Franklin businessman says he was threatened because of his support for Mayor Olson

A staunch supporter of Franklin Mayor Steve Olson says he received three threats during the recent spring election campaign, one from Olson’s opponent. Franklin Alderman John Nelson defeated the incumbent Olson on Tuesday.

Doug Malinovich is an award-winning real estate agent living in Franklin. As attendees (including me) at Olson’s post-election party waited for final vote tallies to be tabulated Malinovich gave brief remarks, saying that during the campaign he had three threats, one made by Nelson. Malinovich was a vocal critic of Nelson’s during the campaign.

During a phone conversation Malinovich said he told Nelson to leave his health out of any election discussion. Malinovich has had some serious health issues.

Malinovich said Nelson responded telling him that he should then “shut up.” Malinovich said he would not, that he had free speech rights.

According to Malinovich Nelson reacted telling Malinovich he could make a few phone calls and that Malinovich would be “buried in his backyard within two days.” Malinovich took that as a threat and said he had two other threats from individuals other than Nelson but did not elaborate.

Nelson was only joking you say? If so that was in extremely poor taste given he’s a police officer and was running for mayor at the time.

My name also came up in the phone conversation. Malinovich said the angry Nelson used profanities to describe me. I supported Olson.

“I’ve developed a strong ability to understand different personalities and peacefully resolve crisis situations. I will restore a positive structure at city hall for citizens.”

—John Nelson campaign literature

If Nelson would like to clarify or dispute any of this he’s more than welcome. Not one of his surrogates.

9 thoughts on “Franklin businessman says he was threatened because of his support for Mayor Olson

  1. Not nice. Sounds like you have your very own hometown Trumpian politician. Sorry to hear Olson did not win. I’ve been following Franklin politics, since the days of our dealings with Mayor Ted Fadrow and the various Franklin entities involved to get those radio towers installed out on Rawson.


    • I know you have. Olson’s only crime is that he wasn’t a seltzer in the pants kind of guy and ruffled some feathers because he used due diligence before making a far-reaching decision. His opponent won in large part because he wasn’t Olson. Meanwhil Franklin is enjoying its greatest prosperity in the city’s history.


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