My Most Popular Blogs – March 2023

Here are my most popular blogs during the month of February 2023:

1) Today’s highly interesting read (03/13/2023): Doctors Around the World Say It’s Time to Stop the Shots

2) Today’s highly interesting read (03/10/2023): Can We Still Trust the Doctor?

3) Reasons NOT to vote for Franklin Mayor Steve Olson

4) Is Franklin Mayor Steve Olson Boss Hogg?

5) UPDATE: Franklin Mayor Steve Olson doesn’t like people????

6) Today’s highly interesting read (03/07/2023): Why the Left Is Pro-Mask

7) Today’s highly interesting read (03/23/2023): The Mask of Ignorance

8) Hey guys, I’ll bash Mayor Olson and you back me up, OK?\

9) Stark contrasts in Franklin’s mayoral race

10) Franklin, when it comes to Northwestern Mutual, are you Carter or Reagan?

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