Today’s highly interesting read (01/30/23): Why Kids (And Parents) Still Need Sleepovers

The above photo was taken in August of 2020.

From left to right, that’s Mallory, Kyla, and Erinn and Mallory’s brother photo-bombing in the back. In addition to being good friends the girls have also spent sleepovers together at our house, even during the pandemic.

Today’s read is from Richard Cromwell, a writer and senior contributor at The Federalist who lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife and three daughters. Here’s an excerpt:

Our children are fragile. They are mortal. They deserve our fierce protection. They also deserve to be raised to become adults, capable of navigating society and, yes, risks. Maybe they’ll see a movie you wouldn’t have approved of in your home. Maybe you’re the parents who let them watch that movie.

The solution to many of our problems starts at home and in our community. And we’re never going to revive our communities if we’re constantly afraid of one another.

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (01/30/23): Why Kids (And Parents) Still Need Sleepovers

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