Today’s highly interesting read (03/14/2023): I Went to the Southern Border at 3 A.M. This Is What I Saw.

Photo: AP

Today’s read is from Virginia Allen, a senior news producer and podcast host for The Daily Signal. Here’s a portion:

It was 3 a.m. and a line of about 40 illegal aliens stretched along a section of the border wall waiting to be transported to the local processing center. Behind the group stood another 50 people who had crossed the border illegally into Yuma County, Arizona.

A large white bus full of illegal aliens had just departed for the Border Patrol Station in Yuma, about 185 miles southwest of Phoenix, and would return in an hour to take the next 40.  

“Your country of origin?” I asked, moving down the line.  

Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, Georgia, China, India, and Cameroon – nine nations were represented in a group of 50 illegal aliens. Border Patrol confirmed that one of the women in the other line came from Russia. Some smiled as they shared where they were from while others averted their eyes from the camera, looking down.

According to a local leader, this scene plays out every night in Yuma County.  

Read it all here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (03/14/2023): I Went to the Southern Border at 3 A.M. This Is What I Saw.

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