Week-ends (02/25/23)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Sister Jean

Peyton Hillis


These 5 Dems

Bernie Sanders

Peter Shafer

Ethan Hooper


“There is no transparency from the White House on what’s going on, if anything, to address this issue and his inability to do his job. (The)  written physical exam report released by Biden’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, further confirms that this administration is still adamant about concealing the truth.

“Nowhere in the report was there mention of Biden’s deteriorating mental health. This is alarming, considering I have already sent three letters to the White House demanding that Biden receive a cognitive test and that the results be made public, all of which have been ignored. Everyone can see something is wrong — the cover-up needs to end.”
Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who served as the physician to Presidents George W. Bush, Obama, and Donald Trump, said that Americans cannot be fooled and see that the President’s “mental health is in total decline.”

“[Tucker] Carlson has been granted access, by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, to all 41,000 hours of video footage of the ‘mostly peaceful’ January 6 riot at the Capitol — footage former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kept under lock and key during the entirety of her rigged committee’s J6 investigation dog and pony show … The truth is, Nancy and company cherry-picked the footage and made their strongest, most damning prosecutorial case with it. Now the American people will have a two-years-overdue opportunity to see what really happened — not just what the Democrats want us to think happened.”
Douglas Andrews

“On #PresidentsDay, it is important to recall that at least twelve U.S. presidents enslaved Black people, eight while in office. Two-thirds of the first 18 presidents collectively enslaved nearly 2,000 Black people. We know what largely built this nation, and it wasn’t freedom.”
Ibram X. Kendi

“It’s also important to remember that many of them built the Constitutional system that allowed for future generations to abolish slavery, and the system that has allowed you to become extraordinarily wealthy and famous grifting about the evils of the country that has given you those things.”
Ben Shapiro

“Jobs were lost and livelihoods ruined because [Anthony] Fauci and the other tyrants in Joe Biden’s administration and elsewhere in corporate America decided that they knew better than you what to put in your body, and that natural immunity — which oh by the way works better — doesn’t count. The distrust alone sown by this tyranny will take perhaps generations to reverse. This free people in our constitutional Republic ought to have confidence that our government is at least being honest. We no longer believe it is, and that can have deadly consequences.”
Nate Jackson

“Some 40 years ago, a famous national study on the condition of America’s schools warned of a ‘crisis of mediocrity’ in education. Today, things have deteriorated so much that mediocrity would be an improvement and is considered ‘commendable.’ … A mind is a terrible thing to waste. And our public schools are wasting millions of minds week after week while they spend billions upon billions of dollars on Lord knows what. It’s time for bold new approaches.”
Stephen Moore

“There are no perfect humans. Every single one of us has done or will do something that will deeply offend someone else or not age well. This applies to historical figures as well as important thinkers and writers. Their ideas, stories, and legacies are not diminished because of an alleged ‘sin’ according to modern woke acolytes. The correct response is to take their good with the bad and critically think about their ideas in the context of their time. It is wrong to rewrite or diminish writers … because what they wrote might offend (or in all honestly might speak truth to) modern audiences.”
Emmy Griffin

“Sorry, I lost my train of thought.”

Pete Buttigieg


We’re paying for pensions in Ukraine


Janet Protasiewicz is the Most Dangerous Candidate to Ever Run for the Supreme Court

 A majority of Americans still don’t buy into the “woke” narrative that white people have a monopoly on racism


Russia’s one-year war in Ukraine


5th-grade student’s exam question has left adults stumped

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