It’s such an easy decision, a slam dunk.

Kelly is BY FAR the best conservative constitutional choice Tuesday.

Today the robocalls came in to my home. One of them was ridiculous, borderline insulting.

It was from Racine County Sheriff  Christopher Schmaling speaking in favor of Jennifer Dorow.  

Very early in the call he mentioned he’s supporting Dorow becase she “back the badge.”

Please, Sheriff. Don’t insult my or anybody else’s intelligence.

And Dan Kelly doesn’t back the badge?

Schmaling went on to say that “everyone” saw “how tough” Dorow was during the Waukesha Christmas Parade mass killing trial.

Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of so many voters hanging that as their soloe hat for electing Dorow.

While I didn’t see the entire trial I saw enough to know, with all due respect to Dorow, that Jose Feliciano could have presided over the obvious and eventual guilty verdict for the scumbag Darrell Brooks.

Was Dorow “Tough” as Sheriff Schmaling called it? I do know I head one sequence where during the trial Dorow warned Brooks once, twice, and more than half a dozen times to shut up or be removed from the courtroom…BEFORE SHE ACTUALLY REMOVED THE NO GOOD SLIME!

So I’m not in the “Oh she was so tough and oh she sure told him” love crowd.

I’ve definitely seen a few too many items that she’s soft on crime for me.

The vote Tuesday is for Dan Kelly.

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