My pick for Franklin School Board

That’s right. Pick. Singular. Only one.

There are three choices on the ballot Tuesday and you’re allowed to pick two, but you don’t have to pick two. You can, if you wish, select only one, and that’s what I intend to do.

My choice is Linda Witkowski. She along with Debra Larson are the only two voices of reason on the school board that is sorely lacking in common sense. The disrespectful treatment Witkowski is on the receiving end from other board members is horrible.

Other candidates on the ballot are Alan Aleksandrowicz and Mary Yank.

Aleksandrowicz did vote against continuing a requirement for district school students to wear masks. But what’s that expression about a blind squirrel and a nut? A solitary key vote in a career doesn’t cut it.

A nice enough fellow, but Aleksandrowicz is too in love with the administration and other inept board members.

Finally there’s Mary Yank. Big time leftist. Just what we don’t need. Another lefty nurse or doctor on the board, out of touch with the values of the Franklin community. I would lean towards Aleksandrowicz, but he hasn’t earned my vote.

So I’m voting for Witkowski, and that’s it. Regardless, conservatives in Franklin are screwed. This board is totally out of whack. Most school boards are far more liberal than the communities they represent. Franklin is no exception.

2 thoughts on “My pick for Franklin School Board

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