.

Vandals, arsonists target more pregnancy centers.

Liberal, Pro-Choice Yale Law Professor: Roe Was Bad Law and the Alito Draft Is Constitutionally Sound.

5 Lies Abortion Supporters Spread About Overturning Roe.

Dispelling the myths about abortion.

Better Questions To Ask Americans on Abortion.

Mark Levin: If It’s Not a Baby, ‘Why Haven’t We Ever Seen Partial-Birth Abortion on PBS or the Discovery Channel?’


Abused Woman Survives 4 Abortions, Turns to God After Dad’s Premonition, Tells the Truth of Abortion Clinics
The Epoch Times, May 6, 2022

Kelly Lester speaks in a prayer rally in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. when it was announced that the Dobbs v. Jackson case would be heard in December 2021. (Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Lester)

The life of a pastor’s daughter was changed forever when she was molested as a child, and raped at just 12 years old. Riddled with shame, the budding athlete lost faith that she was worthy of God’s love.

It took years of suffering, including drug and alcohol addiction, four abortions, and domestic abuse, before Kelly Lester of Richmond, Virginia, got the wake-up call she needed to relocate her faith and reclaim her life.

Speaking to The Epoch Times, Lester, 45, said that her turning point came when her father had a vivid dream of her being dead due to a fatal head injury, and he prayed for her protection. The vision coincided with the time her boyfriend was threatening to hit her on the head with a wooden board before dropping it.

“That was definitely the final thing that led me to turn my life around. That was the wake-up call,” Lester said. “By this time, I was almost 30 years old, and just tired; tired of being tired, tired of running.”

Lester was molested by her great-uncle at 3 years old. The trauma was internalized, but Lester was a bright child, and she fast-tracked into high school for her academic prowess. However, as a freshman at 12, Lester snuck out of the house to attend a party and fell victim to sexual assault. Terrified, she confided in her youth pastor.

“She told me that if I hadn’t left the house and gone to that party, that would never have happened,” Lester said. “I was feeling shame, because I had planned on waiting until I got married to have sex. For that to happen, and for her basically to blame it on me, I shut down. That is partly what led me down the path I was on.”

Lester became promiscuous by her early teens while craving the love she felt she no longer deserved from God. She became pregnant at 15; desperate not to shame her family, she had an abortion, and went on with her life, graduating from high school two years later. Once a promising student who dreamed of becoming an astronaut, engineer, or professional dancer, her college career was short-lived.

“I went to the University of Georgia for one semester, and then came back to Richmond and went to Virginia Commonwealth University for a semester. That was it,” said Lester. “We were partying really hard. I wasn’t really going to school, and my grades were bad. My parents told me I needed to take a break and figure out what I wanted.”

Lester claims her parents, albeit loving and attentive, were sidetracked by her troubled younger sister who ran away from home around the time Lester’s rebellion began.

“I’m not going to say they didn’t see what was happening to me, but my need wasn’t as dire in their mind, and I did a really good job of hiding it,” she recalled.

Lester plunged into a world of shame-fueled drug and alcohol dependence, relationships with violent men, and three more aborted pregnancies roughly five years apart. She also experienced abortion from the other side of the counter: working in the abortion industry. Lester was bartending and “living a really chaotic life.” She was looking for a job when she noticed a local women’s clinic was hiring for a receptionist. Attending the interview, she realized it was the same clinic that had performed her second abortion.

“The thing about sin is, when you’re dealing with the shame and the guilt and the condemnation from your sin, you oftentimes lead other people into it as a way to cover up, to make yourself feel better—I certainly wasn’t trying to do that on purpose.”

Lester now believes her insider’s perspective informed the strength of her current pro-life stance.

She said: “Everything about it alarmed me. When these women would come in for their appointment, the first thing we would do is hand them a Dixie cup with Valium. They would take the Valium, then they would sit in the waiting room.

“Sometimes, women would come up and say, ‘You know what, I’ve changed my mind.’ We would say to them, ‘Okay, we understand that you are currently under medication, so we’re required by law to monitor you.’ Once the Valium had kicked in, one of our nurses would come out and say, ‘Now look, honey, you are here. You’ve got the money. We’ve got everything that we need to do this. Let’s go ahead and take care of it for you today.’”

Ironically, the “interesting thing” amid this feigned care, Lester said, was that the staff wanted those women “out the door within 20 minutes” even after having their procedure done under “heavy sedation, which includes a cocktail of drugs, including fentanyl.”

Lester recalls women hemorrhaging and not receiving the proper aftercare, and women being sent home, uninformed.

“The majority of the procedures we did were under twilight sedation, a very heavy sedation where not only do you not feel much, but it actually erases your memory of what happened during the procedure and for most of the day. These women would have no idea what happened to them, and that bothered me,” she explained.

Yet, still shrouded in shame, it took a series of life-threatening accidents to convince Lester she could start over, and this time, holding firm to her faith in God.

Hit by a car while driving a Jeep in Phoenix, Arizona, Lester was thrown from the vehicle but felt something grab her and bring her back inside. “I had two other people with me,” she recalled; “nobody had seatbelts on, nobody got thrown out, and nobody got injured.”

On another occasion, Lester hit an embankment, and felt a presence envelop and protect her. “[It was] almost like an airbag, but that was pre airbag age,” she recalled. “I’ve had countless incidents over the years where there was undoubtedly the hand of the Lord protecting my life. I just wasn’t ready to surrender my life to Him.”

Lester’s surrender came after a further incident in New Orleans, in which an abusive boyfriend threatened to hit her over the head with a length of wood. It led Lester to call her father to come get her.

Lester said her father was her best friend growing up, and their relationship remained strong until his passing in July 2021 at the age of 73. Lester and Robbie, who have six children together, have since bought the beloved Richmond home she grew up in.

“Over those years, the Lord began healing those places in my heart that led me to sin, restoring my identity, restoring that He loves me in spite of what I had done,” Lester reflected. “Over the years of trusting Him more and allowing Him to work, my faith and trust became stronger.”

Lester now works for Abby Johnson’s ProLove Ministries as director of outreach and government engagement and has testified to help get legislation passed. She travels the country to spread the pro-life message, meets with investors, and leads sidewalk advocacy campaigns in her hometown of Richmond.

“I’ve been a woman who’s had abortions, I’ve been a woman who’s worked in the abortion industry, and now I’m a woman who’s stood up against abortion clinics,” she said. “Forgiveness is a very powerful thing.”

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The latest pro-life news (05/09/22)


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Here is the latest Monday Update from Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.

A look at abortion by the numbers in Wisconsin, US. MORE.

Julaine Appling, president of the Wisconsin Family Council, celebrated that her state has also “successfully kept in place for a day such as this” a pre-Roe statute that protects unborn babies from abortion except to save the life of the mother. “Our problem is that we currently have an attorney general who a couple of months ago said that he would not enforce it,” she said. But she noted that pro-lifers could help hold him accountable: If a case arises in the future that the attorney general refuses to enforce, pro-life groups or the Wisconsin Legislature could sue him for failing to do his job.
—World News Group

The Media Coverup of Leftist Pro-Abortion Violence Has Begun.

Dems May Be Killing Their Chances of Preserving Roe v. Wade.

The problem that supporters of Roe v. Wade could never solve: There is no right to abortion in the Constitution.

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If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned, the World Is Not Coming to an End.

Mother’s Day or Birthing Person’s Day: You Decide.

Roe Destroyed Many Social Institutions That Are Unlikely To Return.

Why Are So Many Men Desperate To Kill Babies And Traumatize Women?


On this day after Mother’s Day an amazing video and story from 2013 about our friends the Gundrums and their baby Dominic.

Here’s a photo of Dominic, his father and our daughter Kyla taken at our church in 2017. Lookin’ good Dominic!

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The latest pro-life news (05/02/22)


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Here is the latest Monday Update from Pro-Life Wisconsin.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Urges SCOTUS to Overturn Roe.

Sarah Has Been On Both Sides Of The Abortionist’s Table. Here’s What She Wants You To Know.

The tidal wave of radical abortion legislation in some states.

Champions of Women Are Not Their Friends.

AND FINALLY, LOVIN’ LIFE…This week featuring a former Milwaukee Brewer. Watch.

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