Today’s highly interesting read (02/17/23): We Can’t Let Radical Left Replace Families

Today’s read is from Nicholas Chamberas who .has advised good government advocacy groups, elected officials and political candidates on public policy matters. Here’s an excerpt:

Whereas getting a “wedgie” may have once been seen as a rite of passage in school, woke progressives now envisage broken noses and trips to the ICU as a necessary part of nurturing and protecting violent perpetrators who shouldn’t be punished for assaulting their classmates because it will prevent social workers from understanding them.

That is a far more “worthy” goal than protecting students, at least far as the progressive left is concerned. 

If you have a problem with public school children getting seriously injured in the classroom, there are actually school administrators who will insouciantly tell you to find another school for your children.

Read the entire column here.

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