Today’s highly interesting read (02/24/23):To Save WI Elections, GOP Must Kill Automatic Voter Registration

Democrat Gov. Tony Evers has proposed a series of changes to Wisconsin’s election laws as part of his new budget proposal.

Among the several changes included in Evers’ 2023-2025 budget proposal is the creation of an automatic voter registration system, which would use data from the Department of Transportation to auto-add “eligible” Wisconsinites to the state’s voter rolls. Despite proclamations from Democrats that automatic voter registration is a win for democracy,analyses of the system have shown it to be ripe for human error.

Today’s read is from Hayden Ludwig of The Federalist. Here’s an excerpt:

Republicans, don’t be fooled by claims of “saving democracy” or “protecting voting rights” — thin cover for a “progressive” power grab. Automatic voter registration is the surest way to cripple Wisconsin’s already questionable voter rolls and hand Democrats a permanent advantage in future elections. These are the facts left-wing activists don’t want you to know.

Read more here.

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