Week-ends (05/20/2023)

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Justice Neil Gorsuch

13-year old boy in Michigan with slingshot

Rebecka Peterson




Sarah Bonner

Laura Miniard


“Clearly, there was a Clinton campaign strategy to frame Trump. Yet the most sensible interpretation of the evidence Durham has amassed is not that the FBI, in evaluating its collusion evidence, failed to weigh intercepted Russian intelligence about that strategy. It is that the FBI was well aware of Clinton’s strategy, fully expected Clinton to be the next president, and helped implement the strategy, regardless of what Russian spies may or may not have thought about it.”
Andrew McCarthy

“The Durham Report shows, in essence, collusion between the Clinton campaign, FBI, and the Obama administration to weaponize government power against Trump. It is appreciably worse than Watergate. It was far deeper in the bowels of the government and reached to the highest levels.”
Ben Shapiro

“Biden just told [Howard University] black graduates that the moment they step foot out into the world, they’ll be victimized by whites. What kind of hopeful future is that? Sadly, the picture for black Americans is indeed presently fairly bleak, but it’s not Biden’s political opponents who are responsible for that. … Our great nation would benefit tremendously if more Americans of every color could see through the racial lies and demagoguery of the Left. After all, the message of Liberty is colorblind.”
Nate Jackson

If America is systemically racist against blacks, if every white American is a racist, why have more than 4 million blacks immigrated to America from Africa and the Caribbean? Are they dumb? Is there any other example of a vast number of people immigrating to a country that hates them? Did any Jews immigrate to Germany after the Nazis came to power in 1933?”
Dennis Prager

“Unlike the Republicans, [Democrats] don’t have a clear future. No Democrat as young as DeSantis stands out as their next-generation leader. Ten years ago, that was supposed to be Barack Obama. But instead of ushering in a new Democratic Party, the Obama years ended with a nostalgia trip. The party looked back to Hillary Clinton as its 2016 nominee. It looked backward again, to Joe Biden, in 2020.”
Daniel McCarthy

“It’s easy to laugh at and mock the left’s transgender insanity. But this is deadly serious. The people who fall for this almost always do so because they want to be ‘tolerant’ and ‘compassionate.’ But they fail to realize that the thing they are tolerating intends to stamp out all normalcy.”
Gary Bauer

If you watch MSNBC you would be justified in believing Joe Biden is the most righteous man ever to walk upright, and he’s also smart as a whip. If you watch conservative media you see evidence he and his family got rich selling access to his positions and watch clip after clip of a man clearly suffering mental decline.

Two different worlds.

How can those two worlds live together? The truth is they can’t, at least not indefinitely. The left is committed to their story and the audience is locked in, airtight, so any inconvenient facts won’t seep in.

That leaves those of us who live in reality with two options: fight or flight. I’d rather see the RNC (and every right of center group) run ads on television everywhere with 30 seconds of truth (not hyperbolic ads trying to raise money, but to inform people who’ve not been exposed to reality in a while) rather than fighting over who gets custody of the dogs. 

The United States is worth fighting to save, but it’s not worth handcuffing ourselves to a suicide bomber over. If the left wants to destroy itself, eventually we have to let them and make sure we don’t go down with them. If the time does come for that national divorce, so be it. Just make sure we get the east so the left can’t further destroy our history, the Great Lakes for the water and a lot of farm land and oil country, they can have the rest. They’ve pretty much ruined it all already, and when they age themselves out of existence through sterilization and mutilation – when they rediscover how gender and biology work far too late to matter – we’ll just take it back anyway. So, think of it less as a divorce and more of a trial separation; irreconcilable differences between two worlds that simply can’t exist simultaneously. 
Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast and author of the book, Outrage, INC.


The Durham Report


Police are stretched thin


Daniel Perry is a threat to law and order


Bear in a tree holds Michigan city in suspense for hours

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