Wanna get a spot in city of Franklin government? It’s easy

All you had to do these past few months was follow these simple rules.

1) For starters you had to dislike the incumbent mayor, Steve Olson.  A lot.

2) You could not be hesitant to let the whole world know you just couldn’t stand the guy.

3) Attendance during as many Franklin Common Council meetings was a must.

4) It helped if you spoke during the meeting citizen comment periods.

5) Your sole purpose during the comment periods was to rip the mayor.

6) You had to be rude…

7) Insulting…

8) Disrespectful…

9) Name call…

10) Hell. Make threatening overtones.

11) Positive remarks about the accomplishments by the mayor’s opponent were not necessary, because there weren’t any.

12) Attack the mayor on social media. ‘Like’ every unsubstantiated criticism, phony profile, sophomoric cartoon or meme ridiculing the mayor.

13) Be consistent. Mayor bad. Mayor real bad. Mayor the worst. Repeat often. His opponent? Never, ever, ever mention him.

14) After the election wait for the phone to ring for your nomination to a city position.

15) And here’s the best part. You don’t even need to be qualified! That’s your big wet kiss and thank you for simply hating the mayor and being discourteous at public meetings!

Andy Pelkey, nominated for the Board of Review by the new mayor.
Proper Qualifications: ZERO

Danelle Kenney, another vocal critic of the mayor, was nominated for the Board of Review by a new alderman (may have been an oversight).
Proper Qualifications: ZERO

The Board of Review rules on challenges to property assessments that by law are presumed to be accurate. Statutes indicate the Board of Review responsibilities are to support the assessor. Based on previous public statements and legal actions both Pelkey and Kenney are actively opposed to this concept, and should have been disqualified.

Both appointments supported by the new mayor are strictly political patronage.

More importantly, Kenney and others have sued the city of Franklin more than once.

This isn’t rocket science. You sue the city and in turn you want to…serve the city? Have we gone nuts?

I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth now. The election’s over. You lost. Get over it. Move on.

The election is indeed over. But the review and scrutiny of elected officials and the city’s administration is ongoing. It never stops.

Keep your eye on city appointments as we move forward.

9 thoughts on “Wanna get a spot in city of Franklin government? It’s easy

  1. Hey Kevin, your description sounds like you are describing me, except I only sued the city once, so far.
    Of course the big difference is I don’t want a job with the city, I just want to be left alone, something that didn’t happen under the previous mayor.
    Thank God the voters saw through Olson and removed him.
    Maybe Olson will live up to his promise of moving to Florida or S. Carolina.


  2. Kevin you and I may not agree on many items but boy isn’t this the truth. I was so embarrassed as people were just rude and ignorant. Mayor Olson will always be the kindest, always listens non judgemental mayor. He always let people speak their piece and move on. It will be interesting to say the least



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