Hateful Franklin Facebook site lies about me and post about cops

I get a lot of crap because of positions I take. And I don’t really care all that much. I’ve become used to it in my long career, having received death threats and all kinds of garbage directed at even my beautiful family.

I do draw the line when lied about. That I will never stand for and will speak out against every time.

Recently on what I call the “We Hate Franklin” Facebook page, officially entitled “Franklin Community Debate  and Discussion” page that is chock full of hateful hard leftists a comment was made about police officers. It was outrageous.

Please follow the bouncing ball.

On Jan 30, 2023, Franklin resident Dylan Emerson posted on the Franklin Community Debate and Discussion page:

“ACAB” (That stands for “All Cops Are Bastards).

Emerson was immediately challenged on the same page.

“ACAB? So every single one? There’s never been one good one?”

The response from the police hater…

“Nope. The profession itself, the training and the culture are that of a gang and a protection racket. They protect property, not people and enforce the laws of a system that criminalizes poverty and marginalized communities. Also, if 999 good cops don’t call out and hold accountable one bad cop, you have 1000 bad cops. They only effectively prevent 2% of all major crime so I doubt they’d be there when I do. They are there to protect the property of capitalists.”

I posted the following on the Franklin Community Forum in response.

Of course it’s garbage, common on that site. But when one of the moderators who has police in his family was pushed on why the site would allow what I call garbage, the limp wrist response…

“ everyone is allowed their own opinion. That’s one thing that makes this country great as it always has been.”

Ridiculous, because on that site not everyone is allowed a chance to express opinions. But ACAB got through. Revealing.

The moderator I was referring to was Michael Paradise. Today (Thursday) he demonstrated what a vile, disgusting individual he truly is when he sent me the following:

You are a f**kucking moron!!! I never defended the idiot about the cops. My family is full of police officers and dispatchers. My nephew was on the scene when that officer was killed the other day. You really need to get your news from someplace else. I may be contacting a lawyer for your damn lies you moron.

Now anyone who read the above and has the IQ of a 5th grader can fully discern that I couldn’t believe the asinine comments about all police being bastards were allowed to be posted for all the world to see. So I told the scumbag Paradise…

I was critical of your comment defending the person’s right to posting his opinion on the police in general and your decision to keep it on your site. Please read again. Personally, if I had the family you have ( I actually have a cousin in MPD and friends who are officers) I would never have allowed those comments to see the light of day on your page.

So let me explain it so that even a pea brain like Paradise can understand. No I never wrote or even suggested that he thinks all police are bastards. But HE went on the record and wrote that any such comment was fine to be posted as far as he was concerned. What a colossal jerk. I would have hit the delete button faster than Superman.

My understanding is that he continues to lie about this. He’s lied about me and misquoted me many, many times so I’m not surprised.

What a miserably pathetic individual he is.

3 thoughts on “Hateful Franklin Facebook site lies about me and post about cops

  1. I have a hard time believing anyone could be so uncivil towards a gentleman like yourself. And making threats toward your family is outrageous. Such is the disgusting times we live in.
    You remain in our prayers as always.


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