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Lauren Carcamo

Patty Reitz


Joe Biden. Here’s why this week.

Alyssa Farah Griffin

Duval County, FL


“Milwaukee, our hearts are heavy. One of our finest, who put on that uniform, put on that badge, went into work last night and paid the ultimate sacrifice for protecting our community. Milwaukee, we need your prayers, we need your support. To the men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department, I see you. I am proud of you. The work you do does not go unnoticed. This is a time to lean in and do the work in our community. The violence needs to stop.”
Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman after a Milwaukee police officer was shot and killed on the city’s south side early Tuesday while trying to apprehend a robbery suspect

“There’s no treatise, there’s no law review article. There’s not even an opinion piece in the newspaper. There’s no lecture or presentation of summary judgment decision, no motion to dismiss opinion, that describes what she means (by saying she’s conservative).”
Supreme Court conservative candidate Dan Kelly referring to rival conservative Jennifer Dorow

“What she’s really excited about is the overwhelming number of endorsements she’s received from law enforcement with over 150 sheriffs, police chiefs and prosecutors backing her campaign. Judge Dorow’s commitment to public safety and the rule of law sets her apart from all of the candidates in the race as law enforcement’s choice.”
Dorow campaign manager Amber Schroeder

Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., screamed, “liar” after President Biden claimed during his State of the Union address Tuesday that some Republicans aimed to cut Medicare and Social Security programs

“Here’s the real State of the Union. Over the past two years under Biden, millions and millions of illegal aliens from 160 different countries have stormed across our Southern border. Drug cartels are now raking in billions of dollars from smuggling poison to kill our people and to kill our children. Savage killers, rapists and violent criminals are being released from jail to continue their crime wave and under Biden the murder rate has reached the highest in the history of our country.

“Biden and the radical Democrats have wasted trillions of dollars and caused the worst inflation in half a century. Real wages are down 21 months in a row. Gas prices have soared and are now going up much higher than even before and the typical American family is paying $2,200 in increased energy and food costs each year.”
Donald Trump reacting to Biden’s State of the Union address

“[Doug] told us he wants to ‘start the journey towards America’s recovery.’ Doug, we’re with you. Fentanyl is killing more than 70,000 Americans a year.”
Biden was nearing the end of his remarks spotlighting White House guest Doug Griffin, who lost his daughter, Courtney, in 2014 to a fentanyl overdose

“It’s your fault.”
Congressman Andy Ogles (R-TN) was one of Republican lawmakers who heckled Biden at the State of the Union, claiming Biden is to blame for the massive spike in fentanyl overdoses and deaths due to his lax border policies 

“I’m a single-issue voter now: whatever the rest of your agenda, if you promise to abolish the State of the Union, I’m with you. Throw in a drink, and we’ll be friends for life.”
Charles C.W. Cooke

“If government was the solution to all our problems, why hasn’t it solved the problems Biden again mentioned — from poverty to crime? Why does nothing ever seem to get better, especially when Democrats are running the government?”
Cal Thomas

“Biden comes to life only when he smears his enemies while calling for ‘unity’ and ‘bipartisanship.’ Only then his voice rises, his brow furrows, and his face reddens.”
Victor Davis Hanson

“Beijing’s balloon was a giant middle finger from Xi Jinping to Joe Biden. Incredibly, Biden tried to take a bow Tuesday night after his performance last week. But if that’s what passes as strength, we may as well start learning Mandarin now.”
Gary Bauer

“The balloon should have been shot down before it crossed the continental United States, not after. We still don’t know what information was collected and where it was sent. This was a dereliction of Biden’s duty, and let’s hope the American people don’t pay a price.”
Senator Tim Scott

“How can Joe Biden even begin to talk about national security after he allowed a Chinese surveillance balloon to fly across our country for one week before taking action?”
Senator Marsha Blackburn

“Why the never-ending crisis? It’s all about the money. Biden doesn’t want to end the [COVID] emergency that he himself stated was over many months ago because it allows him to continue dishing out billions of dollars of health and welfare benefits to his voters — automatically and unilaterally.”
Stephen Moore

“The most striking thing about a Biden 2024 effort, if in fact there is one, is that it is a race few Americans want him to run. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll found that just 31% of Democrats want Biden to be the party’s nominee in 2024. Fifty-eight percent of Democrats want the party to find another candidate. … Democrats are led by a remarkably unpopular president who most Americans, even those in his own party, do not want to run for reelection. Don’t be fooled by Democratic elected officials’ enthusiasm for Biden at the State of the Union. In fact, the party has a serious Joe Biden problem.”
Byron York

“I’ll be the first to admit, President Biden and I don’t have a lot in common. I’m for freedom. He’s for government control. At 40, I’m the youngest governor in the country. At 80, he’s the oldest president in American history. I’m the first woman to lead my state. He’s the first man to surrender his presidency to a woke mob that can’t even tell you what a woman is. … The dividing line in America is no longer between right or left. The choice is between normal or crazy.”
Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“The Great Depression ended three years before Biden’s birth, but he’s trying to bring it back.”
Daniel Greenfield

“I implore the Vatican press office to emphatically clarify that Pope Francis rightly calls abortion murder. It is time to denounce Biden’s fake Catholicism.”
Roman Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland after Biden implied that Pope Francis did not object to taxpayer-funded abortions

“I remember when Democrats maintained that abortion was a sad but sometimes necessary circumstance. Former President Bill Clinton sought to make abortion ‘safe, legal and rare.’ Now it’s celebrated; it’s a fashion statement; it’s jewelry. Legislation being passed in blue states is legalizing abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and those calling to ‘codify’ Roe v. Wade want the same kind of law passed by Congress. Celebrating the destruction of our own children — including full-term, viable babies in utero — is not just ‘crazy’; it is evil. … Encouraging sexual promiscuity and gender confusion in minors, promoting the mutilation of healthy bodies, hiding classroom behavior from parents and deliberately driving a wedge between children and their families is not just ‘crazy’; it is evil.”
Laura Hollis

“Reparations are equitable only when they provide redress to victims who suffered unjustly. In 1988, for example, the US government paid reparations to more than 26,000 people of Japanese descent who were incarcerated in internment camps during World War II. In the 1970s, the federal government agreed to pay $10 million to the surviving patients of the notorious Tuskegee Syphilis Study, who were deliberately denied proper medical treatment by doctors working for the US Public Health Service. But there is nothing equitable about paying reparations in the 21st century for wrongs committed in the 18th and 19th centuries.”
Columnist Jeff Jacoby


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