10 myths told by COVID experts — and now debunked

In August of 2021 when I testified before my local school board about masks I quoted  Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. From my testimony:

Do masks reduce Covid transmission in children? Believe it or not, we could find only a single retrospective study on the question, and its results were inconclusive. 

Makary also says“Before we order the masking of 56 million Americans who are too young to vote and don’t have a lobby, let’s see data showing the benefits and weigh them against the long-term harm.”

The school board voted that evening to keep masking school children come the new school year.

Today’s read is from Makary. Here’s a portion:

In the past few weeks, a series of analyses published by highly respected researchers have exposed a truth about public health officials during COVID:

Much of the time, they were wrong.

To be clear, public health officials were not wrong for making recommendations based on what was known at the time.

No, they were wrong because they refused to change their directives in the face of new evidence.

In the final analysis, public health officials actively propagated misinformation that ruined lives and forever damaged public trust in the medical profession.

Here are 10 ways they misled Americans.

Read the entire column here.

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