Culinary no-no #766


Let’s get one thing staright right off the bat.

It is not just a jelly donut.

No a paczki is not.

One of my Facebook friends is Kamil Skawinski. Just a hunch but I assume Kamil knows about paczki. From his Facebook page a few days ago:

The genuine article: the traditional Polish Pączek.

Cooked only in lard, not some vegetable oil of dubious and questionable memory, and browned to a lustrous shine. Made with living yeast, not raised on powdered bicarbonate of soda. Filled with preserves, not injected with some sticky, gelatinous, commercially processed ooze sweetened with corn syrup and overflowing with Red Dye #40. Topped with powdered sugar or a delicate glaze with milk, water, rum or a fine liqueur–not smothered in a wash of finger-adhering sugary frosting. And always served fresh from the cooling-rack, still crispy and aromatic.

Anything else is just a cheap, mass-produced, over-priced, American counterfeit: a jellied doughnut.

Shameful what unscrupulous American bakers will soon foist upon the naive, the gullible, and the unsuspecting…and for such a steep price.

Amen Brat!

OK. It’s like this. You know when you’re eating a paczki that it’s a paczki. The flavor. The rich dough. It’s the real deal.

So how could a paczki be a Culinary no-no? Ah, that’s why you’re here, and hopefully every Sunday. Your inquiring mind wants to know.

A few years ago based on a newspaper article I read online I made the 19 mile drive out to a bakery I won’t name. They claimed to have special in addition to traditional paczki.  The special varieties were gorgeously presented. Toppings that were pastry artwork.

But then came the first bite, the paczki taste test. All that long drive for…disappointment. The dough was dry. The fillings were sparse. The decorated toppings….like lipstick on a pig.

This paczki season go for the proven winners.


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