Tonight’s Franklin Common Council meeting

I was hoping to attend tonight’s meeting of the Franklin Common Council and make brief remarks during the citizen comment period. Might not be able to make it as my daughter needs transportation for her Irish dance practice. So I’d like to share my planned commentaryif I can’t be there in-person.

Good evening.

Mayor Olson I’ll do my best to follow the rules that speakers are to address you, the chair.

I will be proud to cast my vote for you tomorrow. Your experience has been essential. I’ve lived here for about 32 years. Have built two homes. Paid my share of property taxes.

I have witnessed that you have presided over the greatest and most significant growth in the history of Franklin and I thank you for that. It is imperative we keep the momentum going.

I also want to commend you for putting up with the garbage, and that’s what it is, garbage, that has been tossed your way at meetings the past few months from some hateful individuals. You have been patient and handled yourself with dignity, far better than I could have for sure. Good for you.

Finally, I see that on the agenda outgoing Alderwoman Shari Hanneman will receive a special proclamation. I wish to thank her for her public service, and that includes her work with retired state Senator Mary Lazich, with me when I served on the senator’s staff, and with you Mayor Olson on critical state legislation that prevented a sex predator house from being built here in Franklin. Your diligence and commitment, Alderwoman, will never be forgotten. I wish you the very best in the future.

That’s all I have. Thank you for this opportunity. Have a good rest of the evening.

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