Today’s highly interesting read (05/24/2023): Debunking the ‘Trump can’t win the general’ Myth

I take great pride in being honest on my Facebook and personal blog ( pages, sometimes brutally so. Nothing grinds my beans more these days than these so-called social media experts who go off  half–cocked wildly proclaiming that Donald Trump has no chance to win a general presidential election. No way. No how they bellow.

Don’t know what kind of crystal ball, Ouija board, or Magic 8 ball they possess but I’m not about to invite them on a trip to Vegas.

One GOP activist whom I actually praised in a glowing blog post condescendingly disrespected my stance that Trump is a force to be reckoned with because the young guy (28) felt he knew better having knocked on doors during campaigns.

Sorry, young man, but in this instance that’s not all that impressive. And when I was 28 I never dreamed of using such an arrogant tone with someone with, in my case, decades more experience.

For him, and all the others who say Trump couldn’t possibly win again, I offer today’s read that has real substantive arguments, not just a finger in the wind. It’s from Matt Kane, a writer who graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Extensive, thorough, outstanding reading. Here’s an excerpt.

As the presidential primary season commences, many career politicians, “experts,” and news outlets have already made one thing abundantly clear. “While Donald Trump might win the nomination, he has no path to win the general election” they say, or something to that effect. Some suggest that even Trump and his supporters secretly know this. These are bold statements for anybody to make so early in a primary cycle, let alone people who have decades of political experience. The average person could easily read those quotes attached to prominent names and assume they must be true. But as we have seen time and again during the Trump era, when so many predict his demise, the opposite often occurs.

There are a few key elements to examine when contemplating potential election outcomes. Despite all the intricate dialogue that floods the airwaves during U.S. elections, it’s not rocket science. Measuring swing states, overall voter enthusiasm, and primary challenges is the blueprint to follow.

Read the entire column here.

3 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (05/24/2023): Debunking the ‘Trump can’t win the general’ Myth

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