Week-ends (04/08/2023)

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Paramedic twins

Students at Carnegie Mellon University

Students at Limestone Community School in Lawrence, Kansas

Brad Pitt


Micah Louwagie

Rebekah Jones


“Now this didn’t turn out the way that we were looking for. And I think there are a couple of reasons for it, and I think we need to address them head on. 

“And it brings me no joy to say this; I wish that in a circumstance like this I would be able to concede to a worthy opponent. But I do not have a worthy opponent to which I can concede. This was the most deeply deceitful, dishonorable, despicable campaign I have ever seen run for the courts. It was truly beneath contempt.

“Now I say this not because we did not prevail. I do not say this because of the rancid slanders that were launched against me — although that was bad enough.

“But that is not my concern.

“My concern is the damage done to the institution of the courts. My opponent is a serial liar. She’s disregarded judicial ethics. She’s demeaned the judiciary with her behavior. And this is the future that we have to look forward to in Wisconsin.”
Dan Kelley in his concession speech after losing to Janet Protasiewicz in the race for WI Supreme Court

“She was worthy enough to whip your ass. What’s beneath contempt is more and more republicans like you losing like this—whining, weak shells of a candidacy unwilling to concede defeat.”
Former Republican National Convention Chair Michael Steele 

“Make no mistake, Justice Daniel Kelly is a constitutional scholar and a person of high moral character. That’s why I fought so hard for him. Those who care about the constitution, liberty, and freedom and the proper role of the courts are devastated. Please keep Dan in your prayers. Don’t buy into the criticism of him. It’s natural to want to blame the candidate, but this man could not have done more for us. He gave up everything and left it all on the field to save the court. What the left put him through was horrible. If you want strong conservative candidates to run for elected office, we must support those who have the courage to do what Dan did—even when they are not successful. So pray for him, send him a kind message, text, or email. Thank him for what he tried to do for us. And thank YOU for all you did to support his campaign. I really thought we were going to win.”
Judge Shelley Grogan

“I never thought anything like this could happen in America. Never thought it could happen. The only crime that I’ve committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it.”
Donald Trump after his court appearance on being indicted

“The Democrat Party’s hatred for Donald Trump knows no bounds. The ‘substance’ of this political persecution is utter garbage. This is completely unprecedented and is a catastrophic escalation in the weaponization of the justice system.”
US Senator Ted Cruz

“If you want to talk about hush money for sexual indiscretions by politicians, consider this: in the past 25 years, the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights has paid a staggering $18.2 million of taxpayer dollars to settle 291 cases of sexual harassment & other misconduct committed by members of Congress. The public shouldn’t be paying for this nonsense.”
Vivek Ramaswamy

“Trump is joining some of the most incredible people in history being arrested today. … Jesus! Jesus was arrested and murdered.”
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)

“I think that everything that could be said about this has been said. I don’t want to repeat what everybody has said.”
Journalist Brit Hume when asked if he wanted to add to the Trump indictment churn

“The real jury in this case is the public, which will decide if they want Trump to be president again. The public needs to be able to scrutinize Trump’s trial, gavel to gavel. Bragg’s legal gymnastics need to be on full display, as he attempts to leap over the statute of limitations, turn a state misdemeanor allegedly committed seven years ago into a federal felony and transform two business transactions into 34 separate crimes.”
Betsy McCaughey

“Short of some surprise lateral pass from the Bragg indictment, Trump will eventually be acquitted — a ‘victory’ that furthers the Democrat strategy to keep him ahead of the primary pack and help ensure none of his opponents becomes the nominee, including Gov. Ron DeSantis, whom Demos fear. Anyone who fails to acknowledge their strategy, or underestimates its calculated outcome, need only consider the outcomes of the 2020 election and how the 2022 midterm Republican ‘red wave’ turned into an anemic ‘red ripple,’ despite Biden’s abysmal approval polling.”
Mark Alexander

“How about we have a [media] blackout on the shooters and what they did? … Now, in baseball, when somebody runs on the field, the camera doesn’t show it. They don’t give that person any publicity. Why can’t we at least do that in this country? I don’t want to hear anything about it. … I don’t want to know what orientation this person is, how old they are, what their manifesto said. I don’t give a s**t about any of it, because it’s just going to inspire the next one because they all feed on each other. That’s the least the media could do.”
Comedian and talk-show host Bill Maher

“The question is why this culture is producing so many people who want to carry out attacks… Take the guns and you’ll still have a country infested with homicidal sociopaths. Where are they coming from? What is creating them? These are the questions we should be asking.”
Matt Walsh

“In a close [mayoral] election, Brandon Johnson won with 51.4% of the vote. Chicago voters just chose to have more of the same. As one Chicago reporter put it, ‘Chicago chose progress over moderation.’ No, it chose social justice and equity quotas over public safety. This is not surprising but still disappointing. Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result not the very definition of insanity? Well, Chicago, here you go again.”
Emmy Griffin

“There is no such thing as the ‘trans community.’ … It’s manifestly absurd to consider a disparate group of people constituting less than one half of 1 percent of the population spread out across the entirety of the country — from diverse walks of life and in different situations regarding their trans status — as a community.”
Rich Lowry

“Our universities have become moral and intellectual wastelands — almost as ideologically pure as Moscow State University was in the Soviet era. As of December 2022, there were seven times more administrators (15,750) at Stanford University than faculty (2,288).”
Dennis Prager


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