Today’s highly interesting read (05/02/2023): Time for a National Popular Vote in Order to Combat Election Fraud

The Electoral College ensures that our national politics stay national.

It keeps states in charge of election administration and contains disputes within individual states. Under our current system, there are no nationwide recounts, and presidential appointees do not run presidential elections. Eliminating the Electoral College, or nullifying it with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, would eliminate these benefits and radically change American politics.

Reasons to Keep the Electoral College

  • The Founding Fathers thought it was the best way to choose the president.
  • The U.S. Constitution should be amended only rarely.
  • It safeguards against uninformed or uneducated voters.
  • It prevents states with larger populations from having undue influence.
  • It forces presidential candidates to campaign in all parts of the country.
  • It lessens the likelihood of calls for recounts or demands for runoff elections.

—Trent England is the founder and director of Save Our States and the David and Ann Brown Distinguished Fellow at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.

I tend to concur. That’s why I have trouble wrapping my head around today’s read.

It’s from Rachel Alexander, a conservative commentator and editor of the Intellectual Conservative. And like the headline, though I may not totally agree, it’s highly interesting. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve only changed my mind on one political issue in my life, the National Popular Vote (NPV). What convinced me was that the votes of people in non-battleground states don’t count under the current electoral math. So much for one person, one vote. And with the Democrats targeting certain swing states through election fraud, we can no longer continue to rely on capturing those states; it’s become almost impossible for the right to win. If there is a National Popular Vote in place, the Democrats will have to engage in vast more fraud in order to be effective.

See if you agree.

Read the entire column here.

2 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (05/02/2023): Time for a National Popular Vote in Order to Combat Election Fraud

  1. Interesting and provocative read. While it appeals to the reactionary cynic in me, maybe just a few observations. This assumes that the nefariousness of the Democrats stays static at this point. Highly unlikely. The Electoral college still functions to a reasonable degree. There is also no telling the amount of ways that a simple ‘popular vote’ could be gamed. I still believe in ‘steering INTO the skid’. I am not ready to toss this system aside and take the chance that a new system won’t be even worse. If we let this societal rot go much longer without response, the cost of reclaiming our Republic will be staggering AND terrifying. If you don’t like my answer….well, I don’t much like it either. I have kids and grandkids and their futures mean the world to me.

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