Reasons NOT to vote for Franklin Mayor Steve Olson

Say Kev, you pullin’ our leg?

Whatcha mean?

That headline. Is that for real?

Sure is.

Allow me to explain.

On April 4th I will wholeheartedly and enthusiastically vote for incumbent mayor Steve Olson over his flawed opponent.

I realize, of course, that not everyone concurs with yours truly. They have their reasons. That includes those brainiacs on the ‘We Hate Franklin’ Facebook page and others. How about we examine why some voters by their own admission aren’t choosing Olson next month.

1) He’s not nice.

2) Because he’s not nice we don’t like him.

3) Because he’s not nice and because we don’t like him we’re not voting for him.

4) He interrupted me at a meeting.

5) He weighs too much.

6) Looks like Boss Hogg (Clever? Try juvenile).

7) He threw something at a meeting.

8) He doesn’t like people.

9) He’s like Justin Trudeau.

10) He’s like Vladimir Putin.

11) He won’t let me speak at a meeting beyond my allotted three minutes.

12) He’s full of s*** (yes, someone actually said that a public meeting).

13) He’s stealing his opponent’s yard signs. WE HAVE NO PROOF! Aww hell, we’ll print that anyway.

And one of the latest, and a brand new favorite of mine:

14) He didn’t put two spaces after periods in his campaign literature. Yep, someone actually said that. Now there’s a real deal-killer! (It’s hogwash BTW. Look it up on Grammarly).

These folks live here. They think this junk. And they vote.

5 thoughts on “Reasons NOT to vote for Franklin Mayor Steve Olson

  1. Well played. Reminds me of when Ted Fadrow was Mayor. As WZUU was trying to build a studio and three towers on Rawson, we had a lot of dealings with him. I spent a lot of time involved with Franklin politics, and enjoy your current updates. Only the calendar is different.


  2. Kevin, I know you tend to use minimization, ridiculing and reductio ad absurdum to try strengthening your generally untenable position. It is also visible in this piece.

    But aside from that, I have a different question: Do you really believe that a person that has exhibited the behaviors of the current Mayor, throwing temper tantrums, losing his cool repeatedly, are behaviors you consider qualities you seek in a leader?

    A simple yes or no suffices.


    • Imagine conflating ad hominem attacks as a valid critique of one’s leadership abilities. Would it be preferable that he bottle up his anger and let it fester like a “real man”?

      Surely you are right though. The superior leadership qualities that John Nelson possesses are above and beyond that of Olsen. A world-class persecution fetish, abuse of his authority and lack of integrity to name a few. It is settled!


      • So blowing up in anger is what you are looking for – that seems more like toxic than leadership.

        Funny how you are applying the ad hominem attacks on Mr. Nelson, I did not even bring him up.

        I did not see this behavior in common council meetings, maybe you can share any evidence beyond your words (that frankly have zero weight).


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