Today’s highly interesting read (05/25/2023): Puppy Dog Republicans Afraid to Act

Shortly before the November 2020 election President Trump spoke in Wisconsin at one of his typical huge rallies where he stated:

“Republicans don’t play the tough game.”

And he was right. All too often the GOP is downright wussy. Following a stinging defeat many Republicans whine and wonder why? They should be asking if they fought hard enough and if not, why not.

Today’s read is from Steve Feinstein. Here’s a portion:

Naïve Republican lawmakers are not helping the country, their constituents or themselves by crawling back to the Democrat boot that just kicked them across the room and hoping that by wagging their tail, maybe this time they’ll get a different outcome.

The country doesn’t need any more Republican puppy dogs. The country needs Republican Doberman Pinschers.

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (05/25/2023): Puppy Dog Republicans Afraid to Act

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