UPDATE: Want to speak at a Franklin School Board meeting? Bring a photo ID

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The update:

One of my readers attended the Oak Creek-Franklin School Board meeting Monday night and informs they allow 30 minutes for community comments. In addition a gentleman from South Milwaukee was allowed to speak without any concerns or issues raised about his residency.

Here is the Oak Creek-Franklin rule:

Speakers will be limited to no more than 3 minutes. The Board President will end the time for public input no later than 30 minutes after it begins and any remaining speakers will then be requested to submit their comments to the Board in writing or return at the next Board meeting.

Also they have this option: “Note, you may submit a written comment to the Board through the District Website.”

Clearly the Oak Creek-Franklin process is far more reasonable and responsive to the taxpaying public than the petty and personal policy recently enacted by the Franklin School Board.

Out of spite the Franklin School Board is now censoring folks because they had the audacity to disagree with and/or question the school district.

Who, what is next?

No one would object to this sign, would they?

Unfortunately, yes.

Right here in Franklin.

The signs sits on S. 76th Street on the east side of the street, just south of Rawson Avenue.

Hateful Leftists on a hard Leftist FB forum in Franklin, not surprisingly, have their noses out of joint.

Their first extremely petty objection was that it somehow violates the city’s sign ordinance. Ooh, now that certainly would be outrageous. Can you imagine a mob of angry citizens storming Franklin City Hall in protest?

After awhile the haters discovered something else to whine about. They claim the sign is political.

You see the sign is paid for according to the disclaimer clearly displayed at the bottom by No Better Friend Corporation. That’s a 501(c)(4) working to implement and advocate for solutions to problems while also proactively reaching out and bringing new voices into the conservative movement.

Kevin Nicholson, a decorated U.S. Marine, is the Volunteer President of No Better Friend Corporation who has not decided yet if he will run for WI Governor or the U.S. Senate.

The sign is NOT political. It is not advocating for any political candidate whatsoever. And the Back the Badge crowd does not belong to any political party. Suggesting the above sign is political is absurd.

Here’s the deal. This hateful bunch doesn’t give a rat’s posterior that someone might be violating the city’s powerful sign ordinance. The message on the sign, promoted on a very busy Franklin street, is what they can’t stomach.

Now toss in the fact it’s funded by a conservative Republican and their heads are exploding.

Here’s hoping the city doesn’t cave and allows this glorious sign to remain.

Who can beat Franklin’s high school football team?

According to the Associated Press, Franklin High School’s football team is rated #1 in the entire state in the Large Division (enrollment 900 and up).

No surprise. The Sabers have steamrolled their way so far to an undefeated season. Before the schedule began the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote:

Going into the 2021 high school football season, no team in southeast Wisconsin looks better on paper than the Franklin Sabers.

The defending Southeast Conference champion returns nine starters on offense and depending on how you count them, six to eight on defense.

When you add in the Sabers’ track record of success – they’ve averaged 9.6 wins per season over the past decade – there is legitimate reason to believe the sky is the limit this season.

Here’s how Franklin has done so far and the rest of the schedule.

This team is a juggernaut.

Could be unbeatable.

Who could possibly stop them?

Who could derail their potential state championship run?

Here’s who.
Courtney Day

Director of Health

City of Franklin

Along with help from:
Judy Mueller

District Administrator

Franklin Public Schools


Today (Thursday) the WI Legislative Fiscal Bureau (the best of its kind in the nation BTW) issued a  memorandum providing  information on the estimated level of state support provided for K-12 education statewide and to individual school districts in 2020-21.

If we look at just Franklin, and total the net general school aids, categorical school aids, and the school levy tax credit, here’s the state support appropriated to Franklin Public Schools:


That’s just state support. The majority of a Franklin property taxpayer’s local annual property tax bill goes to the schools.

Today’s DPI figures come on the same day the state DPI Superintendent and teacher union hack Jill Underly was sobbing all over the floor that schools don’t siphon enough out of taxpayers’ wallets.


Wisconsin is still struggling to make up for the cuts that were made to public education during the Great Recession, despite the fact that over half the U.S. has found a way to do so. As a consequence, in 2020, we graduated an entire generation of kids who have known nothing but austerity in our school funding. Who have known years of divestment in their future. This, folks, is the state of our education in Wisconsin.

To truly move forward, we need a school finance system that works for all public schools.

Despite an unprecedented budget surplus, the same unprecedented surplus that was foreshadowed a couple of years ago in the 2019 Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding, the legislature claimed one-time money provided by the federal government was sufficient and failed to address the needs of our schools and our students once again.

Make no mistake, the one-time federal money for COVID-19 relief is not enough… the legislature’s short-sightedness instead put our schools on a path to a fiscal cliff and more hurtful, harmful choices in the years ahead.

I’m tired of our schools and our children crying for a banquet and when there is the opportunity to have it, being served empty plates by the legislature.

—Jill Underly in her State of Education address today


Funding for K-12 education in Wisconsin is at historic levels, and this year our schools received a massive amount of one-time federal dollars. The Democrats’ singular focus to push more money into schools isn’t a winning strategy for our kids. We need to look at improving how they are being taught and why so many students are struggling with the basics – reading, writing, and arithmetic.

We’ve seen the consequences the pandemic has played on our kids’ education, we should be focusing on doing assessments so teachers can have a better understanding of where students need to get caught up.

Throwing even more money at the problem will not fix it. Evaluating curriculum, academic testing, and allowing parents to be a part of the conversation are real solutions Legislative Republicans will continue to fight for in the classroom.

—Assembly Speaker Robin Vos

Want to speak at a Franklin School Board meeting? Bring a photo ID

Classmunity Logo - Franklin Public Schools Logo - Free Transparent PNG  Download - PNGkey

Week by week the Franklin School Board gets goofier and more unpopular.

Free speech? What the hell is that?

Every board meeting has a community comment period. One would think it is what it says it is.

But here’s a note from the agenda for tonight’s school board meeting:

Community Comment

Participants under this agenda item must be residents of the Franklin Public School District or parents/guardians of Franklin Public School District students, and must limit their statements to three (3) minutes, with a maximum of 15 minutes for any and all comment.

The requirement pertaining to residents is a brand new stipulation.

I went back to the audio and video of school board meetings all the way to April. School Board President Mike Spragg never read “Participants under this agenda item must be residents of the Franklin Public School District or parents/guardians of Franklin Public School District students” while introducing this agenda item.

Why the change? It’s clear.

At the September 8th Franklin School Board meeting Franklin resident Evgenia Vasylenko got up to speak as she has done many, many times. Only this time she was immediately and abruptly stopped by Spragg who refused to let her comment. He objected claiming Vasylenko wasn’t a resident of the district. For the record she lives in the Oak Creek-Franklin school district and open enrolled her children into the Franklin district. The fact is Vasylenko has respectfully been a thorn in the school district’s side, calmly and passionately arguing in support of Franklin students by lobbying that masks be optional. I’ve seen and heard her presentations to the board. Her evidence has always been solid.

I believe Spragg and other school board members don’t like Vasylenko. She has been vocal in her opposition to the board, its policies, and the way it conducts its business. They don’t like that, and thus, don’t appreciate that Vasylenko would dare be critical.

Spragg should have simply allowed Vasylenko to have her allotted three minutes. What would it have hurt? What was Spragg afraid of?

Vasylenko is a model citizen. She was born in a village in Southern Ukraine in a family of farmers who made their living by growing and selling vegetables. Her father was also a mechanic, and repaired cars in his home garage. Vasylenko graduated from a university with honors and holds a Master’s Degree in teaching.

The school district has treated Vasylenko shabbily. Apparently it’s now personal. Cross paths with school board members that only want to hear accolades and have their rings kissed and you’ll have your speaking privileges revoked. The new residency requirement was designed to get back at folks like Vasylenko. That’s cowardly.

After Patti Logsdon’s latest bash against the Rock, Steve Taylor responds, and how

Long before shovels broke ground for Franklin’s Ballpark Commons (BPC), Milwaukee County Supervisor Patti Logsdon has despised the project.

Logsdon’s animosity for the highly successful and popular economic development has angered residents as well as community movers and shakers. The supervisor didn’t help her cause on Thursday when she made disparaging remarks about the Rock Sports Complex at a meeting of the Milwaukee County Board’s Audit Committee. Her contention that contractually the Rock owes Milwaukee County in the ballpark of around $1 million is being disputed as simply not true.

Watching Logsdon during the virtual Audit Committee meeting Thursday was Steve Taylor. Logsdon defeated Taylor in 2018 to take his county board seat, but did so with the help of $129,069 in attack campaign lit pieces funded by former Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and his Leadership MKE group.

Not long after the dust had settled Thursday from the Audit Committee meeting Taylor e-mailed a sizzling e-mail to Logsdon.  Taylor has given me permission to post. The subject line of the e-mail read “Keep up the Good Work.”


It is amazing how often you keep stepping in it.  First, I heard that you blame everyone but yourself for your “Blue Fist” backdrop at the July County Board Meeting.  Take some responsibility for heaven’s sake. This will be used in the next election and I can promise you that.  Secondly I know for a fact that you have zero standing with the County Board and administration and therefore the residents of Hales Corners will once again most likely get screwed because of your ineptness.  I didn’t put $575,000 into Hales Corners Pool to have you close it. Once again the buck stops with you. 

I am going to use a phrase that you use multiple times a day…… “I was told” you babbled and lectured the mayors and village presidents at the ICC Meeting.  The feedback I received from multiple sources was that while you were speaking most were on their phones because they too know you are not a credible elected official.  I sure wish I would have been in town to witness this train wreck.  Your press release is another example of the continued nothingness that comes out of your office.  

I watched the Audit Committee Meeting and as always you brought nothing to the table and your math skills are obviously lacking.  This doesn’t surprise me because I know you have trouble managing your personal finances and as a result you have lousy credit.  Thank God you aren’t on the Finance Committee.  I can’t believe how out of touch you are with the BPC Development.  The majority of Franklin residents and surrounding communities strongly approve of what is taking place on its campus.  You have insulted business owners at Chamber of Commerce events and have foolishly aligned yourself with the worst individuals who reside in our community.  Thankfully everything I just stated means the days of you stealing from Milwaukee County taxpayers will be ending in April.  I can’t believe that when your time is up the residents will have forked over $100k in your salary which is highway robbery.

Finally, I have been monitoring the Independent Redistricting Committee’s work because as I am sure you are aware that I sponsored the ordinance in 2016.  I am extremely pleased to see that the current maps show a district that includes all of Franklin and Hales Corners and only a sliver of Oak Creek.  This district couldn’t have been tailored any better.  Get it…..tailored as in Taylor…LOL

All My Best!!

Steve F. Taylor

Logsdon doesn’t like that I’ve written negative, critical blogs about her. They happen to be true.

And she’s no longer a quiet, behind the scenes, pencil pushing accountant. Elected officials are fair game when it comes to scrutiny and criticism.

Logsdon is not very astute politically. She’s oblivious to the fact she’s made enemies and is not well-liked.

If Steve Taylor runs against Logsdon, and I’m beginning to he think he will, she’s in for a dogfight.  She’s under siege. Not quite like Taylor in 2018, but still squarely on the radar. Shoe’s on the other foot. Wonder how she likes it.

Milw. Co. Supervisor Logsdon continues her attack on The Rock

Premium Seating & Hospitality - Milwaukee Milkmen

Make no mistake. Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Patti Logsdon who represents part of Franklin HATES The Rock complex in Franklin, one of the most popular destinations in Milwaukee County.

A comment she made to the contrary at a meeting of the County Board’s Audit Committee was completely disingenuous. More on that in a bit.

The Audit Committee met online Wednesday as county auditors presented a review of the three main agreements between the county and the Rock. The audit is here and it’s nowhere near sexy reading. If you’d prefer your brain not bleed suffice to say the review found “the county’s monitoring of the agreements” needs improvement and the Rock needs to do a better job of keeping records about their community benefits goals. Hardly scandalous findings.

At the committee meeting, Logsdon who is not a member of the committee opened her remarks complaining she was “appalled” that a committee she sits on that has data on this issue should have received the audit to discuss and not just the Audit Committee. Not exactly going for the jugular.

Logsdon then said that if the Rock has financial obligations and owes the county money, then the Rock is liable. She quoted a figure of $1 million not being collected that could be used for county purposes. Other than mentioning “youth sports” Logsdon failed to specify what kind of government spending and specific programs could/would be the recipients.

The Rock’s popular The Hill Has Eyes sold so many tickets in 2020 that the Rock had no reason it couldn’t fulfill their county obligations, Logsdon asserted as she mentioned a total of more than $600,000 in sales. But the self-proclaimed 35-year accountant didn’t take into account expenses.

Oh this is a good one. The audit title: “Between The Rock and a Hard Place.” Logsdon said that was an insult to people in the community. If this was an argument when I was a kid in elementary school someone would bring out “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” At least Logson didn’t say she was “appalled.”

Logsdon wasn’t through. Her pleas to have the audit referred to her own committee were falling on deaf ears and she knew it.

“We (she and other members of the Economic and Community Development) aren’t doing this against anything with the Rock. We’re happy they’re a successful entity. What we’re doing is if they have monies owed to Milwaukee County we want to rightfully collect our monies. We need this money.

“My district had to close one of my pools down because of lack of funds.”

That’s the Hales Corners Pool. One of Logsdon’s vocal opponents, former Supervisor Steve Taylor who she defeated in 2018 has been applying the heat because the pool was a popular project when he represented the district. Logsdon has done little, if anything to resurrect the pool, and is now trying to scapegoat the Rock for her lack of success.

“We (she and other members of the Economic and Community Development) aren’t doing this against anything with the Rock. We’re happy they’re a successful entity.”

That’s a crock. Logsdon has always opposed the Rock.

From my blog of March 30, 2018 when Logsdon ran against Taylor:

Two years ago I endorsed Patti Logsdon in her race against Taylor. At that time we did talk about the project and she was not all that thrilled about it.

A few weeks ago on March 15 (2018) in an e-mail to Logsdon I asked about her position.

When we had our lengthy discussion the last time you ran you said you’d have an open mind. I’ve heard that you are vehemently opposed. To be fair I’ve not written anything about this issue as it pertains to the race but I might. So, did you oppose the project while it was being deliberated? Did you voice opposition in any discussions or meetings with neighbors who are opposed? Now that’s it been approved what are your feelings about the project?

Logsdon responded.

Kevin,  I have an open mind about the project, which, as you note, is already approved.  Any opposition you heard that I held for the project is directly related to the dissatisfaction that the residents living near to it have shared: they feel like elected officials are not listening to them and their quality of life is affected in the end.  It is easy to support economic development, but a division has been caused in our community that I think could have been largely avoided if those closest to the project had earnestly worked to appease many of the concerns raised by the citizens. Instead, they feel run over and I have compassion for that.  I have spoken up, specifically at Steve Taylor’s town hall meeting.  I respectfully asked a question about why other options proposed by John Weishan in a county board meeting were not considered, and Taylor’s response was to attack me publicly, saying that I was being a liberal and was against the project. I didn’t attack the project, I asked a question; and Steve Taylor doesn’t know the difference.

I wrote back.

Thank you, but you didn’t answer my questions.

On March 22 I offered Logsdon another opportunity to respond and have not heard from her.

Finally this from the 66-page audit on the Rock released this week:

One unfortunate byproduct of the Ballpark Commons project has been the outsized influence of a handful of individuals who protested the project from the beginning who have transferred their protest to any other project that Parks seeks to accomplish in this area such as rebuilding our roads or operating our trail system. Parks needs to continue to provide services in this area and the complaints that have been generated from some constituents are beginning to impair our ability to do so…and while receiving and responding to complaints is a necessary part of providing good customer service, we must also use judgment in assessing complaints and make decisions that positively impact the most people.

As of May  2021, we had received directly or forwarded from another County entity, 63 complaints regarding the Rock. Those complaints were from 12 individuals in total with one individual being responsible for 34 emails alone.

The Audit Committee voted to refer the audit back to the committee next month for further discussion.