Today’s highly interesting read (03/09/2023): How ‘woke’ ideologies are upending American childhood 

Today’s read is from Karol Markowicz and Bethany Mandel writing in the NY Post. Here’s an excerpt:

“We like the book a lot but want to tone down the ‘fight’ message.”

We were talking to an editor at a major conservative publishing house about the book that would eventually become “Stolen Youth,” a book we hoped to write that would trace just how early leftist indoctrination targets children from every direction.

We felt like we had clicked with the editor, that she understood the project, and so, we sat there stunned as she told us that our book, about how parents should fight back against that indoctrination should feature a little less fighting back.

We knew that our book would have to delve heavily into the transgender craze among other issues.

The way kids are being indoctrinated, from early childhood, into the idea that they might be a different gender than the one of their birth is a critical part of the indoctrination campaign targeting American kids. 

“Unless your name is Tucker Carlson, no one is taking a chance with a conservative book right now,” another editor told us. 

We have large platforms, and we both write for a variety of outlets, yet we were a risky proposition for conservative publishers.

This is how the mob is most effective: they shut down dissenting voices through force. Our agent told us he’d never seen anything like it before. 

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (03/09/2023): How ‘woke’ ideologies are upending American childhood 

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