Mayor Olson reacts to NM announcement

Franklin NM campus


February 2, 2023
For Immediate Release
Contact: Mayor Steve Olson

Statement on Northwestern Mutual Plans for Its’ Franklin Campus

Northwestern Mutual came to Franklin more than 20 years ago to solve a technology and space problem. We welcomed them as family and together over the years our relationship has been great and we’re now home to a large number of NM’s employees.

With the transition of NM’s operations back to downtown I look forward to working closely with the company in finding a new use for this great campus that will provide the excitement that we felt 20 years ago.

With the momentum Franklin is currently experiencing in large developments we think this may be a quick transition!

I had the pleasure of working with NM on the construction of the campus as an Alderman and will now use my office as Mayor to attract another great company to take over the campus that is now a huge part of our community.


UPDATE: WTMJ Radio has more with Olson

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