The world’s biggest problem

For about eight straight years I was the main substitute for Mark Belling on Newstalk 1130 WISN.

One afternoon I called on the audience to weigh in on a major study (can’t remember the source) that identified what the researcher (s) believed to be the biggest threat facing America. This was during the Obama years. Listeners were asked to call in and guess what the #1 issue was according to the expert(s) or give their own perspective and be prepared to explain why. The selections offered were varied and and quite analytical.

Poor public education

A poorly trained workforce

Poor work ethic


The welfare state



Lack of family values

Not enough two-parent families

Illegal immigration

International terrorism

No one got the correct answer from the research, though one listener came close.

Domestic terrorism.

America was destroying itself from within.

We were becoming our own worst enemies.

That was several years ago. A similar discussion took place when former President Donald Trump sat down with Tucker Carlson. The interview segments were broadcast Tuesday night. Here’s one of them.

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