Week-ends (01/28/23)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Brock Purdy

Parents in Iowa

Rachel Jones

Minnesota snow sculpting team


The Milwaukee Bucks

Dems and gun control


“I have no intention of letting the Republicans wreck our economy.”
Joe Biden

“I think if you watch the news cycle, there’s a startling difference in the last week or two, particularly over the classified documents and perhaps over some of the corruption charges with Hunter Biden. They’ve been steadfast in ignoring this, you know, for years and really not reporting on it at all. If I had to guess … if we were in the boardroom of some of these left-wing media outlets, what we’d be hearing is, ‘it’s time to sort of ease him out,’ make sure that he knows that he can’t run again, in case he’s rumbling that he might run again.”
US Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky)

“The White House is caught in an ethical bind. On the one hand they claim classified documents found when an FBI warrant was executed at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort are scandalous, while simultaneously claiming that classified documents found at President Biden’s home and at in an old office suite are not a big deal because Biden instructed his lawyers to go get them and inform the National Archives. This is akin to admitting to doing something wrong before you have been discovered. If it is wrong in one instance to keep classified documents after leaving office, then why is it also not wrong in the other instance?”
Cal Thomas

If Joe Biden did absolutely nothing wrong, why does he have to read a prepared statement from his lawyers?

If Joe Biden did absolutely nothing wrong, why is he resistant to answering questions?

If Joe Biden did absolutely nothing wrong, why is his press secretary deflecting every benign innocuous question about the matter?

If Joe Biden did absolutely nothing wrong, why doesn’t he hold an open-ended press conference fielding every single question that any reporter might have about the matter?

If Joe Biden has the truth on his side, why should he be hesitant to answer every question any of us might have?
Washington DC talk show host Larry O’Connor

“Here’s my message to the leaker. Congratulations, butthead. You almost got a member of the United States Supreme Court killed and his family. What a narcissist. You obviously think your personal politics are more important than that, the sanctity of the United States Supreme Court. I don’t mean any disrespect to the chief justice. I was disappointed in his report. I think this is the chief justice’s way of saying we’re not going to find out who the leaker is. And if we do now, we’re not going to tell you. We will move on. I think that’s a mistake.”
Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy maligned the mysterious leaker of the draft court ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson case that overturned the constitutional right to abortion. The Supreme Court announced after a months-long investigation that it had been unable to identify who leaked the draft opinion indicating that the justices would overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. The leak prompted outrage among pro-abortion groups and even led to an assassination attempt on Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“The GOP’s renewed interest in limiting the size and scope of the federal government is both warranted and welcome: The $31 trillion national debt is an ugly 124 percent of Gross Domestic Product. Multitrillion-dollar deficits are expected for years to come. Debt of this size is a mark of national decline. It invites harmful tax increases on work, savings, and investment; requires high interest payments that crowd out spending on defense and erode U.S. primacy; and saddles future generations with burdensome obligations. It is a national security threat that deserves to be taken seriously.”
Matthew Continetti

“If autonomy justifies abortion, then it would also justify killing burdensome infants, toddlers, and teens. The reason autonomy fails to justify murdering offspring of any age is because parents have both a moral and legal obligation to self-sacrificially care for their children. Few things are more demanding on a woman’s body than a newborn. Infants require round-the-clock care and attention. Yet we rightly condemn new mothers who discard their babies in a dumpster. Why? Because the right of a precious baby to live supersedes his mother’s autonomy.”
Seth Dillon

“When sex is treated not as an act of lifelong love that can bring sacred new life into the world, but as self centered and trivial momentary pleasure, we create a culture that demands abortion.”
Lila Rose

“I visited the border earlier this month, the first time as president. I’ve been there before, but for the first time as president.”
Joe Biden

“The reality is that prior to his recent visit, Biden had never visited the border in his 50-year political career.”
Joel B. Pollak

“Washington, D.C.‘s law to allow illegal aliens to vote is so absurd it allows Russian embassy staff to vote in D.C. Yet another reason D.C. should never be a state.”
Senator Tom Cotton

“We are each endowed with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
Kamala Harris

“What happened to the first and foremost of those rights — the right without which the others are meaningless? What happened to the right to life?”
Douglas Andrews

“We now have incontrovertible evidence that after five years since they took effect, the Trump tax rate cuts of 2017 raised revenues over this time period. The latest Congressional Budget Office report released earlier this month calculated that the federal government collected $4.9 trillion of federal revenue last year. This was up — ready for this? — almost $1.5 trillion since 2017, the year before the tax cuts became law.

In other words, revenues were up 40% in five years. The evidence through the first three years of the tax cut finds that the share of taxes paid by the wealthiest 1% rose as well. So much for this being a tax giveaway for the rich.”
Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at Freedom Works and a co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity

“Gender ideology is one of the direst cultural threats Western society faces. Not only are the bodies and minds of precious people—particularly children—at risk, but if all that matters ultimately are feelings, if we cast objective truth aside to accommodate deeply held personal desires, then the stability of civilization itself is at material risk.”
Award-winning author Wesley J. Smith

“There are two ways that federal spending can be financed. Taxes or debt. Politicians don’t like taxation because they have to be honest with citizens that they are taking their money. Borrowing achieves the same end without asking. … Instead of paying our bills honestly through taxes, we bear the burden of debt through inflation and slow growth.”
Star Parker

“I represent Hunter Biden because I feel that not only his art merits my representation, but because his personal narrative, which gives birth to his art, is very much needed in the world. … Hunter Biden will become one of the most consequential artists in this century because the world needs his art now more than ever.”
Georges Bergès


Memphis police beating stuns nation


Border patrol agents at work

National School Choice Week


The death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis is racist


The upside down pineapple tattoo

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