The latest pro-life news (11/28/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.


Since Dobbs, Pro-Life Laws Have Already Saved 10,000 Unborn Lives And Counting

Priests for Life to host day of mourning for baby whose abortion death was played on NPR

Dick Morris: Defense of Marriage Act Is the Defense of Cowards Act

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The latest pro-life news (11/14/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.


Biden to Pro-Abortion Voters: ‘You All Showed Up and Beat the Hell Out of Them’

Don’t run away from abortion, Republicans

The only way to make America pro-life

Pro-life community stunned by NPR audio of woman getting an abortion: ‘Horrifying and inappropriate’


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Augustine Charles McEldowney was born today at 4:41 am in Louisville.

The latest pro-life news (11/07/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From Wisconsin Right To Life.


10,000 Babies’ Lives Have Been Saved.

Illegal Abortion Protests Outside Justices’ Homes Continue While DOJ Stays Mum.

Abortion: Even the Left says it’s about money.

Abortion Sucks The Life Out Of Not Only Our Bodies But Our Souls.


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The latest pro-life news (10/31/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From Wisconsin Right To Life.


Abortion Survivors Speak Out: ‘We Are Just as Human as You’

By Samantha Flom
October 28, 2022

Months after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, voters across five states will be considering ballot measures relating to abortion on Nov. 8.

Some of those measures aim to expand abortion access, while others seek the opposite. But whatever voters decide, one oft-overlooked group is asking that their experiences be considered in the process.

An Untold Story

“There’s another part of this [abortion] story that’s not being told,” said Sarah Moe, who heads up the Abortion Survivors Network Education and Policy Center (ASN), a Missouri-based nonprofit.

“The Abortion Survivors Network is an organization that’s actually led by abortion survivors,” Moe told The Epoch Times. “It empowers and equips abortion survivors to work through their trauma, their questions, and it’s a safe place for them in a society that really thinks their lives should have ended.”

ASN’s community engagement coordinator, California resident Jennifer Milbourn, takes special care to maintain that atmosphere of safety, understanding all too well how elusive it can be.

When Milbourn was 19 years old, she found out that she was a survivor of a vacuum aspiration abortion. “I was shopping with my adoptive mom and challenged her to tell me something I didn’t know about myself, and that’s what came out of her mouth.”

Milbourn learned that her biological mother had tried to abort her in the spring of 1978, but as her mother was further along in the gestation process than she had told the clinician, the abortion was unsuccessful.

“They began the procedure and realized that my head was larger than expected,” Milbourn said.

While unable to complete the procedure, the abortionist did manage to tear the embryonic sac. Assuming that Milbourn’s mother had miscarried, he sent her home. Then, months later, Milbourn was born.

At first, learning what she had survived came as a shock to Milbourn, and unsure how to process her feelings, she repressed them until years later when, as a mother herself, she was forced to confront them head-on.

“For a survivor of an abortion, there’s a lot of trauma that comes with it,” she said. “Rejection is the biggest component of that.”

However, bolstered by her Christian faith and the support of her family members, Milbourn found healing.

“It has meant a lot for her to have me just be there for her in every capacity that she needs me,” said Milbourn’s husband, Noah, who volunteers as the men’s program coordinator at ASN.

“I opened myself up to make sure that she had everything she needed, especially through this journey of finding out and healing from the trauma of knowing that she was rejected, knowing that she was unwanted. And that is a difficulty all in itself,” he said.

A Robin Finds Her Song

Like Milbourn, Montanan pastor and abortion survivor Robin Sertell has spent much of her life healing from the trauma of what she endured in the womb.

At the age of 9, during one of many stints in the hospital, Sertell learned from her grandmother that she had survived not just one but three saline abortion attempts that had left her with a variety of health issues, including difficulties hearing and walking, and problems with her skin, hair, and digestive and urinary tracts.

“The trauma is very real in my life,” she said, adding that she had also experienced symptoms characteristic of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Additionally, the realization of her mother’s initial rejection had a lasting impact on Sertell’s emotional health and her ability to trust others.

And while medical treatment and her faith have brought her to a place of healing and forgiveness, she noted, “The reality of these effects on my life means I really desperately want to see a world where nobody ever has to go through what I went through again.”

A Lack of Accurate Reporting

Although the voices of survivors like Milbourn and Sertell are rarely heard in abortion conversations, Moe said they are greater in number than previously thought.

A 1981 estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) placed the annual number of infants born alive after a failed abortion at between 400 and 500.

However, according to Moe, ASN questioned those numbers “because the United States has woefully horrible reporting requirements surrounding the abortion procedures that are done across the country.”

Currently, there is no federal requirement that states report abortion data to the CDC, but using the data available and the annual Canadian rate of infants born alive after a failed abortion (0.28 percent), ASN conducted a case study to extrapolate an updated estimate for the United States.

The results indicated that in 2019, there would have been approximately 1,780 infants born alive after a failed abortion.

While acknowledging that 0.28 percent is still a rare occurrence, Moe noted that other factors often considered in the abortion debate—such as rape, incest, or life-threatening health risks to the mother—are also rare, as per a Guttmacher Institute survey.

Lamenting that legislation to protect born-alive infants is sometimes dismissed as unnecessary, Moe added: “My goal is to help convince people that born-alive legislation may not affect them and their life, but it’s a decision to create a future you’re proud of—a future in which children who are at risk can thrive.

“With our data, hopefully, we can show that it’s not just a solution in search of a problem but, in fact, these are real lives.”

States to Decide

Since the reversal of Roe v. Wade, six states have put the question of abortion on the ballot.

Primary voters in Kansas rejected a constitutional amendment declaring that nothing in the state’s constitution outlines a right to an abortion, and on Nov. 8, other abortion-related ballot measures will be considered in California, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana and Vermont.

In Montana, LR-131 would entitle born-alive infants to “medically appropriate and reasonable” medical treatment and would impose criminal penalties on doctors who fail to provide that treatment.

Sertell, who supports the measure, contended: “Many abortion survivors … have been laid aside on cold steel tables and declared medical waste and left alone, crying and screaming.

“I was very blessed to not be in that situation because my dad was in the room and advocated for my life, but … there is an absence of proper legal protection, and that needs to change.”

However, some health providers have opposed the referendum, holding that laws already exist to protect the lives of infants, and that the new law would force doctors to provide care where it would be futile.

“LR-131 will deny grieving families the choice to spend precious time with their infant, even to provide spiritual care,” argues an open letter signed by more than 700 Montana health care providers.

Sertell, however, holds that such arguments are misleading.

“The detractors are saying this will force people to have unwanted care,” she said. “There is no forcing. This is saying that they must be treated as a legal person with the right to medically appropriate and reasonable care.”


In California, Proposition 1 would amend the state’s constitution to forbid state interference with an individual’s “reproductive freedom,” including their decision to have an abortion or to use or refuse contraceptives.

The amendment is supported by Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California President and CEO Jodi Hicks, who in July stated, “Prop 1 will ensure that individuals and families continue to have the freedom to decide if and when to have children because access to affordable, comprehensive reproductive health care—including abortion and birth control—allows people to plan their lives and achieve their dreams.”

Milbourn, however, said she felt the state had been underhanded in its presentation of the amendment.

“Every bill in the voter guide has pages of fluff and description, but Prop 1 is one tiny paragraph, right in the middle, hidden where no one can see it,” she noted. “I feel like that’s manipulation. That’s not a correct way to conduct business, if you will, at all.”

Noah Milbourn added that he found the positioning of abortion as a form of health care by those like Hicks to be offensive.

“That baby growing inside that woman is not a disease,” he said. “This is something that has a heartbeat, something that has the very essence of life. Calling an abortion health care is [like] saying that a child is a disease—that it’s something that can just be eradicated and no thought has to be given toward that child or that life.”

Further noting that his children would not have been born if his wife had succumbed to what others call “health care,” Milbourn added: “There are second-generation and third-generation survivors today because doctors failed. Usually, when doctors fail, somebody dies. But in abortion, when a doctor fails, people live.”

Hicks did not return a request for comment.

But whether the ballot measures pass or fail, the Milbourns and Sertell said they hoped voters would take their perspectives into account.

“Babies survive abortions,” Sertell said. “Not clumps of cells, not fetuses … but babies, human beings, survive abortions, and I am one of them. We are just as human as you and everyone else in the world, and the experience of having someone try to kill you before you were born makes a lasting impression on you—physically, emotionally and spiritually—that no other human should have to go through.”

Samantha Flom is a freelance political reporter for The Epoch Times

Abortion Activists Don’t Speak For This Rape Survivor Who Loved Her ‘Innocent’ Unborn Child

Department Of Defense Says Military Enlistment Wouldn’t Be So Low If Women Could Just Kill More Babies


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The latest pro-life news (10/24/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From Wisconsin Right To Life.


Punishing pro-life activists

Democrat hysteria over abortion.

Abortion harms fathers, too.

Thousands attend Matt Walsh’s ‘Rally to End Child Mutilation’. MEANWHILE…


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The latest pro-life news (10/17/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.


Myths about abortion.

Notre Dame Professor Offers Abortion Access to Students.

A mobile abortion clinic at a church? Planned Parenthood is considering just that.

Left-wing media continues siding with gender-confused athletes despite the harm done to actual girls.


Pregnant firefighter rescues woman trapped in car — then gives birth.

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The latest pro-life news (10/10/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.


The Issue Dems Are Focusing on Proves They’re Still Not Listening to Voters

‘Guns Pointed at Me’: FBI Arrests Father of 11 in Front of His Children for Pro-Life Work

Pro-Lifers Can Keep Winning But Only If We’re Smart And Steadfast

Welcome Baby 8 Billion

This November the world’s population will reach a new milestone

October 9, 2022

This November, a baby will emerge from her mother’s womb, draw her first breath, and announce her arrival into the world with a tiny cry. While this is the usual protocol for childbirth, one thing, in particular, will mark this child as unique. This baby will be Baby Eight Billion.

That day—when our planet becomes home to 8 billion human beings for the first time—marks an important milestone.

But is it a milestone on humanity’s upward path that we should celebrate or a warning of impending catastrophe over which we should despair? This depends on who you listen to.

Since the birth of Baby Seven Billion a little over a decade ago, the population controllers of the United Nations Population Fund and Planned Parenthood have not changed their tune. Their answer is clear: They would have preferred that Baby Eight Billion had never been born.

In fact, by promoting and performing as many abortions as possible, even up to the point of childbirth, they are doing all they can to reduce our numbers.

On the other hand, we celebrate the birth of Baby Eight Billion. We say, the more, the merrier.

Some Gloomy Guses say the world is overpopulated and that disaster looms. Sixty years ago, they said we would starve in the dark. Well, that didn’t happen.

Consider doing this. The next time you fly anywhere in the world, get a window seat, and look down. What you will see is an empty planet. We have room for Baby Eight Billion, Baby Nine Billion, and Baby Ten Billion, too!

But, in all likelihood, we will never reach such numbers.

The real problem our world faces now is a demographic winter. Our numbers are simply not growing much anymore. Fertility rates have plummeted.

Except for a few countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the world is now experiencing below-replacement fertility. Couples are no longer replacing themselves.

Many countries in Europe and Asia are in demographic freefall. This includes China, the most populous country on the planet.

So what happens to humanity, then? There ought to be vastly more young people than old people. Instead, we will have the opposite. The population pyramid will be upside down.

A rapidly aging society means stagnant economies. It is the young with their long-time horizons who start businesses, buy homes and cars, and drive the economy forward.

At the same time, the pressure on social services ratchets up to unsustainable levels, as there are ever more oldsters who need them than youngsters who can pitch in to help.

Did you know that the situation in Italy is so dire that rapidly depopulating hill towns are giving away houses to lure people to move in? Wolves have made a reappearance in certain parts of Germany.

Some say the world is rife with problems. It certainly is. We all know that. But we know that mankind is not the problem. Mankind is the answer.

Remember when they predicted famine in India? Hundreds of millions were going to starve, they said. And then, a scientist from Iowa named Norman Borlaug came up with a way for agricultural acreage to produce more grain—exponentially more grain. Not only did India not experience a famine, but it became a net exporter of grain.

What became known as the Green Revolution soon spread all over the world.

In other words, whatever problems man can cook up, man can also solve.

This is why we welcome Baby Eight Billion.

Who knows what wonders our newest little addition will cook up, and what problems she will solve through her genius.

And, odds are, she will marry and have children, perhaps many children, thus providing for the future in the most fundamental way—by providing for the next generation of humanity.

This, too, is a miracle.

Let us also join together in celebrating the birth of Baby Eight Billion. He or she is a sign of our hope and a guarantee of our future happiness and prosperity.

Baby Eight Billion, boy or girl, black or white, is not a liability, but an asset. Not a curse, but a blessing for all of us.

—Steven W. Mosher is the president of the Population Research Institute


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The latest pro-life news (10/03/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.


When America Finds Her Heart, America Will Find Her Soul

How killing babies is killing our country
By Roger Koopman
September 27, 2022

I see the faces.

The little girls in pretty sun dresses. The little boys proudly showing off their new sneakers and baseball caps. Playing in playgrounds on swingsets that now lie empty.

Can we see their faces? Do our consciences ache for them? Do we feel an abiding sense of loss, knowing that we’ll never have the opportunity to know them? Is there any compassion, any empathy in any corner of our hearts for them?

These kids were created to live and to thrive, but instead they became a sacrifice for someone else’s idea of life, someone else’s idea of liberty. Yet, the specter of discarded children bespeaks of neither life nor liberty. We see not. We feel not. We know not. And America continues to lose its soul.

The chilling messages on pro-abortion protest signs tell the story. Slogans such as “Every Child a Wanted Child,” “No Mandatory Motherhood,” “Abortion, Where Accidents Unhappen,” “I Didn’t Want It. Take It Off Me,” and “Our Bodies, Our Futures, Our Abortions.”

The common theme in these messages is unbridled selfishness, and the assertion that my rights, my life, and my future take precedence over anyone else’s.

We Americans strive to teach our kids a very different ethic, based on personal virtue and service to others. We want our children to be givers, not takers—to be kind to their friends and share compassionately and sacrificially. In doing so, we’re forming in their little consciences the very essence of humanity—the brick and mortar of community and of civil society. Putting others first, and setting aside one’s own desires for someone else’s sake. Showing the humility of Jesus, who bent down and scrubbed his disciples’ feet. The very soul of America is based on these core values that formed our uniquely American concepts of self-government.

Two British ministers, visiting America in 1834, wrote: “America will be great if America is good. If not, her greatness will vanish away like a morning cloud.”

Signs such as “Our Bodies, Our Futures, Our Abortions” reflect none of the goodness, the charity, or the sacrifice that the ministers observed. The signs say only that there’s no room in the human heart for the person on the other side of the suction tube—the person who has no signs to carry and no voice with which to speak.

Our Founders recognized that the foundation of a free society rests on the bedrock principle of putting the rights of others ahead of our own. Those rights are natural, God-given, and bestowed equally upon every individual. In those days, Americans understood that respecting—and indeed prioritizing—the rights of “the other guy” was essential in the future of a free country.

Since Joe Biden’s first day in office, we’ve witnessed the unraveling of America at a pace none of us thought possible. It almost feels like we’re living in a country we no longer recognize, surrounded by fellow citizens with whom we no longer have anything in common. By definition, such is not a country, just a rude and brutal collection of warring interests—a witches’ brew of greed, victimhood, and self-pity, with virtue signaling on the top and selfishness at the bottom. No area of American life has been left untouched by the rot that’s taken hold of our culture and our foundational institutions.

We keep asking ourselves, how could things have gone so crazy, so fast? What set us up for such a sudden and dramatic decline in all the unifying principles and traditions Americans once held so dear? Where did all the power and influence come from that’s extinguishing the American spirit and numbing the conscience of our country? What’s causing Americans to become so downright mean—and so paranoid and insecure about competing viewpoints that, for the first time in our history, the immediate reaction of many Americans is to ridicule and censor the opinions they don’t like?

I would suggest that while the evidence of America’s decline is external, the rot itself is internal. While we can talk about a puppet president and the political opportunism of the authoritarian far left, we still need to answer the question, “What is it that swung the door wide open to a fundamental remaking of America?”

The real transformation has been on the inside—the gradual shifting of the basic values, visions, and beliefs of most Americans, a process that has effectively seared the American conscience and created a complacent, compliant society that shrugs at their lost freedoms and at the human cruelty and depravity they see, yet choose not to see, all around them.

How else can we reconcile the deadness of the American heart to the daily human carnage we passively call “abortion”? For indeed, America’s soul dies a little more each day with each baby that’s killed and forgotten. Sixty-three million and counting.

Society has certainly come to a point where we understand as “settled science” that what grows in a mother’s womb is human life. It’s fully human, not any other kind of creature or organism. It’s fully alive and growing, not in any sense an inanimate or discardable object. It’s also fully complete. From the moment of conception, the human fetus is genetically “all there.” That single-celled zygote has everything that the full-grown adult will be. The only thing he or she needs is time—and the right to be left alone.

Furthermore, unlike animals, the human fetus is uniquely a person, possessing a spirit (soul) that distinguishes that person from everyone else who has ever lived on this earth—a spirit with the capacity to have a personal relationship not only with other human beings, but also with the creator and ruler of the universe.

It follows, then, that there’s no greater calling for the government of a free society than the protection and preservation of innocent human life. And we must again ask ourselves, is there any human life more innocent than that of the yet-to-be-born child in the womb? Is there any greater act of justice and compassion than the defense of that child from violence and death? Is there any greater measure of our society’s civility?

I can understand people’s appeals to the rights of privacy and of personal choice. As Americans, we value these assumed liberties. But liberty begins with life. Life trumps privacy. Life trumps personal choice. Life trumps everything. The beginning of life is the beginning of liberty. Without life, there’s no liberty.

This brings us back to the question of what happened to America’s soul. That soul began to die when we first became morally indifferent to the killing of our fellow citizens who were waiting to be born. It’s fundamentally impossible to embrace the founding principles of American freedom while ignoring the horror that’s going on in the wombs of many of America’s women—women who were given the inestimable privilege of carrying and bringing a new human life into the world. Instead, they “chose” for these children pain, violence, and death.

It’s fundamentally impossible for the spirit of liberty to survive while we allow the lives and liberty of millions to end up as incinerated medical waste.

It isn’t about our universities, our TV networks and major dailies, our corporate wokeism, or even the political crooks and hoodlums who call themselves our leaders. It’s about us. When we tolerate the execution of precious human life, we tolerate all the rest. We have created in our moral apathy all of the ugliness and depravity we see around us. All of the censorship and authoritarianism that’s laying waste to our liberties. It won’t stop until the killing stops. Until we have found our national and individual moral conscience again.

You want to save America? Save the babies first.

—Roger Koopman is a former small businessman, two-term state legislator and two-term public service commissioner. He lives in Bozeman, Mont.

Parents are stealing from their children the choice to have children.

Planned Parenthood claims Ana de Armas’ Marilyn Monroe film ‘Blonde’ is too pro-life.


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The latest pro-life news (09/12/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.


‘A wakeup call’: more Republicans are softening staunch anti-abortion stance.

Abortion Clinics Witness Surge In Out-Of-State Appointments.

Report assesses threats to religious pro-life Americans following overturn of Roe v. Wade.


Elderly Couple Among Last to Receive Signed Letter From The Queen–Delivered the Day She Died.

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The latest pro-life news (09/05/22)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin.

From WRTL.


Biden’s Soul: He Favors Mass Killing of Unborn Babies.

As Biden Calls Pro-Lifers ‘MAGA Republicans,’ Pro-Life Democrats Ask: What About Us?

The Midterms Lesson Republicans Should Take From Dobbs Isn’t To Back Down But To Fight Harder.

Abortion Abolishionism Is Not the Answer For Republicans.

Abortion pill providers seek to bend or break pro-life state laws.


8-year-old girl chats with ISS astronaut using ham radio.

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