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Lenora Dennis

These Republican women


Could mention him every week

The Left and BLM


“Nobody ever gets canceled for being too woke. So you can say the craziest thing like, ‘Men can have babies,’ and then … even though people are thinking, ‘Well, that’s kind of nuts,’ nobody will say it. They’ll just fall in line.”
Bill Maher

“For [Dylan Mulvaney] who identified as a gay man until last year to be sporting a women’s sports bra, despite having no breasts, as ‘they’ pranced around like a clueless non-athlete, mimicking how a misogynist would scornfully depict a woman doing sport, struck me as a slap in the face to actual women.”
Piers Morgan

“I don’t know who Bud Light executives think is drinking their product, but I seriously doubt it’s a bunch of guys in dresses pretending to be women. One sports bar owner said, ‘In Bud Light’s effort to be inclusive, they excluded almost everybody else, including their traditional audience.’ It seems a lot of Bud Light fans quickly ‘transitioned’ to other beverages as sales of Bud Light dropped significantly.”
Gary Bauer

“‘Womanface’ is the new blackface. It’s time to get outraged.”
Madeleine Kearns

“The beliefs of the trans activists are a reflection of the secular relativists at large. They believe that there is no God. They believe that morality is a social construct, and because it is a construct, they feel entitled to remake their own morality according to their own whims and desires. They believe that the sexual binary is also a social construct that prevents people from being their ‘authentic selves’ and therefore ‘happy.’ It truly all boils down to self-worship at the expense of everyone and everything else. The misery comes when reality finally hits, and the reality is that men can’t be women and women can’t be men. No hormone, surgery, mutilation, or expression will ever make their delusional desires real, which has led to an actual declaration of cultural war with conservatives and the religious. Their premise is wrong, but to them it makes perfect sense. They reason that if reality is what we make it to be, then those who stand in the way should be silenced or eliminated.”
Emmy Griffin

“Win, lose, or draw, the woke Left isn’t going away. It must be sent away by one powerful American business after another after another. And the only way to put that measure of steel in the spine of corporate America is for consumers to start flexing their muscles and to start speaking the language of sales.”
Douglas Andrews

“We have to tell people, number one, what we’re for; number two, that we’re going to be focused on the future and what we’re going to do for the voters in our state or the American people; and then, number three, we have to do a simple thing. We have to win.”
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

“Why is the race industry blooming? Because it is a lucrative business based on the lie that the United States is the most racist place to live; a lie that has convinced people that more murdered blacks are killed by whites, that unarmed blacks are killed all the time by police, and that straight white men are the worst of oppressors. The reality is far from that. Hatred in a human heart has all skin colors, and that is really what is at the root of racism. This lie is one of the greatest modern facilitators of injustice in this country, and the only way to fight against it is to keep telling the truth to anyone who will listen.”
Emmy Griffin

“I’m not speaking up for myself…I’m done playing sports. I’m not fighting for me. I’m actually supposed to be in dental school this year. But I’ve changed my life plans because I see what’s at stake if someone doesn’t fight for the present and next generation.”
Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines

“We should see [the Nashville shooter’s manifesto] so we can know what exactly drove this killer. And if we don’t see it, we should be free to draw some damning conclusions not only about the Biden administration’s protection racket but about the hate-filled cult of transgenderism.”
Douglas Andrews


Mother of Murdered Son Challenges Dems: ‘Go Down to the Morgue,’ ‘Lean Over into the Casket’ – Then, Tell Me It’s a ‘Sham’

Army barracks


Crime killed a quarter of a million black people


While the fact checkers are burning the midnight oil to hide these truths, here’s why you could be tracked and end up experiencing negative repercussions in other areas of your life due to your vaccination status.

  • In mid-February 2023, I reported that the U.S. government has secretly been tracking those who didn’t get the COVID jab, or are only partially jabbed, through a previously unknown surveillance program.
  • Within days, fact checkers tried to debunk the idea that individual people are being tracked, or that these data could be misused by government or third parties.
  • COVID “vaccination” status was not considered a private medical matter at all during 2021 and 2022, yet mainstream media now want you to believe that your COVID jab status is protected by medical privacy laws.
  • Your medical data are not nearly as private as you think. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is rife with exemptions when it comes to your privacy. Federal agencies such as the U. S. Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, are exempt from the privacy clauses and can access identifiable data—especially if there’s an outbreak of infectious disease, be it real or fictitious.
  • Government agencies and a number of third parties or “covered entities” can also use a number of loopholes to re-identify previously de-identified patient data.

—Dr. Joseph Mercola is the founder of Mercola.com. He wrote in the Epoch Times.


Dominion Voting Systems settled its lawsuit against FOX News for $787.5 million 


North Carolina theme park crews rescue teenager from claw game

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