Today’s highly interesting read (02/13/23): The Tragic End of Laughter 

Today’s read is from Eric Hussey, President of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation. Here’s an excerpt.

People die from fear and isolation. But, we’ve been told people will live because of fear and isolation. What a perfect recipe for success if you are a cynical government looking for control.

It’s pretty hard to laugh when you’ve been inoculated with fear and isolation. Paralyzing gaslighting was the starting point. But the constant and continuing drumbeat of fear and necessary isolation transcend simple gaslighting. Fear and isolation were beneath the plunger being pushed down hard in the first needle forcibly stabbed into the world’s arms.

Don’t get me wrong. We shouldn’t stop fighting the insanity and evil of COVID-response. But, we might need to employ some real science that also has a psychological warfare edge to it. Stress decreases immune responses. We need laughter. 

Read the complete column here.

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