Today’s highly interesting read (01/21/21): Trump’s Top-10 Triumphs: A Last Look At A Remarkable Presidency

Nothing has bugged me more lately than supposed conservative Republicans claiming Trump had few accomplishments. Some actually foolishly say he had, are you ready, none.

Today’s read is from Issues and Insights. Here’s an excerpt:

We thought we’d review some of his biggest accomplishments while in office. We call them “triumphs,” because they were all big achievements executed against great odds.

More than any other president of recent memory, Trump fought hard for average working Americans. And contrary to the epithets thrown at him by his far-left detractors in the Democratic Party, his policies helped low-income and minority Americans most of all.

Given the at-times unhinged nature of the criticism directed at Trump’s presidency by the left and Republican “never-Trumpers,” Trump’s performance in just four years was nothing short of remarkable. He promulgated dozens, if not hundreds, of successful policies that other presidents talked about, but never secured.

Read the entire column here.


City of Franklin unveils new logo and branding

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Franklin Common Council the citizen comment period had only two speakers. One was a kindly older gentleman who praised the council and Strauss. That didn’t sit well with the next speaker, Franklin’s Mr. Radical who was disrespectful to the first speaker and went on his typical tirade against Franklin, ironically ending with:

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish as fools.”

Oh, and “misconstrusion?”

If you care to watch it begins at about the 3:00 mark.

Crowded field running for Franklin School Board

No photo description available.

From the City Clerk’s Office regarding February 16, 2021 primary:

Below are the names and ballot placement order for the candidates of the Franklin School Board.

Maqsood Khan

Ann Sepersky

Shuchi Wadhwa

Jeffrey P. Hall

Angela Christie

Claude W. Lewis

Angela Bier

Vote for not more than 3.  Three seats are open, which means the six candidates with the most votes will proceed to the April 6 Spring Election ballot.

MY OBSERVATIONS: While I would prefer the incumbents be knocked out and we get a newer board I realize that might not be possible. The two incumbents are Claude Lewis and Ann Sepersky.

Lewis had a seat, then gave it up, then his son got on the board, then he left and Claude Lewis got back on. So he has some experience.

Sepersky wasn’t elected to the board. She was appointed in October. So she has a whopping three months  tenure. She promotes herself with two claims to fame:

1) She helped get a change in district policy on classroom sizes.

2) She attended a lot of board meetings before being appointed.

Honestly, that doesn’t cut it for me.

Larry Gamble, the current board president, is not running. He didn’t make a very good case for himself during the Franklin High School football debacle.

Candidate Angela Christie has come bursting out of the gate with the earliest efforts to make an impression.

I await to hear from the other candidates. I don’t have high expectations.

My message to those running.

Advantage Buccaneers?

Image may contain: people playing sports, text that says '#TBvsGB CHAMPNSHIP HOTG BUCCANEERS 00 12 SUNDAY, JÁN. 24 I 2:05 PM CT LAMBEAU FIELD BUCCANEERS VS PACKERS #PACKERSUNITED'

I always like to see what the newspapers in the cities of opposing teams have to say about an upcoming game. Check this out:

For a moment, let’s dispense with the manufactured duel. While hype is sure to continue festering over Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, the pair never will be on the field at the same time Sunday. The more literal matchup in the NFC title game at Lambeau Field will involve Rodgers against Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, and Brady versus Packers coordinator Mike Pettine. As far as the latter pairing goes, well, Bucs fans should be beaming.

Read more here.

Today’s highly interesting read (01/20/21): How Joe Biden Will Open The Floodgates To Transgendering Public Schools

Political Cartoons by Pat Cross

This could be the OUTRAGE OF THE WEEK. Biden plans to sign 17 executive orders later today, including one on this issue.

Today’s read is from Here’s an excerpt:

“Joe Biden said that on his first day of office, he will give transgender students access to sports, bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity in all federally funded schools,” a reporter said to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer after the election, in December. “Do you think he has the ability to do this and do you agree with his decision?”

“I agree with the decision and I know he’ll check things out thoroughly, legally,” Schumer responded.

Now let’s refresh what we’ve already seen in schools with the encouragement of the Obama administration and leftist judges, which Biden has openly promised to revive. Some of this would happen without federal pressure, but there is no doubt that federal pressure accelerates and expands this publicly funded assault on children.

Read the entire column here for more.

Today’s highly interesting read (01/19/21): Are Democrats Really This Dumb?

The Origin of the Word Dunce

This is really good stuff. The kind you’ll never read in the MSM newspapers or see on MSM television.

From columnist Derek Hunter. Here’s your tease:

There isn’t much Democrats won’t try to exploit when money is on the line. We’ve seen them fundraise off of murders and riots, so nothing is sacred in pursuit of the dollar. Here are some quotes from a few of the most paranoid, angry, and just plain dumb fundraising emails Democrats have sent in just the last week. (Any and all spelling and grammar errors, like the idiocy in the words, are all theirs. ALL emails were sent on January 16th.)

Read about all those wacko fundraisers here.